I.O.W.1 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. 3" Mortar Shoot. 15 mile Route March by whole Cdo.Visit by Brig. Laycock & Major Franks
I.O.W.2 Dec 421800FairUnit & R. Boat Trg. 5 Offrs on M.G.B.Lt.Col.Manners to London on duty.
Major Hellings i/c.
Capt. Barclay to Portsmouth.
Surg Lt. Pryde to London.
I.O.W.3 Dec 421800FineNight Ex. Anti Invasion. "I" Sec. & Sigs ex. took place.Capt. Barclay returns.
I.O.W.4 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. Trg conf. attended by 2i/c, Adjt, all Tp Comds, I.O., S.O., & M.O.Evening lecture by C.O. to all junior officers on handling of men.
I.O.W.5 Dec 421800RainyUnit Trg and mortar firing.
Street Fighting.
I.O.W.6 Dec 421200FairSunday Routine. Church parade by P, Q & H.Q. Tps at Shanklin.Lt.Steibel Lt.Ephraums to be A/Capt 1/10/42.
Lt.Bradley to be A/Ty/Capt 1/10/42.
I.O.W.7 Dec 421600FairUnit Trg, Street Fighting and swimming.
I.O.W.8 Dec 421600FairAdmin & Unit Trg.2/Lt. Neale to Cambridge on duty.
I.O.W.9 Dec 421600RainNight exercise Cdo. "ANSON".
I.O.W.10 Dec 421600FairArrival of 29 Mnes from R.M.I.T.C.
Unit Trg
Lt.Wildey joins unit as A.O.
I.O.W.11 Dec 421600FairTrg Conference attended by 2i/c, Adjt, S.O., M.O., and Tp Comd.
I.O.W.12 Dec 421200FairUnit Trg & Admin. Demonstration of Demolition.Lt. Waterworth joins unit as Sigs Officer in place of Lt. Loe.
I.O.W.13 Dec 422400FairDemonstration of night attack on Coastal battery and showing use of flares.
I.O.W.14 Dec 421800FairAdmin and Unit Trg.
I.O.W.15 Dec 421800FairRoute March, Mass P.T. and Hammock practice.
I.O.W.16 Dec 421800FairNight Vision tests for all ranks. Admin.2/Lt. Neale returns from Cambridge.
I.O.W.17 Dec 421800RainDemolition demonstration. Unit Trg.Lt. Wildey proceeds on leave.
I.O.W.18 Dec 421800RainUnit Trg. Trg conference attended by Adjt, S.O., M.O., I.O., & all Tp Comd.
I.O.W.19 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. R.T. & Admin
I.O.W.20 Dec 421800FairSunday Routine.
I.O.W.21 Dec 422400RainUnit Trg. Night Exercise "DRYSHOD"
Demonstration for Lord Louis Mountbatten.
I.O.W.22 Dec 421800FairH.Q. Exercise movement and control in the field. Route march. Inspection of H.1098 stores of "A" Tp.
I.O.W.23 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg, Night Exercise "Diesel"
Object to practice fast movement, demolition & withdrawal.
One casualty. Fell over cliff.
Carriers practically useless at night.
I.O.W.24 Dec 422000FairRope bridging demonstration. Route march. Trg conference attended by S.O., I.O., M.O., & all Tp Comd.
I.O.W.25 Dec 421800FairNo Training carried out.
I.O.W.26 Dec 421800FairUnit Trg. Semaphore.
I.O.W.27 Dec 421800FairAll troops equipped with new assault respirators. Sunday routing.
I.O.W.28 Dec 422400DullUnit Training. Cdo. Night Exercise "LOBSTER"A,X,Y & Cdo H.Q. attacked.
P & B Tps defended.
I.O.W.29 Dec 421800RainCliff Climbing. Battle "Inoculation"Lt. Willey from leave p.m. 28/12/42
I.O.W.30 Dec 421800RainUnit Trg & AdminLt.Col.Manners moved to London on duty. Major. P.W.C.Hellings commands.
I.O.W.31 Dec 421800MildBattle Drill. Motor Inf. Drill & unit trg.Lt. Col. Manners resumes command.
Commanding Officer. Lt. Col. J.C.Manners, R.M.
Major P.W.C.Hellings, R.M. commanded on 2/12/42 & 30 Dec 42.
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