U.S.Army 5307 Composite Unit (Provisional) (Task Force Galahad)

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  • Dennis James
    Im Dennis James’s granddaughter and im so happy to see him credited for his bravery during his life. Id also like to add more to his history. He...
  • 2 SAS group,Italy 1944
    Hello Do you know who were the SAS that were in Cuneo with Cpt. MacDonald. Is there any survivor of the group,is there a relative here WELL...
  • Richard Barnes
    Francis Keegan Dick Barnes read Classics at Oxford and thus had a basic understanding of modern Greek . He was one of the British officers /...
  • Vern Edward Shanburn
    I remember when I was young he told me to always to kind to people but if they push you to bad for them, we shared the same birthday grandfather...
  • R. Doheny
    This weekend, in my hometown of Kansas City, it went to a Major League Baseball game on military night. A parachute demo team, the Leap Frogs...
  • Eldred E. Weber (grave)
    Eldred Edward Weber (Red) was my grandfather. He was career soldier and family man. I have fond memories of going to visit him when I was young...
  • 2 Troop SRS (C Section)
    Thomas P. Rennie, 3rd from left.
  • B. Lowry,Jr
    Lt Lowry was a distant cousin. During my family tree research, I wrote up this account of his short life. RIP, cousin...
  • Richard Barnes
    It appears that this is the same Richard Cumberland Barnes that was torpedoed on the Athenia - Mr Richard "Dick" Cumberland Barnes (27), British...
  • Robert W. Holmes
    Thank you so much for posting this picture of my grandpa! This is beyond special, and my heartfelt thank you! If any one has any more pictures, or...

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