Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) plus MI5,MI9,etc

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  • 1 SAS group
    My Uncle Mac , Jock to his pals, James Mc Diarmid SAS . Absolute treasure adored by his family
  • G. Sinclair
    I remember talking him to the airport when he left. It was me Karen F and lane Diane D.
  • 2 SAS group (1945)
    Middle row 4th from left is my Grandad E C 'Spud' Taylor.
  • Bruce Stanley Wright
    Bruce wright was my great grandfather. Its nice to see stuff writen about him
  • Bruce Stanley Wright
    Bruce Wright was my great grandfather
  • P. McMurray
    Dear Mr. Robertson, My name is Patrick Wells McMurray. I wanted to introduce myself to you as Lieutenant Peter Hinchman McMurray was my uncle...
  • 22 SAS (J Troop D Squadron) late 1970s
    Kw? What is the name
  • Malayan Scouts group
    Hi my farther is Harry Marshall he is on the right in the photo i am Steven Marshall his youngest son . My farther is the last living Malayan...
  • Robert Costello
    My grandfather was very much a man of service to the uniform and his country. He loved military life. In early 1947 Bob, his brother Jack and...
  • 22 SAS officer group 1952
    John Bramley Malet Sloane (137940) born 17.09.1912 1934 joined London Scottish 1939 married Marjorie Crowley (3 sons) commissioned Argyll &...

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