U.S.Army 5307 Composite Unit (Provisional) (Task Force Galahad)

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  • SBS officers
    Charlie Bimrose is in the foreground to the right of Anders Lassen.
  • 2 SBS (Hillhead 1943)
    4th from the left (front row) is Corporal William (Bill) Merryweather (My Grandfather)
  • Raymond A. Blauser (grave)
    This is my grandfather I am Raymond Eli Blauser I really miss him he was a great man give you the shirt off his back you live The Good Life I know...
  • S. Garthwaite (Grave)
    Thanks for update, would you have a photograph of it and i will replace the one above. Best regards, Craig
  • S. Garthwaite (Grave)
    The rather worn headstone has been replaced.
  • Nick Rocha
    Chief Rocha is a good guy. Met him on Ocean Beach back in 2002 when he was training folks at Coronado, and I was doing an externship at UC San...
  • W. Barrington
    Hello Amanda Churchill, Re: “POPPITT GRAMPS. MEMBER PHOTO” Date submitted 24th October, 2017. Submitted by agechurcill. Attached to JOHN HENRY...
  • Henri Cornioley and Pearl Witherington
    A Great Website.....But can I please ask if anyone has read my account above....Many Thanks if you have.......IanB
  • Henri Cornioley and Pearl Witherington
    I had the greatest pleasure in my life to meet - Pearl (Witherington) Cornioley (SOE) at her retirement home at Chateauviex, Near Tours, France in...
  • Nick Sewalish
    I love you and miss you so much.

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