Dorlin1 May0800R.M. Commando embarks Dorlin proceeds to LOCH TORRIDON and LITTLE LOCH BROOM for prolonged Exercise.Commando represents raiding force of Germans intention of whom is to destroy communications in Inverness Area. See attached Appendix.
p/m/3 Drivers arr.
Ross-shire2 May 42Exercise continues.
2 Cpls 43 Mnes arr 103 Bde.
7 Mnes arr from Chatham
Ross-shire3 MayExercise continues. Camp party move to ALNESS to prepare Camp for Main Body.
Ross-shire4 MayExercise continues.
2 Mnes arr from Plymouth.
7 Mnes arr from Portsmouth
1 Mne arr from 18(Mob)R.M. Bn.
Dingwall5 May0400Exercise Ends.Exercise carried out in very good weather. Physical fitness well up to standard. Exercise reveals however individual and section trg needs improvement.
AlnessR.M. Commando rests and prepares for return journey.
8 Mnes arr from Beach Bn.
3 Mnes arr from 1 R.M. Engineers Coy.
8 Mnes arr from Beach Ban.
Dorlin6 MayReturn to Dorlin by Road.
4 Mnes arr frm 20 (Trg)R.M.Bn.
6 Mnes arr from 1 Anti Tank Bty
1 Mne arr from 2 Anti Tank Bty
Dorlin7 Maya.m.Administration
1400Discussion on 4 day exercise.
Dorlin8 Maya.m.Lt.Colonel.Phillipps and Major Houghton visit Ardrossan to discuss future moves with Comd.S.S.Bde.Capt. J.C.Manners commands 8 - 9 May.
p.m.Liet.K.D.Smale. joins R.M. CommandoLieut. Smale from 2 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin9 Maya.m.Adm. Lieut.Col.Phillipps and Major Houghton return.
Dorlin10 Maya.m.Adm. Liet.Barclay goes to Greenock to recce lodgings for Commando.
Dorlin11 Maya.m.1 S.N.C.O., 2 J.N.C.O's, 16 O.R's return to Units Medically unfit or unsuitable. Difficulties reported in finding lodgings at Greenock.
Po/x. 3341. Mne.E.Plowman awarded 14 days detention, absent without leave.
Dorlin12 Maya.m.5 O.R's returned to unit unsuitable. Instructions for cruise in H.M.S. Princess Beatrix received. Letter re W.E.. submitted to A.C.R.M. Changes due in Provisional W.E. due to difficulty of administering H.Q. Coy details with original complement.
Dorlin13 Maya.m.Cdo less B. Coy embark for exercise. 24 hr two sided exercise against B. Coy.
Dorlin14 May0500Exercise ends. Admin. Lt.Col.Phillipps visits S.S.Bde at Ardrossan and S.O.A.S.C. at Largs to obtain details of cruise in H.M.S. Beatrix.
1800News received from Lt.Col.Phillipps that establishment for embarkation to be reduced.
Dorlin15 Maya.m.Preperations for Move, exact means Sea or Rail doubtful.
p.m.Lieut.D.G.Over joins R.M.Cdo. Lt.Col.Phillipps returns from Largs area.Lieut.D.G.Over from 5 R.M. Bn.
Dorlin16 Maya.m.Arrangements to move by train made.
Dorlin17 May0800Decision that move will be made by train. Stored loaded.
Dorlin18 May0830R.M. Cdo moves to Greenock by three routes.
p.m.Embarkation in H.M.S. Princess Beatrix leaving Lieut.Barclay and Camp Staff with some stores to go by road and rail to Havant. This move carried out at 24 hrs notice under difficult conditions in which a risk of heavy loss of stores was incurred.
Greenock19 May0930H.M.S. Princess Beatrix proceeds for Cowes Rds. Unit Trg and settling in.
At Sea20 MayAt Sea Unit trg. Weapon trg. P.T. unarmed combat.
Anchor Cowes Rds. Staff Officer from S.O.A.S.C. informs Lt.Col.Phillipps of future employment of R.M. Cdo.
Cowes21 May 42a.m.Lt. Col. Phillipps, Major Houghton call on S.O.A.S.C. H.Q. 2 Can. Div., 214 Ind Inf Bde. Decision that R.M. Commando will disembark into lodgings at Shanklin, Sandown and Ventnor.
I.O.W.22 Maya.m.Lodgings arranged; no difficulties. Adv. Party move in.Cdo goes on subsistence allowance 6/8 a day and provides all food from civilian sources as individuals.
I.O.W.23 May0800R.M.Cdo disembarked at Ryde, moves by march route.
Stores by road to Sandown, Shanklin and Ventnor.
Although dispersed communications between Coys and H.Q. are a great improvement and distances less than at H.M.S.Dorlin. However dispersal within coys greater. This promotes (i) Individuality (2) A corresponding disadvantage of difficulty in Administration. The balance is advantageous.
I.O.W.24 Maya.m.Settling in. Trg Conference.
I.O.W.25 Maya.m.Lt. Col. Phillipps called on 214 Ind Inf Bde.
p.m.Lt. Barclay and Camp Staff details arrive from Havant.
I.O.W.26 Maya.m.Letter received approving promotion of Lt. Maude and provision of addl subaltern in H.Q. Coy.
T.E.W.T. all officers and N.C.O's
Lt. Maude H.Q.Coy Comd has carried out duties with no officers to assist him since formation. Lt.Maude to be Acting Capt. 6 April 42.
I.O.W.27 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps visits G.S.O.I. 2 Can Div to discuss future employment R.M.Cdo.R.M.Cdo is attacked to S.S.Bde, but for the present is working with but not under Comd of 2 Can. Div.
2300A.Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.28 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps visits London. Remainder of stores arrive from Greenock.Major R.D.Houghton commands 28/29 May
2300X. Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.29 May0800A and X Coy assault course.
1800Lt. Col.Phillipps returns from visit to C.O. H.Q. & R.M.Office. Mne.Hayman awarded 28 days detention. Absent without leave.
2300B. Coy Brading Dock area ex.
I.O.W.30 Maya.m.Unit trg.
p.m.Ty/Lt.H.G.Loe joins unit and appointed pl. Command 2 Pl.Ty/Lt.Loe from 10 R.M. Bn.
I.O.W.31 Maya.m.Lt.Col.Phillipps and Major Houghton recce Cowes dock area.
Commanding Officer. Lt.Col.J.P.Phillipps.R.M.
Major. R.D.Houghton. commanded on 14/15 and 28/29 May.
Captain.J.C.Manners commanded on 8/9 May.
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