I.O.W.1 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits C.V.O. Office.Major.R.D.Houghton commands 1/2 June 42.
I.O.W.2 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits R.M.Office, returns from London.
I.O.W.3 Jun 42FineCoys carry out Sec Fd Firing
I.O.W.4 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps recces Portsmouth Dockyard Area for Cdo Exercise.
p.m.Trg Conference.
I.O.W.5 Jun 42a.m.FineLt.Col.Phillipps visits C.R.E. 2 Can Div.
p.m.Flight Lt. Durnford M.C. from M.I.9. gives lecture on evasion and escape to all Offrs and N.C.O's.
3 O.R's from Depot R.M.
I.O.W.6 Jun 42a.m.FineLt. Bevis attached tempy for duty with Sigs.Lt. Bevis from 15 R.M. Bn.
I.O.W.7 Jun 42a.m.FineComds 'O' Gp recce Dockyard exercise.
I.O.W.8 Jun 42a.m.FineBrigadier Laylock Comd S.S.Bde visits Cdo
I.O.W.9 Jun 42a.m.FineCdo carries out exercise in Portsmouth Dockyard.
I.O.W.10 Jun 42a.m.FineAdm. L.M.G's Armourers Inspection. Capt. C.Hunt attached tempy for duty/Capt. C.Hunt Staff Capt(Q) S.S.Bde and assists in getting priority orders through for G1098 stores. This has been held up owing to unit having no written authority for priority stores.
I.O.W.11 Jun 42a.m.FineOrder for additional Operational equipment incl 2" mortars, 18 addl L.M.G. and A/Tk grenades made.
I.O.W.12 Jun 42a.m.FineCapt. Hunt returns to S.S.Bde.
I.O.W.13 Jun 42p.m.FinePriority stores arrive. Owing to authority of S.S.Bde these stores arrive by return. Capt. B.M.Franks Staff Capt A. SS.Bde attached tempy for duty.Capt. Franks acts in capacity of I.O. Lack of I.O. on W.E. is shown to be serious handicap.
I.O.W.14 Jun 42a.m.FineCommando carries out exercise in Portsmouth Dockyard.
p.m.Ty Lt. A.M.Beriff joins as Qr-Mr
Capt. Maude recces EAST SURREY DOCKS.
Lt. Berriff from H.Q. R.M. Div.
Administrative Staff originally negligible has now been increased by 1 Lt.Qr-Mr, 1 R.Q.M.S., 1 C.Q.M.S. for H.Q.Coy 1 Clerk 2 Storemen. This increase has been entirely necessary and is due to change of role of Commando.
I.O.W.15 Jun 42a.m.FineUnit trg. Trg conference. Intensive trg reduced to prevent all ranks going stale.
T. Coy transferred from R.M. Cdo to H.M.S. Fidelity.
I.O.W.16 Jun 42a.m.FineUnit trg. Lt. Col. Phillipps visits 2 Can Div.
I.O.W.17 Jun 42a.m.Fine1 Sgt and 4 Mnes arr from Chatham Div.
I.O.W.18 Jun 42a.m.FineComd.R.E.D.Ryder. V.C. visits R.M.Cdo. Unit trg. Lt. Col. Phillipps visits R.A.C.O. Cowes
3 Mnes arr from Portsmouth Div.
I.O.W.19 Jun 42a.m.FineDecision that Lt. Col. Phillipps, 2nd i/c, Coy Comd.A. Coy, Mortar dets will attend exercise 'Yukon 11' with 2 Can Div. Unit trg.
p.m.Special rubber boots arrive from S.S.Bde.
I.O.W.20 Jun 42a.m.FinePl. Fd Firing B & A Coys.
p.m.Capt. R.J.Batterton & 2 O.R's U.S.M.C. attached for Tempy duty with unit.
I.O.W.21 Jun 42a.m.FinePl Fd Firing X. Coy and Mortar Pl.
I.O.W.22 Jun 42a.m.FineLt. Col. Phillipps, Major Houghton, Capt.Hellings Sigs and Mortar details attend exercise 'Yukon11' with 2 Can Div in BRDIPORT area.
p.m.All Brens. A.A. shoot at drogue.
1 Cpl and 12 O.R's arr from Plymouth Div.
I.O.W.23 Jun 42p.m.FineMajor Houghton and other ranks return to unit from exercise 'Yukon 11'
I.O.W.24 Jun 42a.m.FineAdmin.
p.m.Lt. Col. Phillips visits A.G.R.M. and C.C.O. and returns to Shanklin.Major. R.D.Houghton Commands.
I.O.W.25 Jun 42p.m.FineR.M. Cdo carry out rehearsal for operation RUTTER in H.M.S.Locust and R.Boats. Cooperation with Navel Dock Parties and Boats crew of value. Capt.Astor attached.Capt. Astor, Public Relations Officer. R.M. attached C.C.O.
I.O.W.26 Jun 42a.m.FineCapt. Dunne S.S.Bde visits R.M. Cdo.
p.m.Decision that Cdo will concentrate at Upper Chine School. Intelligence Sgt S.S. Bde returns.This necessary for security and will aid final issue of Amn and Stores.
I.O.W.27 Jun 42a.m.FineInter Coy Section and Individuals Competitions. On pl. B. Coy gain experience in Free French Chasseur Craft sailing to Newhaven with Convoy.Won by X. Coy.
I.O.W.28 Jun 42a.m.FineUpper Chine School Buildings allocated to Coys. Further pl. B. Coy embark in Chasseur for 24 hr cruise.Chasseur are craft that will be used in Operation Rutter.
I.O.W.29 Jun 42FinePl. X. Coy embark in Chasseur for 24 hr cruise.
I.O.W.30 Jun 42a.m.FineOrders for concentration at Shanklin given.To prevent curiosity necessity for economy is given as reason.
Officer Commanding Lt. Colonel. J.P.Phillipps
Major. R.D.Houghton Commands 1/2 & 24 June 42.
Capt. J.c.Manners Commands. 22/23. Jun 42.
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