British Army Commandos and Special Service Troops 1940-45

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  • Roland O. Morgan
    What a great photo of my Grandpa. Miss you Grandpa.
  • Joseph (Tex) Geddes
    He also Had a Son , George Noble Crawford May "Geddes".
  • Francis Kendall
    According to a personal report Kendall wrote on 17 September 1968, "I am a Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, and have lived in Hong Kong and South China for the past 35 years." This would mean that he first arrived in Hong Kong in 1933, not in childhood.

    The cropped portrait is not that...
  • F Section (Fireman Circuit) group
    Hello there,
    My name is Clodagh Finn and I'm writing a book on the Irish who joined the Resistance in WW2. I'm delighted to see Maureen O'Sullivan here with Major Mayer. Do you know when or where it was taken?
    Is she being honoured here after her service in the field? Any additional information...
  • P. McWilliams
    You could be right but my Grandad (Mac to his buddies) was in the SAS in Oman in 1964. I’m pretty confident it’s him, he was with D Squadron at the time. This is 10 years on from Malaya where his CO was Peter DLB.
  • Sam Smith
    Hello Tony. Trying to contact Peter, Sam's son, who may be your cousin?
  • John Ridgway
    I attended a captivating talk around 1967/68, with a slideshow, on Chay Blyth and John Ridgway’s 1966 adventure rowing across the Atlantic. I don’t now remember if it was Blyth or Ridgeway who gave the talk, but I guess it was Blyth, as my research, confirmed here, revealed Ridgway served with D...
  • Paul O'Donnell
    This is my Father, treasured find.
  • John J. Chaffeur
    Had 8 children with Alice Virginia
  • Richard D. Cole (grave)
    Richard is my grandfather, can you please help me find any other information on him?

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