Upper Chine School1 Jul 42a.m.Fine.R.M. Cdo concentrates.Crushed conditions - Army rationing, more suitable owing to Army service available.
1700All Officers briefed for Operation Rutter.
Upper Chine School2 Jul 42a.m.FineStreet Fighting. Briefing of N.C.O's.
Issue of Amn.
During this period, lectures and demonstrations given by subaltern from 3 Cdo who fought in Vaagso raid.
p.m.FineFinal checking of all stores.
H.M.S. Locust3 Jul 420830Dull changing to rain. Windy.Cdo H.Q., A. Coy, 10 Pl.(X.Coy), 3 Pl, and No. 1. Demolition party embark in H.M.S.Locust for Operation Rutter. B. Coy X.Coy less 10 Pl, NO's 2 & 3 Demolition parties due to embark at 1700 hrs.H.M.S. Locust 700 Tons armed 2 - 4" Pom-Poms.
1110Dull changing to rain. Windy.C.C.O. (Vice-Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten) address ships coy and R.M. Cdo ranks in LOCUST, says that operation cannot take place as arranged owing to weather preventing adequate fighter protection.
p.m.RainCdo ranks in 'Locust' very crowded. Efforts made to return to camp at Shanklin which is secure.
Shanklin4 Jul 421000Cloudy RainCdo details in 'Locust' return to Shanklin.Disappointment of all ranks.
Shanklin5 Jul 420900FairCdo details as above embuss for Cowes
1015Decision to postpone operation Rutter further 24 hrs as weather still unfavourable for fighting cover.During this period Cdo is living in large Girls School but in crowded conditions, although far better than in a ship for exercise but not for victualling.
1200Arms inspection.
1700All ranks 40 mins P.T. followed by Pay.
1800Operation Rutter postponed till Tuesday 7 July at earliest.
Shanklin6 Jul 420900Fair but windy. Low clouds.Cdo route march in loose order 10 miles.
p.m.All Magazines emptied ammunition and mags oiled.
2100Coms O Gp1. Operation Rutter amended. To be completed in one tide i.e. shortened by 4 hrs R.M. Cdo task approximately same except speed even more essential.
Shanklin7 Jul 420915Fair, Windy
Low Clouds
ADMA force embuses for Cowes and embarkation in Locust.
1030Order is given to cancel Operation Rutter completely.
1400ADMA force disembarks. Returns to Shanklin.
p.m.Preparations for leave begun. Coys disperse to lodgings in same locations as before occupied.
Shanklin8 Jul 42a.m.Fair, WindyStores and amn collected. Leave arrangements completed. Mne.D.Mcleod awarded 96 hrs detention.As leave was due to unit this has enabled great disappointment to be over come and has prevented any large reaction or staleness.
Shanklin9 - 20 Jul 42a.m.Fair. Only rain.Adm. Rear parties left. Trg in S.A. of ranks ex Aux Bn, carried out. Arrangements for F.G.C.M. of Mne. John Darwin eventually completed. F.G.C.M. to take place 27 days after arrest.Capt. A.D. Comyn commands during absence of C.O.
Shanklin21 Jul 42a.m.Windy high clouds.Capt. A.D. Comyn goes on leave.
Second leave party goes no leave.
Lt.J.W.E.Bradley Acting Adjutant.
Shanklin22 Jul 42p.m.Dull & cloudy with high wind and rain."O" Gp regarding future moves and trg.
1800Lecture by 2nd i/c to all officers on "Battle Procedure"
Shanklin23 Jul 42p.m.Windy low cloudsDemonstration Battle Procedure conducted by C.O.
Shanklin24 Jul 42p.m.Cloudy and DullC.O. confers with B.M. 214 Bde regarding 3 days exercise for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Aug.
Shanklin25 Jul 42a.m.Windy and dull with spasmodic rainCourt Martial takes place at Eastney Barracks. Mne.Darwin guilty.Prosecution wins.
Shanklin26 Jul 42a.m.Rain with high wind"O"Gp at Yaverland Range Ref.OS142 054052 for Coy advance under fire with dive bombing using soot as token bombs. Also making preliminary arangements for R.M.Cdo's operational role in defence of the I.O.W.
Shanklin27 Jul 42a.m.Rain all forenoon.
Fine in the afternoon.
Sigs exercise to test communication for the above mentioned scheme.
p.m.C.O. to 9.Inf.Bde. making arrangements for 3 day exercise.
Shanklin28 Jul 42a.m.Sunny &Coys adv. under fire.Good value to tps. Exercise marred by aeroplace accident. No hits more practice required.
CloudlessDrogue Firing
Shanklin29 Jul 42p.m.RainCourt of Inquiry held by R.A.F. personnel on the place accident at yesterdays exercise.
C.O. watches pl. in attack exercises observing standard of battle procedure in pls.
Shanklin30 Jul 42a.m.C.O. & Capt. J.C.Manners to an "O" Gp at R.A.F. Station Ventnor with regard to a future night exercise.
p.m.Court of Inquiry on Aeroplane accident continues.
C.O. carries out recce on the ground for 3 days exercise now know as exercise 'PORT' prepared.
Officer Commanding. Lieut. Colonel. J.P.Phillipps, R.M.
Capt. A.D. Comyn. R.M. commands 9/20 July 42.
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