I.O.W.1 Oct 421800FineUnit Trg.
I.O.W.2 Oct 42FineUnit Trg. A.O., IO & 24 N.C.O's to WeymouthMajor Hellings to London.a.m. 2nd.
Lt. Ecrepont to Eastney.a.m. 2nd.
Capt. Devereaux to Fort Cumberland.a.m. 2nd.
I.O.W.3 Oct 421800FineUnit Trg and R.T.1 N.C.O. & 5 O.R's to London.
Capt. Devereaux assumes duties of Adjutant. Capt. D.L.Barclay to sick list.
I.O.W.4 Oct 421800FairA & X Troops move to Weymouth as advance party to Commando.Move carried out in denim suits as a security measure.
I.O.W.5 Oct 421400FoggyMain body moves to Weymouth via Yarmouth with transport.Accomodation Stores remain at I.O.W.
Weymouth6 Oct 421800MistyMoving of Stores. Billets arranged. R.T. Trg.Essential stores, Amn &c., stored here.
Weymouth7 Oct 421800Misty & RainUnit & R.T. Trg.C.O. moves on duty returns on completion. p.m.7Oct.
Weymouth8 Oct 421800FineRear Party arrives from I.O.W.Capt. Barclay resumes duty as Adjutant.
Weymouth9 Oct 421800OvercastR.T. & Unit Trg.Major Hellings & Lt Berriff to I.O.W.
Weymouth10 Oct 421700FineUnit Trg.
Weymouth11 Oct 422400FairTp. night exercises and wireless Trg.Movement across country.
Weymouth12 Oct 422400RainyRoute Marches. Cdo night exercises.All commando working as one unit to exercise control.
Weymouth13 Oct 422400RainyUnit Trg. Tp exercises at night.2/Lt. Chiverall to Light Duty.
Capt. Devereaux to S.S. as Liaison Officer.
Weymouth14 Oct 422400Foula.m. Unit trg. p.m Rest after evening exercises. Cdo night exercises including B Commando.As from 12/10/42. Major B.J.D. Lunsden R.M. and 3 troops (B,P,Q) u/c of A Commando.
Weymouth15 Oct 421800FineUnit trg. "O" Gp attended by Adjt. Tp Comd.,I.O.,S.O., & Tp Comd. of B. Commando regarding Ex.BLACKMORE.Lt. Berriff to Exton on duty return on completion.
Weymouth16 Oct 42FineRoute March and River Crossing.
Weymouth17 Oct 422400FairEx. BLACKMORE commences today. "O" Gp attended by Tp. Comd. A & B Cdo, Adjut, I.O., S.O. to discuss same.
Weymouth18 Oct 421800FineEx. BLACKMORE ends at 1230 hrs. Return at 1500 hrs.
Weymouth19 Oct 421800FineSunday Routine.Lt. Berriff moves to London with Major. Lumsden.
Weymouth20 Oct 421800CloudyTrg Conference attended by Adjt, all Tp Comd. A & B Cdo also S.O. & I.O.Lt. Epraums absent on duty.
Weymouth21 Oct 421800FairUnit trg including swimming Weymouth harbour.
Weymouth22 Oct 421800FairUnit trg. C.O. Major Lumsden, All Tp Comd. I.O. & S.O. to conference at S.S. Bde regarding Ex. BLACKMORE.Ordinary soldiering and section work needs improving.
Weymouth23 Oct 421800FairUnit & R.T. Trg.Major Lumsden and Lt. Berriff to Pembroke. Major Hellings and Capt Devereaux to Portsmouth return on completion.
Weymouth24 Oct 421800FairUnit Trg.
Weymouth25 Oct 421800RainySunday Routine.
Weymouth26 Oct 421800RainyVisit by Major Gen.Beith.
Demonstration of street fighting by X Tp.
Commencement of snipers trg. Green Berets now part of dress.
Weymouth27 Oct 421800FoulUnit trg and R.T.
Weymouth28 Oct 42RainyNight exercise. Very successful.Exercise in speed and control at night.
Weymouth29 Oct 421800FairUnit Trg.Return of Major Lumsden and Lt. Berriff.
Weymouth30 Oct 421800FairCommencement of move to I.O.W.
2/Lt. Neale & I. Sec to Recce Bournemouth area.
Capt. Barclay to I.O.W. Lt. Bradley assumes duty as Adjt.
Weymouth31 Oct 421800Fair & RainyStores packed and arrangements for move made.
Commanding Officer. Lieut. Colonel. J.C. Manners, R.M.
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