1st Canadian Parachute Bn 1942-45

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  • P. Diver
    If anyone served with Perry or knew him, please share your stories! His daughters would love to hear.
  • 22 SAS (16 Troop,D Squadron) 1958
    My Dad is 2nd from right in the middle row.
  • 22 SAS (16 Troop,D Squadron) 1959
    My Dad is 3rd from the left in the back row.
  • L. Bradford (Grave)
    Thanks Bob, have added the photos to Captain Bradford's page.
  • V. Skilling (Grave)
    Victor was the victim of a murder/suicide at Balcairn, North Canterbury, New Zealand...
  • 2 and 1 SAS reunion 1990s
    My father Freddie Oakes - back row.
  • 2 SAS group
    Photo taken by my father Freddy Oakes 2nd SAS Signaller
  • 2 SAS group 1944
    Operation Wallace and/or Hardy - I think the SAS soldier at the back is Fred Rhodes - 2nd SAS William Oakes - son Freddy Oakes signaller with 2nd SAS
  • SAS group 1944
    The driver is Chips Carpendale 2nd SAS
  • Fred Milner
    Frederick Stanley Milner was commended by Peter Wilkinson for his work with the Czechoslovakian party some of whom would go on to assassinate...

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