U.S.Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

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  • Popski
    Yes, that is my father Steve Wallbridge
  • H. Roesch
    Do you have any further details, location, etc? All the best, Craig
  • Cyril Uden
    Thankyou, my grandad (his son) is still alive today living in Kent. I really appreciate this website it’s fantastic, anymore information you can...
  • Cyril Uden
    I have him listed in the PPA Roster : If you have any more information to...
  • Cyril Uden
    This is my great grandad, so happy this is displayed. He died when I was young and never spoke about the war when he got home. Would love more...
  • H. Roesch
    He is buried ib Bavaria
  • SBS group 1944
    Just to correct the names on the photograph, my father Porter Jarrell is the man sitting bottom left (middle row) not the second man in.
  • J. Gately
    My Dad, so proud!
  • D. Harding (Grave/Memorial?)
    The family grave (my mother's family) in Bristol.
  • 2 SAS (HQ Squadron) group
    I also have my late Fathers framed photo of this, he is in the top row.

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