Deal1 Mar 420900Lt.Colonel.Phillipps and 7 officers to view Field Firing Range. Target areas selected. "Commando Action" exercised with A and X Coys. B Coy commence range course.A Coy. 10 minutes. 4.N.C.O.'s absent and turnout poor.
X Coy. 11 Minutes. Present and correct.
"Bogey" timing by day 5 minutes.
1400Court of Inquiry held on the loss of rifle belonging to PO/X. 101146. Mne.W.Duffy. Court declared Mne.Duffy responsible for loss while traveling on duty.
Deal2 Mar 420800Major.R.D.Houhgton visits R.M.Office and C.C.O.Office.
B Coy completes range course.
1400Surgeon Lieut.H.E.Dunning-Gale. R.N.V.R. reports for dutySurg-Lt.H.E.Dunning-Gale from R.M. Siege Regt.
Deal3 Mar 420930 - 1130A Coy Field Firing. Firing of all Coy weapons and includes support by two 3" Mortars (H.E. & Smoke)
1200 - 1400X Coy Field Firing. As for A Coy. One run only possible owing to fighter A/C requiring range.
p.m.Major.Houghton proceeds on leave.
Deal4 Mar 420930 - 1130B Coy Field Firing.
1200 - 1400H.Q. Fighting Troop and Demolition Pl. carry out T.M.C. and Grenade field firing.
Deal5 Mar 420930Lt.Colonel.Phillipps receives report if damage done to houses near Field Firing Range. Investigates damage done/Houses property of Air-Commodore Critchley.
1700Court of Inquiry held on alleged damage at Shingle End near Sandwich.
p.m.Final arrangements for leave period completed.
Deal6 Mar 420530R.M.Commando proceeds on leave.
0900Capt.Deveraux and Adjutant inspect houses at Shingle End and receive letter from Caretaker in which he accepts all responsibility for an further damage.
Deal7 Mar - 10 Mar 42Stationary, Military Publications and some G.1098 stores arrive during this period.
Deal10 Mar 421800Major.Houghton returns from leave.
Deal11 Mar 421000Lt.Col.Phillipps visits section 9 & 12 under programme arranged by Major.Wyatt.R.E. for inspection of latest war weapons and inventions.
Deal12 Mar 42Arrangements made for O,C. Demolition Pl.(Lt.Maude) to attend course as suggested by Major Wyatt.
Deal13 Mar 422359R.M.Commando returns from leave.
Deal14 Mar 420900Embarkation order parade to check personal equipment.
Deal15 Mar 421000T.E.W.T. for all subaltern Officers and N.C.O's.
Deal16 Mar 42a.m.16 Ranks Demolition Pl. attend course at R.N.Torpedo School, Chatham.
p.m.Major.Houghton to DORLIN HO. to arrange for accomodation.
2245 - 2350Battle proceeding for Night Attack excercised.
Deal17 Mar 42Date of move of R.M.Commando to DORLIN HO. fixed as Sun. 5 Apr. Letter to A.G.R.M. suggesting methods of obtaining reinforcements for R.M.Commando.
Deal18 Mar 42Arrangements made for Sec. Fd Firing in area HOPE POINT.
PO/X.104116. Mne.R.G.Seth absent without leave awarded 168 hrs detention.
Deal19 Mar 42Lt.Maude attends Advanced Demolition course (4 days)
Lt. Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office and C.C.Office.
Deal20 Mar 42PLY/X. 2739. Mne.Caine, absent without leave, awarded 168 hrs detention.
Deal21 Mar 42R.M.Commando run and walk. 1 Cpl and 8 Mnes arr. from H.M.S. NORFOLK.
Deal22 Mar 420900R.M.Commando parades for route march. 12 O.R's for Demolition Course at R.N.Torpedo School detached to Chatham.
Deal23 Mar 420800A. Coy Sec Fld Firing. PO/X. 105973. Mne.Milne and PO/X. 105964. Mne.Simpson absent without leave. Awarded 14 days detention.
Deal24 Mar 420800B. Coy Sec. Fd Firing. Lt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office on duty. 1 Cpl, 12 Mnes arr. from Chatham Divsion. 5 Mnes from Seige Regt.
Deal25 Mar 420800X. Coy Sec. Fd Firing. 1 Mne arr. from Seige Regt.
Deal26 Mar 4208007 Mnes from 18(Mob) Bn. 1 Mne Butcher from Portsmouth Division. EX. 1000. Mne.Underwood, 10 days detention, attempting to steal.
Deal27 Mar 4208001 Mne from R.M.School of Signalling. CH/X. 731. Sgt.H.F.Martin promoted A/Q.M.S.I. and appointed as Commando S.M.
Deal28 Mar 420510R.M.Commando Action. Battle Procedure exercised. Speed of assembly satisfactory. N.C.O's promotions made.
Deal29 Mar 420930National Day of Prayer. R.M.Commando Church Parade.
1 Sgt arr. from Plymouth Division
Deal30 Mar 421400Advance Party stores loaded.
London31 Mar 420800Lt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office on duty.
Deal31 Mar 42Ex.5411. Mne.Fox and Ex.5326. Mne.Wild absent without leave awarded 28 days and 10 days detention.
Commanding Officer, Lt.Col.J.P.Phillipps
Capt.A.D.Comyn commanded from 7 - 10 Mar. (incl).
Major.R.D.Houghton commanded from 11 - 13 (incl), from 24 - 27 (incl). and on 31 Mar.
Capt.J.C.Manners commanded on 19 Mar.
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