Source : National Archives ADM 202/87
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London4 Feb 42 a.m.Capt.P.W.C.Hellings. D.S.C., detached from 3 R.M. for duty at R.M. Office, informs Capt(A/Major) J.P.Phillipps serving at Staff College Camberlay or requirements for R.M. Commando War Establishments
London7 Feb 42--Major J.P.Phillipps visits R.M.Office and Office of Commodore Combined Operation.(Lord Louis Mountbatten) to discuss staff requirements and R.M. Commando War Establishments.See Appendix A.
London12 Feb 42--Major J.P.Phillipps attached to R.M.Office for duty from Staff College Camberley. Signal made to Home Fleet and formations and units serving in U.K.
Deal14 Feb 421745Major J.P.Phillipps, Capt(A/Major)R.D.Houghton, Capt J.C.Manners, Capt.Hellings, D.S.C., Lieut.A.D.Comyn and 100 O.R.'s (approx) arrive to start formation of Unit. Draft of G.1098 equipment table given to Major J.P.Phillipps.Major.R.D.Houghton from 15(M.G) Bn,R.M.; Capt J.C.Manners from Chatham Div. Lieut.A.D.Comyn from R.M.M.S. Thurlestone
Deal15 Feb 420900N.C.O.'s and men detailed to sub units. Lieut. D.E.M.B.Tod and Lieut.H.O.Huntington-Whiteley report for duty. Further drafts arrive 72 O.R.'s from 101 R.M.Bde. Beach Engineers Bn. R.M.T.T.DepotLieut.D.E.M.B.Tod from Portsmouth Division. Lieut.H.O.Huntington-Whiteley from Chatham Division.
Deal16 Feb 420815Training starts. Further drafts (25 O.R.'s) arrive from R.M.Sisge Regt. Plymouth Division and 18(Mob)Bn. Lieut.M.J.Ephraums reports for duty.Lieut.M.J.Ephraums from H.M.S. Cumberland.
Deal17 Feb 42a.m.40 O.R.'s returned to units at own request. Most men were under impression (a) The unit would be formed for short time only or (b) There was extra pay when serving with R.M. CommandoFew of men returned, if any, worthy of retention.
1700Draft arrives from Portsmouth Division 11 O.R.'s. Draft from 12 R.M. and Sussex Bty, 2 C.A.Regt. 28 O.R.'s arrives. Lieut.N.E.S.Maude reports for duty.Lieut.N.E.S.Maude from Holding Bn. Deal.
Deal18 Feb 420800Major.Phillipps and Major.Houghton visit R.M.Office to discuss formation of Signal Pl. and other administrative details. Arrangements are made for R.M.Commando to remain a Deal until 23 March 42.
1800Ty Lieut.(A/Ty Capt) R.K.Deveraux reports for duty.Capt.R.K.Deveraux from 104 (Trg) Bde. 20 Bn R.M.
2100Major.Houghton returns.
Deal19 Feb 42a.m.Draft G.1098 returned ammended to O.S.I.a for publication.
p.m.Major.Phillipps returns from London
2100Trg conference, arrangements made for Demolitions course at H.M.S. Pembroke.
Deal20 Feb 42p.m.2nd/Lieu.I.C.McKellar and 10 O.R.'s. 8 Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders report for duty. Draft arrives from 102 Bde 38 O.R.'s.. Lieut.H.W.F.Grant-Dalton reports for duty.S A & S.H. from 102 R.M. Bde. Lieut.H.W.F.Grant-Dalton from Portsmouth Division.
Deal21 Feb 421100Owing to many units not having given leave recently permission is sought and granted from R.M.Office for R.M.Commando to have one weeks leave in early March. 30 O.R.'s returned to Unit, they being no longer volunteers.
Deal22 Feb 420900R.M.Commando paraded for Forced march.Route march carried out at a rapid rate. 128-130-paces/min. Route; DEAL-SHOLDEN-GT MONGEHAM-WALMER-DEAL.
p.m.Lieut.D.L.Barclay reports for duty.Lieut.D.L.Barclay from H.M.S. Norfolk
After one week chief difficulties appear to be mainly Administrative. They are due to (a) Lack of trained Administrative N.C.O.'s. (b) The fact that troops had arrived even before the nucleus of the staff. These factors caused a lag which was not caught up until the end of the first week.
Deal23 Feb 420900Close Sp.Pl. to instruction by 5 DORSETS. Loan of one 3" Mortar for training. Range programme agreed on with I. of S.A. Deal.
1700Lt.Colonel.Phillipps visits 130(Inf)Bde to arrange for Field Firing Range.
Deal24 Feb 420800Lt.Colonel.Phillipps visits R.M.Office to discuss methods of obtaining G.1098 equipment. Further increase of allocations from units to R.M.Commando.
Ty/Lieut.E.W.Ecrepont reports for duty.
Lieut.J.E.Stiebel reports for duty.
104(Trg)Bde. 60. O.R's.
12 R.M. Bn. 20. O.R's
103 Bde. 20. O.R's

Ty/Lieut.E.W.Ecrepont from 9.R.M. Bn.
Lieit.J.E.Stiebel from H.M.S. Nelson.
Deal25 Feb 420800Range courses begin. A Coy and Mortar Pl.
Trg ammunition arrives from S.A.S.O. Chatham.
p.m.Ty/Lieut.J.W.E.Bradley reports for duty.Ty/Lieut.J.W.E.Bradley from 15(M.G.) Bn. R.M.
Deal26 Feb 420900Lt.Colonel.Phillipps, Major.Houghton, and the Adjutant recce field firing range on SANDWICH flats. A Coy completes range course. Close Sp. Pl. fire 3" Mortar.
Deal27 Feb 42a.m.Draft 20 O.R's arrive from 103 Bde. Draft 26 O.R's from R.M. Signal School comprising complete Signal Pl/ arrive. Pl. formed and trained for 5 days at R.M. Signal School.
Deal28 Feb 42a.m.9 O.R's arrive from Chatham Division, these replace men returned earlier at own request.
Lt.Colonel.Phillipps and 7 officers to view field firing range and makes final arrangements. X Coy complete range course.
Officer Commanding, Lt.Col.J.P.Phillipps.
Capt. J.C.Manners commanded on 18 Feb.
Major.R.D.Houghton commanded on the 19 Feb & 24 Feb respectively.


Deal1 Mar 420900Lt.Colonel.Phillipps and 7 officers to view Field Firing Range. Target areas selected. "Commando Action" exercised with A and X Coys. B Coy commence range course.A Coy. 10 minutes. 4.N.C.O.'s absent and turnout poor.
X Coy. 11 Minutes. Present and correct.
"Bogey" timing by day 5 minutes.
1400Court of Inquiry held on the loss of rifle belonging to PO/X. 101146. Mne.W.Duffy. Court declared Mne.Duffy responsible for loss while traveling on duty.
Deal2 Mar 420800Major.R.D.Houhgton visits R.M.Office and C.C.O.Office.
B Coy completes range course.
1400Surgeon Lieut.H.E.Dunning-Gale. R.N.V.R. reports for dutySurg-Lt.H.E.Dunning-Gale from R.M. Siege Regt.
Deal3 Mar 420930 - 1130A Coy Field Firing. Firing of all Coy weapons and includes support by two 3" Mortars (H.E. & Smoke)
1200 - 1400X Coy Field Firing. As for A Coy. One run only possible owing to fighter A/C requiring range.
p.m.Major.Houghton proceeds on leave.
Deal4 Mar 420930 - 1130B Coy Field Firing.
1200 - 1400H.Q. Fighting Troop and Demolition Pl. carry out T.M.C. and Grenade field firing.
Deal5 Mar 420930Lt.Colonel.Phillipps receives report if damage done to houses near Field Firing Range. Investigates damage done/Houses property of Air-Commodore Critchley.
1700Court of Inquiry held on alleged damage at Shingle End near Sandwich.
p.m.Final arrangements for leave period completed.
Deal6 Mar 420530R.M.Commando proceeds on leave.
0900Capt.Deveraux and Adjutant inspect houses at Shingle End and receive letter from Caretaker in which he accepts all responsibility for an further damage.
Deal7 Mar - 10 Mar 42Stationary, Military Publications and some G.1098 stores arrive during this period.
Deal10 Mar 421800Major.Houghton returns from leave.
Deal11 Mar 421000Lt.Col.Phillipps visits section 9 & 12 under programme arranged by Major.Wyatt.R.E. for inspection of latest war weapons and inventions.
Deal12 Mar 42Arrangements made for O,C. Demolition Pl.(Lt.Maude) to attend course as suggested by Major Wyatt.
Deal13 Mar 422359R.M.Commando returns from leave.
Deal14 Mar 420900Embarkation order parade to check personal equipment.
Deal15 Mar 421000T.E.W.T. for all subaltern Officers and N.C.O's.
Deal16 Mar 42a.m.16 Ranks Demolition Pl. attend course at R.N.Torpedo School, Chatham.
p.m.Major.Houghton to DORLIN HO. to arrange for accomodation.
2245 - 2350Battle proceeding for Night Attack excercised.
Deal17 Mar 42Date of move of R.M.Commando to DORLIN HO. fixed as Sun. 5 Apr. Letter to A.G.R.M. suggesting methods of obtaining reinforcements for R.M.Commando.
Deal18 Mar 42Arrangements made for Sec. Fd Firing in area HOPE POINT.
PO/X.104116. Mne.R.G.Seth absent without leave awarded 168 hrs detention.
Deal19 Mar 42Lt.Maude attends Advanced Demolition course (4 days)
Lt. Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office and C.C.Office.
Deal20 Mar 42PLY/X. 2739. Mne.Caine, absent without leave, awarded 168 hrs detention.
Deal21 Mar 42R.M.Commando run and walk. 1 Cpl and 8 Mnes arr. from H.M.S. NORFOLK.
Deal22 Mar 420900R.M.Commando parades for route march. 12 O.R's for Demolition Course at R.N.Torpedo School detached to Chatham.
Deal23 Mar 420800A. Coy Sec Fld Firing. PO/X. 105973. Mne.Milne and PO/X. 105964. Mne.Simpson absent without leave. Awarded 14 days detention.
Deal24 Mar 420800B. Coy Sec. Fd Firing. Lt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office on duty. 1 Cpl, 12 Mnes arr. from Chatham Divsion. 5 Mnes from Seige Regt.
Deal25 Mar 420800X. Coy Sec. Fd Firing. 1 Mne arr. from Seige Regt.
Deal26 Mar 4208007 Mnes from 18(Mob) Bn. 1 Mne Butcher from Portsmouth Division. EX. 1000. Mne.Underwood, 10 days detention, attempting to steal.
Deal27 Mar 4208001 Mne from R.M.School of Signalling. CH/X. 731. Sgt.H.F.Martin promoted A/Q.M.S.I. and appointed as Commando S.M.
Deal28 Mar 420510R.M.Commando Action. Battle Procedure exercised. Speed of assembly satisfactory. N.C.O's promotions made.
Deal29 Mar 420930National Day of Prayer. R.M.Commando Church Parade.
1 Sgt arr. from Plymouth Division
Deal30 Mar 421400Advance Party stores loaded.
London31 Mar 420800Lt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office on duty.
Deal31 Mar 42Ex.5411. Mne.Fox and Ex.5326. Mne.Wild absent without leave awarded 28 days and 10 days detention.
Commanding Officer, Lt.Col.J.P.Phillipps
Capt.A.D.Comyn commanded from 7 - 10 Mar. (incl).
Major.R.D.Houghton commanded from 11 - 13 (incl), from 24 - 27 (incl). and on 31 Mar.
Capt.J.C.Manners commanded on 19 Mar.


Deal1 Apr 420550Major.Houghton, Lt.Huntington-Whitely, Lt.Ephraums, Lt.Stiebel and 72 O.R's Advance party more to H.M.S. DORLIN.
2 Apr 421030Lt.Col.Phillipps moves to H.M.S.Dorlin. Snipers fire range course.
Deal3 Apr 42Final arrangements completed for move of Main Body.
Deal4 Apr 42a.m.Stores loaded. Capt.Hellings, D.S.C. to C.C.C. office on duty by road and return. 1 Sgt arr. from H.M.S. King George V and 8 O.R's from Portsmouth Division. 3 O.R's from Beach Bn.
Deal5 Apr 420715Main Body parades, all stores turned over to Barrackmaster.Camp Q.M.S. left s rear party.
0805Main Body leaves Deal. Easter Sunday.
After six weeks at Deal unit is at full strength. About 10 to 15% however medically unfit and a further 3% totally unsuited. Period at Deal has been invaluable owing to amenities available. Chief difficulties still Administrative. Lack of training in such duties of both Officers and N.C.O's apparent.
Edinburgh6 Apr 420230Train splits. A. Coy to Oban remainder to Glenfinnan.
Dorlin Area6 Apr 421030Main Body less A. Coy arrive Glenfinnan detrain thence by water and road to billets.
1800A. Coy arrive from Oban
Commando split into 4 areas, distance between extreme areas is 15 miles. Time about 1½ hours by M.T.
Dorlin Area7 Apr 42a.m.Adm. Work and settling in.
1400All Officers and N.C.O's attend lecture and practice boat work in R. Boats.
Dorlin Area8 Apr 42a.m.All Coy Unit Trg. 2 Pl. start short Demolition course under Q.M.S.I. Royal Engineers
H.Q. exercise by day and night.

Dorlin Area
9 Apr 42a.m.All Coys unit trg incl. Boatwork, Seamanship and Assault
a.m.H.Q. exercise

Dorlin Area
10 Apr 42a.m.All Coy unit trg and Rehearse night landings
p.m.Lt.Col.E.Brockman A.A. & Q.M.G. visits unit from R.M.Office. 2 Officers Sgt 3 Cpls 18 Mnes required to be detached to Special Service.

Dorlin Area
11 Apr 42a.m.All Coy unit trg. H.Q. exercise

Dorlin Area
p.m.B. Coy Night landing exercise.
Dorlin Area12 Apr 42a.m.Officer and N.C.O's less C.S.M's & C.Q.M.S's recce opposed Landing Exercise. Remainder clean billets.
Dorlin Area13 Apr 42Unit trg. H.Q.Exercise
Dorlin Area14 Apr 420930X. Coy opposed landing. Individual trg weak. Sec Comdrs. moderate only.Lt.D.E.M.B.Tod promoted Acting Capt.
Dorlin Area15 Apr 42Unit trg. H.Q.Exercise. Lt.Col.Phillipps inspects B Coy. Lack of Administrative experience and knowledge of procedure revealed.
Dorlin Area16 Apr 420930A. Coy opposed landing. Weaknesses same as X. Coy.
2359B and X. Coys with CL.Sp. and Demolition Pl start 36 hr exercise on MULL.
Dorlin Area17 Apr 42all dayExercise continues in very warm weather. Three stragglers only.
1600Sgt.Frost arrives from Deal to take over duties of R.Q.M.S.
Mortars complete difficult journey but exhausted.
1800A. and H.Q.Coy employed fighting large fire.
Dorlin Area18 Apr 420600B. Coy achieve object mainly due to the faulty dispositions of X. Coy.
1600X.Coy return and continue fire fighting. Coys although tired after long exercise do well.
Capt.Tod returns from London with details of Detached Special Unit.
Dorlin Area19 Apr 420900B. Coy continue fire fighting.
Dorlin Area20 Apr 420900B. Coy opposed landing. Same weaknesses as shown by A & X. Coys. More individual trg appears necessary.
1400Lt.Col.Phillipps inspects H.Q. Coy.
Dorlin Area21 Apr 420001A.Coy start 36 hr exercise. Approach march by night 16 miles.
0800R.M.Commando less A. Coy continue 36 hr ex. against A. Coy.
Dorlin Area22 Apr 42060036 hr exercise ends.
23 Apr 420845Capt. D.E.M.B.Tod. Lieut.H.F.Grant-Dalton and 36 O.R's designated as T Coy R.M.Commando and detached for Special trg at ACHNACARRY.This leaves a shortage of 2 officers with a possibility of a 3rd if Major.Houghton is appointed to R.M.Division.
Dorlin Area24 Apr 421200R.M.Commando opposed landing ex. As the first full Commando landing this is satisfactory. PO/X. 2098. Mne.A.C.Gent. awarded 28 days detention.
5 O.R's from 5.R.M.Bn. 1 O.R. from 2 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin Area25 Apr 421000Lt.Col.Phillipps to London on Duty to visit C.C.C. and R.M.Office with reference to future moves of R.M.Commando, and to discuss personal problems with the A.G.R.M. due to ranks unfit and unsuitable and also losses due to creation of T Coy.
Dorlin Area26 Apr 42Adm. News received that Major R.D.Houghton will not be appointed to R.M.Division.
Dorlin Area27 Apr 42Unit trg continues. 2 S.N.C.O's, 1 J.N.C.O. and 27 O.R's returned to units as being unsuitable or unfit.
Lieut.(Qr-Mr) A.M.Beffiff appointed as Qr-Mr R.M.Commando to date 5 May.
Dorlin Area28 Apr 4224 hr Exercise for all ranks to exercise bivouacs and Mountain cooking carried out.
2 O.R's from 12 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin Area29 Apr 42Adm. Large fire requiring B. Coy to be employed after 24 hr exercise.
Dorlin Area30 Apr 42Final arrangements for 4 Day Exercise completed.See Appdx B for Operation Order No,3. for 4 Day.
Commanding Officer Lieut. Colonel. J.P.Phillipps.
Major.R.D.Houghton commanded from 25 - 29 April.
Capt.J.C.Manners commanded from 2 - 6 April.


Dorlin1 May0800R.M. Commando embarks Dorlin proceeds to LOCH TORRIDON and LITTLE LOCH BROOM for prolonged Exercise.Commando represents raiding force of Germans intention of whom is to destroy communications in Inverness Area. See attached Appendix.
p/m/3 Drivers arr.
Ross-shire2 May 42Exercise continues.
2 Cpls 43 Mnes arr 103 Bde.
7 Mnes arr from Chatham
Ross-shire3 MayExercise continues. Camp party move to ALNESS to prepare Camp for Main Body.
Ross-shire4 MayExercise continues.
2 Mnes arr from Plymouth.
7 Mnes arr from Portsmouth
1 Mne arr from 18(Mob)R.M. Bn.
Dingwall5 May0400Exercise Ends.Exercise carried out in very good weather. Physical fitness well up to standard. Exercise reveals however individual and section trg needs improvement.
AlnessR.M. Commando rests and prepares for return journey.
8 Mnes arr from Beach Bn.
3 Mnes arr from 1 R.M. Engineers Coy.
8 Mnes arr from Beach Ban.
Dorlin6 MayReturn to Dorlin by Road.
4 Mnes arr frm 20 (Trg)R.M.Bn.
6 Mnes arr from 1 Anti Tank Bty
1 Mne arr from 2 Anti Tank Bty
Dorlin7 Maya.m.Administration
1400Discussion on 4 day exercise.
Dorlin8 Maya.m.Lt.Colonel.Phillipps and Major Houghton visit Ardrossan to discuss future moves with Comd.S.S.Bde.Capt. J.C.Manners commands 8 - 9 May.
p.m.Liet.K.D.Smale. joins R.M. CommandoLieut. Smale from 2 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin9 Maya.m.Adm. Lieut.Col.Phillipps and Major Houghton return.
Dorlin10 Maya.m.Adm. Liet.Barclay goes to Greenock to recce lodgings for Commando.
Dorlin11 Maya.m.1 S.N.C.O., 2 J.N.C.O's, 16 O.R's return to Units Medically unfit or unsuitable. Difficulties reported in finding lodgings at Greenock.
Po/x. 3341. Mne.E.Plowman awarded 14 days detention, absent without leave.
Dorlin12 Maya.m.5 O.R's returned to unit unsuitable. Instructions for cruise in H.M.S. Princess Beatrix received. Letter re W.E.. submitted to A.C.R.M. Changes due in Provisional W.E. due to difficulty of administering H.Q. Coy details with original complement.
Dorlin13 Maya.m.Cdo less B. Coy embark for exercise. 24 hr two sided exercise against B. Coy.
Dorlin14 May0500Exercise ends. Admin. Lt.Col.Phillipps visits S.S.Bde at Ardrossan and S.O.A.S.C. at Largs to obtain details of cruise in H.M.S. Beatrix.
1800News received from Lt.Col.Phillipps that establishment for embarkation to be reduced.
Dorlin15 Maya.m.Preperations for Move, exact means Sea or Rail doubtful.
p.m.Lieut.D.G.Over joins R.M.Cdo. Lt.Col.Phillipps returns from Largs area.Lieut.D.G.Over from 5 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin16 Maya.m.Arrangements to move by train made.
Dorlin17 May0800Decision that move will be made by train. Stored loaded.
Dorlin18 May0830R.M. Cdo moves to Greenock by three routes.
p.m.Embarkation in H.M.S. Princess Beatrix leaving Lieut.Barclay and Camp Staff with some stores to go by road and rail to Havant. This move carried out at 24 hrs notice under difficult conditions in which a risk of heavy loss of stores was incurred.
Greenock19 May0930H.M.S. Princess Beatrix proceeds for Cowes Rds. Unit Trg and settling in.
At Sea20 MayAt Sea Unit trg. Weapon trg. P.T. unarmed combat.
Anchor Cowes Rds. Staff Officer from S.O.A.S.C. informs Lt.Col.Phillipps of future employment of R.M. Cdo.
Cowes21 May 42a.m.Lt. Col. Phillipps, Major Houghton call on S.O.A.S.C. H.Q. 2 Can. Div., 214 Ind Inf Bde. Decision that R.M. Commando will disembark into lodgings at Shanklin, Sandown and Ventnor.
I.O.W.22 Maya.m.Lodgings arranged; no difficulties. Adv. Party move in.Cdo goes on subsistence allowance 6/8 a day and provides all food from civilian sources as individuals.
I.O.W.23 May0800R.M.Cdo disembarked at Ryde, moves by march route.
Stores by road to Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor.
Although dispersed communications between Coys and H.Q. are a great improvement and distances less than at H.M.S.Dorlin. However dispersal within coys greater. This promotes (i) Individuality (2) A corresponding disadvantage of difficulty in Administration. The balance is advantageous.
I.O.W.24 Maya.m.Settling in. Trg Conference.
I.O.W.25 Maya.m.Lt. Col. Phillipps called on 214 Ind Inf Bde.
p.m.Lt. Barclay and Camp Staff details arrive from Havant.
I.O.W.26 Maya.m.Letter received approving promotion of Lt. Maude and provision of addl subaltern in H.Q. Coy.
T.E.W.T. all officers and N.C.O's
Lt. Maude H.Q.Coy Comd has carried out duties with no officers to assist him since formation. Lt.Maude to be Acting Capt. 6 April 42.
I.O.W.27 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps visits G.S.O.I. 2 Can Div to discuss future employment R.M.Cdo.R.M.Cdo is attacked to S.S.Bde, but for the present is working with but not under Comd of 2 Can. Div.
2300A.Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.28 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps visits London. Remainder of stores arrive from Greenock.Major R.D.Houghton commands 28/29 May
2300X. Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.29 May0800A and X Coy assault course.
1800Lt. Col.Phillipps returns from visit to C.O. H.Q. & R.M.Office. Mne.Hayman awarded 28 days detention. Absent without leave.
2300B. Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.30 Maya.m.Unit trg.
p.m.Ty/Lt.H.G.Loe joins unit and appointed pl. Command 2 Pl.Ty/Lt.Loe from 10 R.M. Bn.
I.O.W.31 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps and Major Houghton recce Cowes dock area.
Commanding Officer. Lt.Col.J.P.Phillipps.R.M.
Major. R.D.Houghton. commanded on 14/15 and 28/29 May.
Captain.J.C.Manners commanded on 8/9 May.


I.O.W.1 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits C.V.O. Office.Major.R.D.Houghton commands 1/2 June 42.
I.O.W.2 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office, returns from London.
I.O.W.3 Jun 42FineCoys carry out Sec Fd Firing
I.O.W.4 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps recces Portsmouth Dockyard Area for Cdo Exercise.
p.m.Trg Conference.
I.O.W.5 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits C.R.E. 2 Can Div.
p.m.Flight Lt. Durnford M.C. from M.I.9. gives lecture on evasion and escape to all Offrs and N.C.O's.
3 O.R's from Depot R.M.
I.O.W.6 Jun 42a.m.FineLt. Bevis attached tempy for duty with Sigs.Lt. Bevis from 15 R.M. Bn.
I.O.W.7 Jun 42a.m.FineComds 'O' Gp recce Dockyard exercise.
I.O.W.8 Jun 42a.m.FineBrigadier Laylock Comd S.S.Bde visits Cdo
I.O.W.9 Jun 42a.m.FineCdo carries out exercise in Portsmouth Dockyard.
I.O.W.10 Jun 42a.m.FineAdm. L.M.G's Armourers Inspection. Capt. C.Hunt attached tempy for duty/Capt. C.Hunt Staff Capt(Q) S.S.Bde and assists in getting priority orders through for G1098 stores. This has been held up owing to unit having no written authority for priority stores.
I.O.W.11 Jun 42a.m.FineOrder for additional Operational equipment incl 2" mortars, 18 addl L.M.G. and A/Tk grenades made.
I.O.W.12 Jun 42a.m.FineCapt. Hunt returns to S.S.Bde.
I.O.W.13 Jun 42p.m.FinePriority stores arrive. Owing to authority of S.S.Bde these stores arrive by return. Capt. B.M.Franks Staff Capt A. SS.Bde attached tempy for duty.Capt. Franks acts in capacity of I.O. Lack of I.O. on W.E. is shown to be serious handicap.
I.O.W.14 Jun 42a.m.FineCommando carries out exercise in Portsmouth Dockyard.
p.m.Ty Lt. A.M.Beriff joins as Qr-Mr
Capt. Maude recces EAST SURREY DOCKS.
Lt. Berriff from H.Q. R.M. Div.
Administrative Staff originally negligible has now been increased by 1 Lt.Qr-Mr, 1 R.Q.M.S., 1 C.Q.M.S. for H.Q.Coy 1 Clerk 2 Storemen. This increase has been entirely necessary and is due to change of role of Commando.
I.O.W.15 Jun 42a.m.FineUnit trg. Trg conference. Intensive trg reduced to prevent all ranks going stale.
T. Coy transferred from R.M. Cdo to H.M.S. Fidelity.
I.O.W.16 Jun 42a.m.FineUnit trg. Lt. Col. Phillipps visits 2 Can Div.
I.O.W.17 Jun 42a.m.Fine1 Sgt and 4 Mnes arr from Chatham Div.
I.O.W.18 Jun 42a.m.FineComd.R.E.D.Ryder. V.C. visits R.M.Cdo. Unit trg. Lt. Col. Phillipps visits R.A.C.O. Cowes
3 Mnes arr from Portsmouth Div.
I.O.W.19 Jun 42a.m.FineDecision that Lt. Col. Phillipps, 2nd i/c, Coy Comd.A. Coy, Mortar dets will attend exercise 'Yukon 11' with 2 Can Div. Unit trg.
p.m.Special rubber boots arrive from S.S.Bde.
I.O.W.20 Jun 42a.m.FinePl. Fd Firing B & A Coys.
p.m.Capt. R.J.Batterton & 2 O.R's U.S.M.C. attached for Tempy duty with unit.
I.O.W.21 Jun 42a.m.FinePl Fd Firing X. Coy and Mortar Pl.
I.O.W.22 Jun 42a.m.FineLt. Col. Phillipps, Major Houghton, Capt.Hellings Sigs and Mortar details attend exercise 'Yukon11' with 2 Can Div in BRDIPORT area.
p.m.All Brens. A.A. shoot at drogue.
1 Cpl and 12 O.R's arr from Plymouth Div.
I.O.W.23 Jun 42p.m.FineMajor Houghton and other ranks return to unit from exercise 'Yukon 11'
I.O.W.24 Jun 42a.m.FineAdmin.
p.m.Lt. Col. Phillips visits A.G.R.M. and C.C.O. and returns to Shanklin.Major. R.D.Houghton Commands.
I.O.W.25 Jun 42p.m.FineR.M. Cdo carry out rehearsal for operation RUTTER in H.M.S.Locust and R.Boats. Cooperation with Navel Dock Parties and Boats crew of value. Capt.Astor attached.Capt. Astor, Public Relations Officer. R.M. attached C.C.O.
I.O.W.26 Jun 42a.m.FineCapt. Dunne S.S.Bde visits R.M. Cdo.
p.m.Decision that Cdo will concentrate at Upper Chine School. Intelligence Sgt S.S. Bde returns.This necessary for security and will aid final issue of Amn and Stores.
I.O.W.27 Jun 42a.m.FineInter Coy Section and Individuals Competitions. On pl. B. Coy gain experience in Free French Chasseur Craft sailing to Newhaven with Convoy.Won by X. Coy.
I.O.W.28 Jun 42a.m.FineUpper Chine School Buildings allocated to Coys. Further pl. B. Coy embark in Chasseur for 24 hr cruise.Chasseur are craft that will be used in Operation Rutter.
I.O.W.29 Jun 42FinePl. X. Coy embark in Chasseur for 24 hr cruise.
I.O.W.30 Jun 42a.m.FineOrders for concentration at Shanklin given.To prevent curiosity necessity for economy is given as reason.
Officer Commanding Lt. Colonel. J.P.Phillipps
Major. R.D.Houghton Commands 1/2 & 24 June 42.
Capt. J.c.Manners Commands. 22/23. Jun 42.


Upper Chine School1 Jul 42a.m.Fine.R.M. Cdo concentrates.Crushed conditions - Army rationing, more suitable owing to Army service available.
1700All Officers briefed for Operation Rutter.
Upper Chine School2 Jul 42a.m.FineStreet Fighting. Briefing of N.C.O's.
Issue of Amn.
During this period, lectures and demonstrations given by subaltern from 3 Cdo who fought in Vaagso raid.
p.m.FineFinal checking of all stores.
H.M.S. Locust3 Jul 420830Dull changing to rain. Windy.Cdo H.Q., A. Coy, 10 Pl.(X.Coy), 3 Pl, and No. 1. Demolition party embark in H.M.S.Locust for Operation Rutter. B. Coy X.Coy less 10 Pl, NO's 2 & 3 Demolition parties due to embark at 1700 hrs.H.M.S. Locust 700 Tons armed 2 - 4" Pom-Poms.
1110Dull changing to rain. Windy.C.C.O. (Vice-Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten) address ships coy and R.M. Cdo ranks in LOCUST, says that operation cannot take place as arranged owing to weather preventing adequate fighter protection.
p.m.RainCdo ranks in 'Locust' very crowded. Efforts made to return to camp at Shanklin which is secure.
Shanklin4 Jul 421000Cloudy RainCdo details in 'Locust' return to Shanklin.Disappointment of all ranks.
Shanklin5 Jul 420900FairCdo details as above embuss for Cowes
1015Decision to postpone operation Rutter further 24 hrs as weather still unfavourable for fighting cover.During this period Cdo is living in large Girls School but in crowded conditions, although far better than in a ship for exercise but not for victualling.
1200Arms inspection.
1700All ranks 40 mins P.T. followed by Pay.
1800Operation Rutter postponed till Tuesday 7 July at earliest.
Shanklin6 Jul 420900Fair but windy. Low clouds.Cdo route march in loose order 10 miles.
p.m.All Magazines emptied ammunition and mags oiled.
2100Coms O Gp1. Operation Rutter amended. To be completed in one tide i.e. shortened by 4 hrs R.M. Cdo task approximately same except speed even more essential.
Shanklin7 Jul 420915Fair, Windy
Low Clouds
ADMA force embuses for Cowes and embarkation in Locust.
1030Order is given to cancel Operation Rutter completely.
1400ADMA force disembarks. Returns to Shanklin.
p.m.Preparations for leave begun. Coys disperse to lodgings in same locations as before occupied.
Shanklin8 Jul 42a.m.Fair, WindyStores and amn collected. Leave arrangements completed. Mne.D.Mcleod awarded 96 hrs detention.As leave was due to unit this has enabled great disappointment to be over come and has prevented any large reaction or staleness.
Shanklin9 - 20 Jul 42a.m.Fair. Only rain.Adm. Rear parties left. Trg in S.A. of ranks ex Aux Bn, carried out. Arrangements for F.G.C.M. of Mne. John Darwin eventually completed. F.G.C.M. to take place 27 days after arrest.Capt. A.D. Comyn commands during absence of C.O.
Shanklin21 Jul 42a.m.Windy high clouds.Capt. A.D. Comyn goes on leave.
Second leave party goes no leave.
Lt.J.W.E.Bradley Acting Adjutant.
Shanklin22 Jul 42p.m.Dull & cloudy with high wind and rain."O" Gp regarding future moves and trg.
1800Lecture by 2nd i/c to all officers on "Battle Procedure"
Shanklin23 Jul 42p.m.Windy low cloudsDemonstration Battle Procedure conducted by C.O.
Shanklin24 Jul 42p.m.Cloudy and DullC.O. confers with B.M. 214 Bde regarding 3 days exercise for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Aug.
Shanklin25 Jul 42a.m.Windy and dull with spasmodic rainCourt Martial takes place at Eastney Barracks. Mne.Darwin guilty.Prosecution wins.
Shanklin26 Jul 42a.m.Rain with high wind"O"Gp at Yaverland Range Ref.OS142 054052 for Coy advance under fire with dive bombing using soot as token bombs. Also making preliminary arangements for R.M.Cdo's operational role in defence of the I.O.W.
Shanklin27 Jul 42a.m.Rain all forenoon.
Fine in the afternoon.
Sigs exercise to test communication for the above mentioned scheme.
p.m.C.O. to 9.Inf.Bde. making arrangements for 3 day exercise.
Shanklin28 Jul 42a.m.Sunny &Coys adv. under fire.Good value to tps. Exercise marred by aeroplace accident. No hits more practice required.
CloudlessDrogue Firing
Shanklin29 Jul 42p.m.RainCourt of Inquiry held by R.A.F. personnel on the place accident at yesterdays exercise.
C.O. watches pl. in attack exercises observing standard of battle procedure in pls.
Shanklin30 Jul 42a.m.C.O. & Capt. J.C.Manners to an "O" Gp at R.A.F. Station Ventnor with regard to a future night exercise.
p.m.Court of Inquiry on Aeroplane accident continues.
C.O. carries out recce on the ground for 3 days exercise now know as exercise 'PORT' prepared.
Officer Commanding. Lieut. Colonel. J.P.Phillipps, R.M.
Capt. A.D. Comyn. R.M. commands 9/20 July 42.


Shanklin1 Aug 42p.m.FineNight Exercise raiding local R.A.F. station carried out.
Shanklin2 Aug 42FineReccee for 3 Day exercise.
Shanklin3 - 5 Aug 42Wet & DullLt.Col.Phillipps visits Combined H.Q. at Fort Soutwick.
FineR.M. Cdo acts as enemy to 9 I.B. Value gained in acting as raiding party. Improvement on R/T shown. Ply.x.3515 Mne. Darwin to serve 112 days detention.3.Aug. J.P.Class W.T.Week.
It is discovered that disappearance from billet for two days excited little comment.
Shanklin6 Aug 42p.m.FineAdm. Fd Firing Range prepared.
Shanklin7 Aug 42a.m.Wet28 O.R's returned to unit. B & X Coy Fd Firing by Pls. The Fd Firing by Pls. seems to be the best type of exercise for junior leaders and for maintaining interest of the troops.
Shanklin8 Aug 42a.m.WetH.Q. & A. Coy Fd Firing Range
Shanklin9 Aug 42a.m.FairAdm.
Shanklin10 Aug 42a.m.FairUnit trg. J.P. Class Tactics week.
Shanklin11 Aug 42a.m.FairT.E.W.T. Invasion Role.R.M. Cdo allotted counter attack role by 214 Bde.
Shanklin12 Aug 42a.m.FairEx. Taking up Action Stations Posns and moving to alternate area. Full Scale load of amn carried. This is done as an Adm precaution for Operation Jubilee and provides good camouflage to tps.
p.m.Arrangements completed for Street Fighting area to be requisitioned in Cowes.
I.O.W.13 Aug 42a.m.DullA & B Coy exercise Street Fighting.
p.m.Preliminary Adm arrangements for JUBILEE made by C.O. and Adjt.For security reasons no one by C.O., 2i/c, Adjy, and Coy Comds is to know anything until embarking. For reason a dummy exercise ITCHEN on mainland is arranged.
I.O.W.14 Aug 42a.m.DullX. Coy Street Fighting Ex. Cowes
p.m.Coy Comd. briefed for Operation JUBILEE and informed no one else to be informed.Capt.Maude and Lt.Loe informed prepare Demolition Gear. For secrecy Storeman is sent on leave.
I.O.W.15 Aug 42a.m.RainCoys arrange Adm parades to check stores for JUBILEEJUBILEE can take place any date 18 - 23 Aug inclusive.
I.O.W.16 Aug 42a.m.Heavy RainMessage received that JUBILEE postponed 1 Day. This suits R.M.Cdo as tide more favourable Day 2.Trg programme prepared for whole week with ITCHEN exercise at the end. This prevents suspicion by tps if exercise were delayed from day to day.
I.O.W.17 Aug 42a.m.RainSt fighting Demonstration. Message received that tanks embark today.
p.m.'O' Gp to clear up details of JUBILEE
I.O.W.18 Aug 421800FineAmn. parade all Coys. Stores packed and embussed for Cowes. 'O' Gp for all officers. R.M.Cdo left Cowes by sea at 1700 hrs.A. Coy in LOCUST.
Dieppe19 Aug 421800Fineex. JUBILEE CARRIED OUT.See Appdx 'A' for Operation Order and Officer remarks.
I.O.W.20 Aug 421600Dull & RainyReturn of Main R.M. Cdo Gp.Main part of Cdo still in Newhaven.
I.O.W.21 Aug 421600RainRecalled all G.1098 stores.6 Offrs, 69 O.R's not returned from Dieppe.
I.O.W.22 Aug 421600RainyP.T. & Recreational Trg.Reorganization and checking of losses throughout Coys.
I.O.W.24 Aug 421600DullAmn returned to Cgo H.Q.
Upper Chine School25 Aug 421100Dull, Cloudy with Rain7 Offrs. report for Duty Ty 2nd Lieuts, Neale, Copsey, Chiverall, Beadle, O'Brien, Morgan and LaidlawTy 2nd Lieuts, reported from R.M.M.S. Thurlestone after leave
2nd Lieut. Chiverall to B. Coy.
2nd Lieut. Neale and O'Brien to H.Q.
2nd Lieuts, Copsey, Beadle, Morgan and Laidlaw to A & X Coys.
Upper Chine School26 Aug 421600Dull and Cloudy'O' Gb attended by 2i/c, Adjut, Capt.R.K.Deveraux, Lt.G.Formes, Capt.Maude to discuss re-organization of R.M. Cdo from Coy basis to Tp basis.
Upper Chine School27 Aug 421300FineR.M. Cdo proceeds on leave. Rear party consists of Lt. Bradley, R.Q.M.S. 4 Sgts. 5 Cpls. and 32 Marines.
Officer Commanding up to P.M. 19/8/42. Lieut. Col. J.P.Phillipps, R.M.
Officer Commanding from A.M. 20/8/42 Capt. J.C.Manners. R.M.
Lt. J.W.E.Bradley commands from 27/8/42 during leave period.


Report on Events off Dieppe

Report on Events on 19 Aug 42, off Dieppe

of A. Coy, Royal Marine Commando
by Capt. P. W. C. Hellings, D.S.C. R.M.

HMS. LOCUST arrived uneventfully off Dieppe at about 0530 hrs, there had been a certain amount of firing and tracer seen on either bow previous to this. The sky was clear, but visibility was greatly reduced owing to the thick smoke resulting from the earlier landings.

At about 0610 hrs LOCUST attempted to enter the mole, but it immediately became apparent that the batteries to the EAST of the entrance had not yet been silenced. LOCUST received two hits whilst preparing to enter, resulting in two killed and about 6 wounded.

Commander Ryder seeing that the EAST batteries were still in control of the channel did not enter the harbour at the time, a Bombardment by destroyer and LOCUST being resorted to. It was very difficult in the following hours to get any clear picture as to what was happening owing to the thick smoke, destroyer bombarding and aerial battles overhead. It did however become apparent that the floating reserve in R. Boats of, I believe, about a Bn in strength was landed on BLUE beach.

Reports which I heard from Col. Phillipps on the initial landing stated that success was had at RED and WHITE beaches but that BLUE had not gone so well. I heard no report about Outer beaches.

After the floating reserve had been landed there was no news, until Commander Ryder returned from KELPIEE, when he reported that RED and WHITE beaches were clear of opposition and the General wished the marines to go in and support the ESSEX SCOTTISH through WHITE beach. The Colonel gave his orders from LOCUST, the idea being to pass through the beach to the town and there reform and report to the Colonel of the ESSEX SCOTTISH, the object of the force being to pass around the WEST and SOUTH of the town, and attack the batteries on the EASTERN cliff from the SOUTH.

The marines of Commando H.Q. and A. Coy were embarked in two M.L.C's, the force under Major Houghton from the chasseur consisting of X & B. Coy embarking in A.I.C. The Mortar Pl. & Demolition being left behind in LOCUST.

The Commando started to move toward the shore, it being about 1130 hrs, smoke was provided by the chasseur, who accompanied us within 500 yds.

Shell fire was opened on the boats almost immediately, at about 4000 yds, increasing in intensity as the range shortened. The fire appeared to consist of 3"-4" Mortar Bombs, or a similar size, intermingled with low angle gun fire of about 4" and a tracer shell of about 2 pds which may have come from tanks, up to date the range wasto great for S. A.

The fire was all coming from the EASTERN cliffs and the end and base of the mole, firing to the N.W.

The range was shortening and rifle and L.M.G. fire was become apparent, the chasseur, being now no longer able to support the force owing to the depth of waters.

At this stage I turn to the personal narrative of my Company. The M.L.C. in which we had embarked had done the main landing and was in need of repair, one engine being out of commission and the deck of the M.L.C. was washing down with water. Owing to one engine being out of commission and the other very hot, steering was difficult, and our speed reduced which resulted in in an ever increasing distance between boats; Just prior to reaching the shore and whilst in thick smoke we completely broke down, which may have been the result of a near miss or the overheating of our engine. The engine was started after about 2 mins. and we proceded on toward the shore out of the smoke in time to see the Colonel's M.L.C. and an A.L.C. containing Capt. Deveraux and one platoon and Major Hougton's A.L.C. arrive under heavy mortar and M.G. fire. Fire was intense and any attempt to reach the houses would have been most hazardous. Colonel Phillippe stood up in his M.L.C. and waved the remaining boats to return to the protection of the smoke, one A.L.C. was extracted, the Colonel M.L.C. turned broadside on and I believe from survivors reports, caught fire.

My M.L.C. at this stage received a hit close to the stern which finished any attempt at steering, leaving us some 300 yds off the shore, smoke was used in quantity and we were able to increase the distance by about 200 yds before the engine finally went. After some period a chasseur took the M.L.C. in tow and we returned to LOCUST where the company were placed on board and told to await orders. I reported to Commander Ryder who sent me to General Roberts whom I saw and reported the state of affairs and that WHITE and RED beaches were held by the enemy.

Any attempt to return to the LOCUST in a R. Boat proved fruitless as bombing had commenced and she was laying smoke at top speed, shortly after this organized attempts to evacuate ceased and the company returned to England in LOCUST.

sgd. P.W.C. Hellings,
Captain, R.M. D.S.C.
R.M. Commando

Statements made by surviving Officers i/c boats on JUBILEE

1. Statement by O.C. 'B' Coy, Capt. R.K.Devereaux, R.M.

The coy was represented by 7,8 and 9 platoons, with Advance and rear coy H.Q. No. 7. platoon was in Chasseur 13, 8 platoon and Advance Coy H.Q. in 43 Chasseur, and 9 platoon and rear Coy H.Q. in Chasseur 42. I was in with advance Coy. H.Q.

This force was standing off JUBILEE area at about 0530 hrs. 19 Aug 42. We were due to enter the harbour at 0620 hrs. At about 0730 hrs we received orders to trans-ship into A.L.C's. This was carried out forthwith. On checking up the chasseurs I discovered that No. 42 was missing. I made inquiries and was told that this chasseur had not been with the convoy since 0200 hrs. From the time of trans-shipment I never saw 7 platoon again during the operation. Advance Coy H.Q. and 8 platoon were now in A.L.C No. B.L.9.

I was told by Colonel. Phillipps that the whole force R.M. Cdo, was to move direct into the harbour. Being at that time under comand Major Houghton, I got in touch with him. He was in another A.L.C. I arranged to follow his craft in. There was considerable smoke put down during which I lost touch with Major Houghton. I then saw an M.L.C. with the C.O. on board, on my port bow. The C.O. then intimated that it would be impossible to make the harbour and that we were to land on the beach some 300 yds ahead. It was WHITE beach. We then became separated in the smoke. We were now coming under fire from a C.D. gun and a number of M.G. positions. About five to ten minutes later the smoke cleared and I say the beach about twelve feet away. The fire was still intense. There were many prone figures on the beach. Away to the left towards BLUE beach were many who appeared dead or wounded in reversed arrow head formation. To my front was an M.L.C. lying broadside on the bench with about twelve figures lying stretched out on the beach on the seaward side of the vessel. I then saw the C.O. standing in the M.L.C. He was signalling for us to withdraw. We then went half to starboard with an M.L.C. carrying A Coy colliding with us astern. Before we made this movement Mne Breen, L.M.G. gunner in the bow of my A.L.C. fired on enemy posts ashore. One post in the Casino was neutralised. As we went about again, through fresh smoke put down by my party, I saw a T.L.C. in an sinking condition and some men in the water, I came alongside T.L.C. 125. I took off two Naval ratings and then searched for the rest. I found Marine Cpl. Ply. 122590 Ryan who was taken in- board and found to be wounded slightly. We then moved under cover of smoke out to sea about a mile. We later discovered we were holed just above the engine room on the port side and we were making water fast. We then moved towards Chasseur 43 and boarded. All L.M.G's were then manned for A.A. on board Chasseur 43. We steamed around for some time and finally left in the last convoy at about 1400 hrs. From the time we re-boarded Chasseur 43 we were attacked by enemy aircraft many times.

The discipline and courage of the men, in particular Mne. Breen, was at all times exemplary.

sgd. R.K. Devereaux.
Captain. R.M.
C.C. 'B' Coy

2. Statement by Ply.x. 2505 Cpl. W.J.Harvey.

We were ordered to transfer from Chasseur No. 43 to and A.L.C. at about 0730 hrs. On the way in shore we were under shell and small arms fire. When the A.L.C. arrived at the beach and the doors were opened, Mnes Garland and Kettlewell were hit and were later taken off shore by the same A.L.C. When we cleared the A.L.C. we came under strong enemy M.G. fire so we took cover behind a tank which was still firing but unable to move. We were there until 1130 hrs. when we were ordered back to an A.L.C. Quite a number were wounded. These men were carried back to the A.L.C. by Lieut. Smale and Cpl. McDonald. Others with this party moved under cover of the smoke put down by them. The last time I saw Lieut. Smale was when he ran back to the cover of the tank. The party was now well split up. During this operation I was acting as platoon sergeant.

sgd. W.J.Harvey.
Corporal. Ply.x. 2505.
R.M. Commando

3. Report on Events on 19 Aug 42, off Dieppe
by Lieut. J. W. Bradley, No. 9. Pl.

I was in Chasseur No. 12. with B. Coy rear H.Q. (C.Q.M.S., 2 sigs, 2S.B's) When the convoy sailed we took our place in it and steamed with it until the Aapt. (Capt Parq) reported that we had lost the rest of the ships, and he was trying to locate than with the aid of Asdig apparatus.

We made contact with the convoy at about 0515 hrs. but had to fall out again owing to the failure of one of our engines. This was apparently due to the excessive speed we had done catching up the convoy. At 0400 hrs the best speed we could make was 5 knots, and I was given to understand that the captain was not altogether certain of his position at sea. Owing to the lateness of the hour and the fact the the ship was incapable of doing any towing we turned and made our way for the English coast. When we were about 10 miles out the engine was restarted and it was decided that we should again turn towards Dieppe in the hope of being able to lend some assistance. We had steamed for about an hour when we picked up with and S.G.B. carrying members of No. 3 Commando - she was not able to make any headway owing to the engine having been put out of action by enemy action, so we towed her into Newhaven - we received orders at this time to 'Return to Base' which we proceeded to do picking up with a convoy of T.L.C's. At about 2000 hrs the the T.L.C's were bombed by 5 Focke Wolf 190's - we lent all possible assistance and convoyed a B.P.C. back to the Spithead Boom leaving 4 T.L.C's to put in at Shoreham, because one was damaged. We then returned to Base.

sgd. J.V. E. Bradley.
Lieut. R.M.
R.M. Commando.

Statement by Lt. Loe i/c No. Demolition Party Chasseur No. 5.

There was no particular incident other than those general to the whole convoy until approximately 0830 hrs. on the 19th. At this time LOCUST had disappeared in the direction of Dieppe and we were stationary amongst a collection of landing craft. We received orders to cruise parallel to the shore and lay smoke approximately one mile off shore. This we did in company with one destroyer and under fairly regular fire from the coastal batteries.

During this time I posted my section on the A.A. guns both on the bridge and in the stern. Altogether the marines manned 6 Hotchkiss and 6 Lewis Guns. We were thus able to reply in force to any attention from enemy aircraft. After 20 minutes steaming we came to the end of our run and we were now well outside the area of the other naval craft. A large german two engined bomber came down to approximately 6,000 ft and then tried to hit us with a stick of bombs. Al guns were brought to bear and fire was opened with the result that there is an explosion inside the plane and a large part of the port wing fell off. The plane disappeared inland falling fast.

Immediately afterwards two F.W. 190 planes attempted to dive bomb us. Our fire caused them to pull out early and the bombe fell about 20 yds away.

Soon after this we were asked to pass a message to an A.L.C. to draw alongside LOCUST and take off R.M. Commando. We were given to understand that the Demolition Party was not to land and that we were to move inshore to support the A.L.C's which were about to go in.

Soon afterwards an M.L.C. with Major Houghton in charge passed us about 30 yds away. We decided to follow this craft inshore. This we did until we lost the M.L.C. in the smoke screen and then carried on until we were six hundred yards offshore opposite the west end of the promenade. We changed our course and did the run again. In all we fired 143 shells. The high rate of firing helped by Cpl. Cullerton who took up position in the magasine for ammunition supplies. During all this time enemy shells were falling all round us but by the time we had finished there were numerous fires fires burning on shore.

Nothing further transpired until we were ordered to embark troops from the beach. Sub.Lieut. Syms then took the Chasseur in until she was just grounding in front of the west jetty and troops began to swim out to us. Immediately several M.G. posts opened fire on the men in the water and on the bridge of the Chasseur. A battery on the cliff opened fire and after 12 shots they had us straddled. One shell fell alongside and made a hole below the water line abaft the engine room.

Mne. Bevan, My servant, was stationed on the rear port Hotchkiss and managed to locate one M.G. post on the left of the harbour. He engaged this target for approximately 30 seconds until a shell entered the engine room immediately below him and tore his gun from its mountings. He was injured in the legs and arms but managed to silence the post.

With the next salvo a shell landed on the bridge, tore one side away and damaged the steering, Sub.Lieut. Syms decided to withdraw from the beach and this was accomplished by putting the Demolition Section on a manual steering gear. We were taking water rapidly and none of the pumps would work, but members of the naval engine party who had been below all this time, worked hard and got the pumps going and after another hour or so they repaired the steering gear as well. We then made our way back to England with 50 survivors and an M.L.C. in tow.

sdg. H.G.Loe.
Lieut. R.M.
R.M. Commando

the Senior officer most close to my Comanding Officer before and as a spectator at his death, I should like to bring to your notice the following points.

My Commanding officer, when ordered to proceed to WHITE beach was not aware of the fact that the beach was held by the enemy, whilst proceeding shorewards it became apparent that the beach was held in considerable force and under heavy fire. The Colonel, immediately fire became intense, took up a prominent position sitting on the top of the M.L.C. in order to direct the reminder of the party, from their position, leading the boats, and open to most intense M.G. and mortar fire, he led his Commando into the beach. As the range shortened and the smoke cleared there was no doubt in any man's mind that an attempt to reach the town over that beach would mean certain death to the majority. In spite of all these facts my Commanding Officer refused to turn back until he had proved the uselessness of the adventure by his personal action. The M.L.C. reached the beach and realising now the futility of further action he stood in the stern in full view of all, placing his white string gloves on his hands and waving to the boats astern to return to the cover of the smoke.

His final order to his Commando undoubtedly saved the lives of a further 200 men. He was shot shortly after.

I cannot say more fully how the personal courage of this officer led and inspired his subordinate officers and men. He went cheerfully and happily to a death which he had said the night before could not be better.

Capt. R.M.
R.M. Commando.

Statement by R.S.M. Martin.

Po.x. 107025. Mne. R.B.Singleton.
Ply.x. 105411. Mne. L.C.Bradshaw.
Whilst approaching the beach, we were engaged by heavy M.G. and rifle fire the C.O. ordered the buildings on the beach from where the fire was coming to be engaged by L.M.G. I passed the order forward and a gun opened up by Marine Bradshaw. I also ordered the H.Q. L.M.G. into action which was manned by Mne. Singleton. Both guns were kept continuously in action until such time as the targets were obscured by smoke. During this time the M.L.C. was repeatedly hit by bursts of M.G. fire and very accurate rifle fire from the beach. Owing to the position of this M.L.C. these men had to stand up to engage the targets, and Singletons gun was in action until all the ammunition at his disposal was used up. Both these men carried out their duties very courageously whilst under heavy fire and without thought to their own personal safety.

sgd. H.F.Martin. Q.M.S. R.M.

Mne. G.R.Bevan.

When there was no possibility of landing, my Chasseur was ordered to close into the beach to pick up survivors, whilst doing this, the survivors were being machined gunned in the water. Marine Bevan went aft, and located on M.G. on the East Cliff which he silenced, with L.M.G. fire, he continued to fire at others until the Chasseur was hit aft and his gun was blown off its mounting.

He showed great courage throughout.

H.G. Loe.
Lieut. R.M.
R.M. Commando.


I.O.W.1 Sep 421600FairR.M. Cdo on leave. Rear party consists of Lt. Bradley, R.Q.M.S., 4 Sgts, 5 Cpls and 32 Mnes. 7 Officers from Thurlestone proceed on leave.Lt. Bradley i/c until 4/9/42 then Lt. Barclay until 8/9/42
I.O.W.8 Sep 421600Dull to FairR.M. Cdo returned from leave. Rear party proceeds on leave.Capt. Manners resumed command.
I.O.W.9 Sep 421600FairConference regarding reorganization.
I.O.W.10 Sep 421600FineAll Coys returned G.1098 gear to H.Q.
I.O.W.11 Sep 421600FineAll Coys drew web gear etc.
I.O.W.12 Sep 421600FineUnit trg.
I.O.W.13 Sep 421600SunnySunday routine.
I.O.W.14 Sep 421600FineR.T.Trg. All 2nd Lieut attend meeting at Adjts office.Capt. Manners travelled to London and Capt Hellings took command.
I.O.W.15 Sep 421800FairConference to discuss Ex. Sark attended by C.O., 2 i/c.Capt. Manners returned and resumed command.
I.O.W.16 Sep 421800Fine and WindyVisit by Brig. Laycock, Major Franks, Capt. Nunns and Capt. Waugh to see Cgo trg.
I.O.W.17 Sep 421800FairT.M.G. firing H.Q. Coy. Normal routine.Lt. Huntington-Whitely moved to London on duty returned on completion.
I.O.W.18 Sep 422400Cloudy"O" Gp attended by 2 i/c, Coy Comd. Admin Officer, I.O. & S.O. to discuss formation of troops. Ex. Sark begins 1700 hrs today. No trg during afternoon.Copy of orders for Ex. Sark enclosed.
I.O.W.19 Sep 421600FairEx. Sark ends 0800 hrs today. R.T. Trg.
I.O.W.20 Sep 421600RainySunday routine. Capt. Manners and Lt.H.O. Huntington-Whiteley to London.Capt. Hellings in command.
I.O.W.21 Sep 421600RainyRev. Maughan visits Cdo.
I.O.W.22 Sep 421600RainyAll Coys unit trg and P.T. Capt. Manners returns.Capt. Manners resumes command.
I.O.W.23 Sep 421700Cloudy & RainUnit trg including H.Q. 10 mile route march.Capt. Devereaux to London.
I.O.W.24 Sep 421600FairUnit trg. Night Ex by H.Q. Coy.
I.O.W.25 Sep 421600RainyCapt. Hellings, Lt.Berriff, 5 O.R's to Recce billets at Yarmouth. Unit trg. Also security measures.
I.O.W.26 Sep 421600Cloudy & Rain2nd Lieuts exercise (Indoor) Return of Capt Hellings and party. Area unsuitable. Football game A & X Coys v T Battery.
I.O.W.27 Sep 421600FineH.Q. Church Parade. Sunday Routine.
I.O.W.28 Sep 421600FairEx. Jolly for Sigs and Tp H.Q's. "O" Gp attended by all troop comd. Admin Officer, I.O., & S.O. Official turnover to troop basis. Also invasion to be discussed.Troop Comds.
A. - Lt.M.J.Ephraums, R.M.
B. - Capt.R.K.Devereaux. R.M.
P. - Lt.J.E.Stiebel. R.M.
Q. - Lt.J.W.E.Bradley. R.M.
X. - Capt.N.S.E.Maude. R.M.
Y. - Lt.I.C.McKellar. A & S.H.
I.O.W.29 Sep 421800RainyUnit trg.
I.O.W.30 Sep 421800FairUnit trg. Route March and cooking in the field.
Officer Commanding, Capt. J.C.Manners, R.M.
Lieut. J.W.E.Bradley commanded from 1/9/42 to 4/9/42.
Lieut. D.L.Barclay commanded from 5/9/42 to 8/9/42.
Capt. J.C.Manners commanded from 8/9/42 to 13/9/42 and from 15/9/42 to 19/9/42
and from 22/9/42 to 30/9/42.
Capt. P.W.C.Hellings, D.S.C. commanded on the 14/9/42 and from 20/9/42 to 21/9/42.


I.O.W.1 Oct 421800FineUnit Trg.
I.O.W.2 Oct 42FineUnit Trg. A.O., IO & 24 N.C.O's to WeymouthMajor Hellings to London.a.m. 2nd.
Lt. Ecrepont to Eastney.a.m. 2nd.
Capt. Devereaux to Fort Cumberland.a.m. 2nd.
I.O.W.3 Oct 421800FineUnit Trg and R.T.1 N.C.O. & 5 O.R's to London.
Capt. Devereaux assumes duties of Adjutant. Capt. D.L.Barclay to sick list.
I.O.W.4 Oct 421800FairA & X Troops move to Weymouth as advance party to Commando.Move carried out in denim suits as a security measure.
I.O.W.5 Oct 421400FoggyMain body moves to Weymouth via Yarmouth with transport.Accomodation Stores remain at I.O.W.
Weymouth6 Oct 421800MistyMoving of Stores. Billets arranged. R.T. Trg.Essential stores, Amn &c., stored here.
Weymouth7 Oct 421800Misty & RainUnit & R.T. Trg.C.O. moves on duty returns on completion. p.m.7Oct.
Weymouth8 Oct 421800FineRear Party arrives from I.O.W.Capt. Barclay resumes duty as Adjutant.
Weymouth9 Oct 421800OvercastR.T. & Unit Trg.Major Hellings & Lt Berriff to I.O.W.
Weymouth10 Oct 421700FineUnit Trg.
Weymouth11 Oct 422400FairTp. night exercises and wireless Trg.Movement across country.
Weymouth12 Oct 422400RainyRoute Marches. Cdo night exercises.All commando working as one unit to exercise control.
Weymouth13 Oct 422400RainyUnit Trg. Tp exercises at night.2/Lt. Chiverall to Light Duty.
Capt. Devereaux to S.S. as Liaison Officer.
Weymouth14 Oct 422400Foula.m. Unit trg. p.m Rest after evening exercises. Cdo night exercises including B Commando.As from 12/10/42. Major B.J.D. Lunsden R.M. and 3 troops (B,P,Q) u/c of A Commando.
Weymouth15 Oct 421800FineUnit trg. "O" Gp attended by Adjt. Tp Comd.,I.O.,S.O., & Tp Comd. of B. Commando regarding Ex.BLACKMORE.Lt. Berriff to Exton on duty return on completion.
Weymouth16 Oct 42FineRoute March and River Crossing.
Weymouth17 Oct 422400FairEx. BLACKMORE commences today. "O" Gp attended by Tp. Comd. A & B Cdo, Adjut, I.O., S.O. to discuss same.
Weymouth18 Oct 421800FineEx. BLACKMORE ends at 1230 hrs. Return at 1500 hrs.
Weymouth19 Oct 421800FineSunday Routine.Lt. Berriff moves to London with Major. Lumsden.
Weymouth20 Oct 421800CloudyTrg Conference attended by Adjt, all Tp Comd. A & B Cdo also S.O. & I.O.Lt. Epraums absent on duty.
Weymouth21 Oct 421800FairUnit trg including swimming Weymouth harbour.
Weymouth22 Oct 421800FairUnit trg. C.O. Major Lumsden, All Tp Comd. I.O. & S.O. to conference at S.S. Bde regarding Ex. BLACKMORE.Ordinary soldiering and section work needs improving.
Weymouth23 Oct 421800FairUnit & R.T. Trg.Major Lumsden and Lt. Berriff to Pembroke. Major Hellings and Capt Devereaux to Portsmouth return on completion.
Weymouth24 Oct 421800FairUnit Trg.
Weymouth25 Oct 421800RainySunday Routine.
Weymouth26 Oct 421800RainyVisit by Major Gen.Beith.
Demonstration of street fighting by X Tp.
Commencement of snipers trg. Green Berets now part of dress.
Weymouth27 Oct 421800FoulUnit trg and R.T.
Weymouth28 Oct 42RainyNight exercise. Very successful.Exercise in speed and control at night.
Weymouth29 Oct 421800FairUnit Trg.Return of Major Lumsden and Lt. Berriff.
Weymouth30 Oct 421800FairCommencement of move to I.O.W.
2/Lt. Neale & I. Sec to Recce Bournemouth area.
Capt. Barclay to I.O.W. Lt. Bradley assumes duty as Adjt.
Weymouth31 Oct 421800Fair & RainyStores packed and arrangements for move made.
Commanding Officer. Lieut. Colonel. J.C. Manners, R.M.


Weymouth1 Nov 421800RainyA party consisting of P & Q tps u/c of Lt.Stiebel leave Weymouth and arrive Wareham.Transport moves stores.
Weymouth2 Nov 421800FairA party marches through Bournemouth to Christchurch.
B party reached Wareham A,X & H.Q. u/c Capt. Maude.
Many bad feet in A party.
Weymouth3 Nov 421800FairA party arrives Lymington. B party marches through Bournemouth to Christchurch.B party in good condition.
On Move4 Nov 421800RainyA party arrives I.O.W. B party to Lymington. 2nd/Lt. Neale, I.Sec & Sigs arrive I.O.W. Col. Manners and party of five march from Weymouth.
I.O.W.5 Nov 421800RainyB party arrives I.O.W. Col. Manners & party to I.O.W.Arrival of 25 marines from R.M.I.T.C. Dalditch.
I.O.W.6 Nov 421800RainyMove completed. Settling in billets. Talk by C.O. to all officers & men of Cdo.More road marching essential.
I.O.W.7 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.Capt. Barclay i/c during absence of Col. Manners and Major Hellings on leave.
I.O.W.8 Nov 421800FairSunday Routine.Arrangements made for leave.
I.O.W.9 Nov 421800Fair1st Party moves on leave. Unit trg.Cdo to leave in 3 parties, to avoid congestion on ferry and rail coming back also in 3 parties.
A,X & Y. Mon. 9/11/42.
B,P & Q. Tues. 10/11/42.
H.Q. Wed. 11/11/42.
I.O.W.10 Nov 421800Fair2nd Party to leave.
I.O.W.11 Nov 421800Fair3rd Party to leave.Rear party of Lt Ecrepont and other ranks for admin. purposes.
I.O.W.17 Nov 421800FairCdo on leave.Co. Manners resumes command.
I.O.W.18 Nov 421800Fair1st Party returns from leave.Major Hellings returns from leave resumes as 2 i/c. Capt. Barclay returns from leave resumes as Adjt.
I.O.W.19 Nov 421800Fine2nd Party returns from leave.
I.O.W.20 Nov 421800Cloudy3rd Party returns from leave.Lt. Ecrepont to leave 18/11/42.
I.O.W.21 Nov 421800FairUnit trg.Rear Party to leave p.m. 21/11/42
I.O.W.22 Nov 421800Cloudy"O" Gp attended by Adjt, all tp Comds, S.O., Q.M. & I.O. to discuss future trg.Security Cpl. attached to Cdo from S.S. Bde.
I.O.W.23 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg and R.T. Trg.C.O., 2i/c., and Capt. Devereaux to demonstration. Arrival of 5 Officers from Thurlestone, 2/Lt. Chapman, G.M.Russell, J.H.Tarry, B.P.Hill, L.Cross. Also 38 men from R.M.I.T.C.
I.O.W.24 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.
I.O.W.25 Nov 421800
Night Exercise by X tp & I. Sec as enemy 41 Cdo.
I.O.W.26 Nov 421800CloudyNight Ex."Kangol" finishes 0830.
Unit Trg.
I.O.W.27 Nov 421800CloudyUnit Trg and P.T.Lecture by Adjt to young officers that joined on 23/11/42.
I.O.W.28 Nov 421800DullUnit Trg.Lecture by Lt. Manning M.I.9 on Security.
I.O.W.29 Nov 421800DullSunday Routine.
I.O.W.30 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.Major. Leahy arrives from S.S. Bde Sigs.
Lecture by Capt Barclay to all subalterns on "R" boat trg.
Commanding Officer Lieut. Colonel. J.C.Manners. R.M.
Capt. D.L.Barclay commanded from 7th to 9th Nov 1942.
Lieut. E.W.Ecrepont commanded from 10th to 18th Nov 1942.


I.O.W.1 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. 3" Mortar Shoot. 15 mile Route March by whole Cdo.Visit by Brig. Laycock & Major Franks
I.O.W.2 Dec 421800FairUnit & R. Boat Trg. 5 Offrs on M.G.B.Lt.Col.Manners to London on duty.
Major Hellings i/c.
Capt. Barclay to Portsmouth.
Surg Lt. Pryde to London.
I.O.W.3 Dec 421800FineNight Ex. Anti Invasion. "I" Sec. & Sigs ex. took place.Capt. Barclay returns.
I.O.W.4 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. Trg conf. attended by 2i/c, Adjt, all Tp Comds, I.O., S.O., & M.O.Evening lecture by C.O. to all junior officers on handling of men.
I.O.W.5 Dec 421800RainyUnit Trg and mortar firing.
Street Fighting.
I.O.W.6 Dec 421200FairSunday Routine. Church parade by P, Q & H.Q. Tps at Shanklin.Lt.Steibel Lt.Ephraums to be A/Capt 1/10/42.
Lt.Bradley to be A/Ty/Capt 1/10/42.
I.O.W.7 Dec 421600FairUnit Trg, Street Fighting and swimming.
I.O.W.8 Dec 421600FairAdmin & Unit Trg.2/Lt. Neale to Cambridge on duty.
I.O.W.9 Dec 421600RainNight exercise Cdo. "ANSON".
I.O.W.10 Dec 421600FairArrival of 29 Mnes from R.M.I.T.C.
Unit Trg
Lt.Wildey joins unit as A.O.
I.O.W.11 Dec 421600FairTrg Conference attended by 2i/c, Adjt, S.O., M.O., and Tp Comd.
I.O.W.12 Dec 421200FairUnit Trg & Admin. Demonstration of Demolition.Lt. Waterworth joins unit as Sigs Officer in place of Lt. Loe.
I.O.W.13 Dec 422400FairDemonstration of night attack on Coastal battery and showing use of flares.
I.O.W.14 Dec 421800FairAdmin and Unit Trg.
I.O.W.15 Dec 421800FairRoute March, Mass P.T. and Hammock practice.
I.O.W.16 Dec 421800FairNight Vision tests for all ranks. Admin.2/Lt. Neale returns from Cambridge.
I.O.W.17 Dec 421800RainDemolition demonstration. Unit Trg.Lt. Wildey proceeds on leave.
I.O.W.18 Dec 421800RainUnit Trg. Trg conference attended by Adjt, S.O., M.O., I.O., & all Tp Comd.
I.O.W.19 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. R.T. & Admin
I.O.W.20 Dec 421800FairSunday Routine.
I.O.W.21 Dec 422400RainUnit Trg. Night Exercise "DRYSHOD"
Demonstration for Lord Louis Mountbatten.
I.O.W.22 Dec 421800FairH.Q. Exercise movement and control in the field. Route march. Inspection of H.1098 stores of "A" Tp.
I.O.W.23 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg, Night Exercise "Diesel"
Object to practice fast movement, demolition & withdrawal.
One casualty. Fell over cliff.
Carriers practically useless at night.
I.O.W.24 Dec 422000FairRope bridging demonstration. Route march. Trg conference attended by S.O., I.O., M.O., & all Tp Comd.
I.O.W.25 Dec 421800FairNo Training carried out.
I.O.W.26 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. Semaphore.
I.O.W.27 Dec 421800FairAll troops equipped with new assault respirators. Sunday routing.
I.O.W.28 Dec 422400DullUnit Training. Cdo. Night Exercise "LOBSTER"A,X,Y & Cdo H.Q. attacked.
P & B Tps defended.
I.O.W.29 Dec 421800RainCliff Climbing. Battle "Inoculation"Lt. Willey from leave p.m. 28/12/42
I.O.W.30 Dec 421800RainUnit Trg & AdminLt.Col.Manners moved to London on duty. Major. P.W.C.Hellings commands.
I.O.W.31 Dec 421800MildBattle Drill. Motor Inf. Drill & unit trg.Lt. Col. Manners resumes command.
Commanding Officer. Lt. Col. J.C.Manners, R.M.
Major P.W.C.Hellings, R.M. commanded on 2/12/42 & 30 Dec 42.

Awards (op.Jubilee)

  • Military Cross
Houghton, Robert Dyer
On the 19th August 1942 Major Houghton who was 2 i/c Command 40 (RM) Commando during operation 'Jubilee' was ordered to land party from an LCA onto the main beach at Dieppe. On the run in, the LCA in which he was travelling, came under heavy enemy fire, but in spite of this proceeded towards the beach He eventually grounded about 100 yards out. Major Houghton, with complete disregard for his personal safety, was the first to attempt to land. He found the water too deep to achieve a landing, so under heavy fire he re-embarked and gave orders for the LCA to be beached on another position of its shore. This second attempt was successful and on landing Major Houghton immediately organised his party and engaged the enemy with all weapons at his disposal. In spite of overwhelming enemy fire, he only gave up when all other troops in the vicinity had surrendered. After capture, Major Houghton behaved in a manner which exemplified the highest traditions of the Royal Marine Corps. He maintained a high standard of discipline while acting as a company commander in OKay VIIB and by his personal example, stimulated the morale of all troops with whom he came in contact. He was always ready to give every assistance to potential escapees and it was only as a result of medical advice that he did not himself partake in any attempts to escape. By his devotion to duty, personal example, courage and untiring efforts he rendered to his country and corps a service which can seldom have been surpassed.
Smale, Kenneth William Ridley
For bravery, endurance and inspiring devotion to duty whilst serving in Commando operations in the raid on Dieppe, 19th August 1942, and later as a prisoner of war in Germany, August 1942 - May 1945.
  • Military Medal
Bevan, George Reginald
When there was no possibility of landing, his boat was ordered to close into the beach to pick up survivors, whilst doing this, the survivors were being machine gunned in the water. Marine Bevan went aft and located one Machine Gun on the East Cliff which he silenced, with L.M.G. fire. He continued to fire at others until the boat was hit aft and his gun was blown off its mounting.

He showed great courage throughout.
Bradshaw, Leslie Charles
Whilst approaching the beach his boat engaged by heavy Machine Gun and rifle fire, the C.O. ordered the buildings on the beach from where the fire was coming to be engaged by L.M.G. A gun was opened up by Marine Bradshaw who also ordered the H.Q. L.M.G. into action. Both guns were kept continuously in action until such time as the targets were obscured by smoke. During this time the M.L.C. was repeatedly hit by bursts of M.G. fire and very accurate rifle fire from the beach. Owing to the position of this M.L.C. the men had to stand up to engage the targets. Bradshaw carried out his duties very courageously whilst under heavy fire and without thought to his own personal safety.
Breen, Terence Edward
During the approach to the beach in L.C.A. under a continuous and withering fire, Marine Breen took up a position with his Bren gun on the port side of his craft. He continued to fire with accuracy and effect at the German positions and succeeded in neutralising the German gun position on the Casino. During this time the craft was being continually hit by small arms and mortar fire but Marine Breen continued undaunted until all his ammunition had been expended.
  • Croix de Guerre
Manners, James Calvert (Not listed in London Gazettes)
In the action at DIEPPE on 19th August, 1942, Lt Col. MANNERS was senior surviving Officer of the Commando. His boat was sunk, and he spent over two hours in the water. During this time, regardless of his own safety he devoted himself to encouraging his men, and seeing them into rescue boats. He personally saved the lives of two of his men. On finally leaving the water, he assumed command of survivors setting a fine example of endurance and devotion to duty.
  • Mention in Despatches
Stockley, Gordon Herbert

Roll of Honour

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