I.O.W.1 Sep 421600FairR.M. Cdo on leave. Rear party consists of Lt. Bradley, R.Q.M.S., 4 Sgts, 5 Cpls and 32 Mnes. 7 Officers from Thurlestone proceed on leave.Lt. Bradley i/c until 4/9/42 then Lt. Barclay until 8/9/42
I.O.W.8 Sep 421600Dull to FairR.M. Cdo returned from leave. Rear party proceeds on leave.Capt. Manners resumed command.
I.O.W.9 Sep 421600FairConference regarding reorganization.
I.O.W.10 Sep 421600FineAll Coys returned G.1098 gear to H.Q.
I.O.W.11 Sep 421600FineAll Coys drew web gear etc.
I.O.W.12 Sep 421600FineUnit trg.
I.O.W.13 Sep 421600SunnySunday routine.
I.O.W.14 Sep 421600FineR.T.Trg. All 2nd Lieut attend meeting at Adjts office.Capt. Manners travelled to London and Capt Hellings took command.
I.O.W.15 Sep 421800FairConference to discuss Ex. Sark attended by C.O., 2 i/c.Capt. Manners returned and resumed command.
I.O.W.16 Sep 421800Fine and WindyVisit by Brig. Laycock, Major Franks, Capt. Nunns and Capt. Waugh to see Cgo trg.
I.O.W.17 Sep 421800FairT.M.G. firing H.Q. Coy. Normal routine.Lt. Huntington-Whitely moved to London on duty returned on completion.
I.O.W.18 Sep 422400Cloudy"O" Gp attended by 2 i/c, Coy Comd. Admin Officer, I.O. & S.O. to discuss formation of troops. Ex. Sark begins 1700 hrs today. No trg during afternoon.Copy of orders for Ex. Sark enclosed.
I.O.W.19 Sep 421600FairEx. Sark ends 0800 hrs today. R.T. Trg.
I.O.W.20 Sep 421600RainySunday routine. Capt. Manners and Lt.H.O. Huntington-Whiteley to London.Capt. Hellings in command.
I.O.W.21 Sep 421600RainyRev. Maughan visits Cdo.
I.O.W.22 Sep 421600RainyAll Coys unit trg and P.T. Capt. Manners returns.Capt. Manners resumes command.
I.O.W.23 Sep 421700Cloudy & RainUnit trg including H.Q. 10 mile route march.Capt. Devereaux to London.
I.O.W.24 Sep 421600FairUnit trg. Night Ex by H.Q. Coy.
I.O.W.25 Sep 421600RainyCapt. Hellings, Lt.Berriff, 5 O.R's to Recce billets at Yarmouth. Unit trg. Also security measures.
I.O.W.26 Sep 421600Cloudy & Rain2nd Lieuts exercise (Indoor) Return of Capt Hellings and party. Area unsuitable. Football game A & X Coys v T Battery.
I.O.W.27 Sep 421600FineH.Q. Church Parade. Sunday Routine.
I.O.W.28 Sep 421600FairEx. Jolly for Sigs and Tp H.Q's. "O" Gp attended by all troop comd. Admin Officer, I.O., & S.O. Official turnover to troop basis. Also invasion to be discussed.Troop Comds.
A. - Lt.M.J.Ephraums, R.M.
B. - Capt.R.K.Devereaux. R.M.
P. - Lt.J.E.Stiebel. R.M.
Q. - Lt.J.W.E.Bradley. R.M.
X. - Capt.N.S.E.Maude. R.M.
Y. - Lt.I.C.McKellar. A & S.H.
I.O.W.29 Sep 421800RainyUnit trg.
I.O.W.30 Sep 421800FairUnit trg. Route March and cooking in the field.
Officer Commanding, Capt. J.C.Manners, R.M.
Lieut. J.W.E.Bradley commanded from 1/9/42 to 4/9/42.
Lieut. D.L.Barclay commanded from 5/9/42 to 8/9/42.
Capt. J.C.Manners commanded from 8/9/42 to 13/9/42 and from 15/9/42 to 19/9/42
and from 22/9/42 to 30/9/42.
Capt. P.W.C.Hellings, D.S.C. commanded on the 14/9/42 and from 20/9/42 to 21/9/42.
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