Weymouth1 Nov 421800RainyA party consisting of P & Q tps u/c of Lt.Stiebel leave Weymouth and arrive Wareham.Transport moves stores.
Weymouth2 Nov 421800FairA party marches through Bournemouth to Christchurch.
B party reached Wareham A,X & H.Q. u/c Capt. Maude.
Many bad feet in A party.
Weymouth3 Nov 421800FairA party arrives Lymington. B party marches through Bournemouth to Christchurch.B party in good condition.
On Move4 Nov 421800RainyA party arrives I.O.W. B party to Lymington. 2nd/Lt. Neale, I.Sec & Sigs arrive I.O.W. Col. Manners and party of five march from Weymouth.
I.O.W.5 Nov 421800RainyB party arrives I.O.W. Col. Manners & party to I.O.W.Arrival of 25 marines from R.M.I.T.C. Dalditch.
I.O.W.6 Nov 421800RainyMove completed. Settling in billets. Talk by C.O. to all officers & men of Cdo.More road marching essential.
I.O.W.7 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.Capt. Barclay i/c during absence of Col. Manners and Major Hellings on leave.
I.O.W.8 Nov 421800FairSunday Routine.Arrangements made for leave.
I.O.W.9 Nov 421800Fair1st Party moves on leave. Unit trg.Cdo to leave in 3 parties, to avoid congestion on ferry and rail coming back also in 3 parties.
A,X & Y. Mon. 9/11/42.
B,P & Q. Tues. 10/11/42.
H.Q. Wed. 11/11/42.
I.O.W.10 Nov 421800Fair2nd Party to leave.
I.O.W.11 Nov 421800Fair3rd Party to leave.Rear party of Lt Ecrepont and other ranks for admin. purposes.
I.O.W.17 Nov 421800FairCdo on leave.Co. Manners resumes command.
I.O.W.18 Nov 421800Fair1st Party returns from leave.Major Hellings returns from leave resumes as 2 i/c. Capt. Barclay returns from leave resumes as Adjt.
I.O.W.19 Nov 421800Fine2nd Party returns from leave.
I.O.W.20 Nov 421800Cloudy3rd Party returns from leave.Lt. Ecrepont to leave 18/11/42.
I.O.W.21 Nov 421800FairUnit trg.Rear Party to leave p.m. 21/11/42
I.O.W.22 Nov 421800Cloudy"O" Gp attended by Adjt, all tp Comds, S.O., Q.M. & I.O. to discuss future trg.Security Cpl. attached to Cdo from S.S. Bde.
I.O.W.23 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg and R.T. Trg.C.O., 2i/c., and Capt. Devereaux to demonstration. Arrival of 5 Officers from Thurlestone, 2/Lt. Chapman, G.M.Russell, J.H.Tarry, B.P.Hill, L.Cross. Also 38 men from R.M.I.T.C.
I.O.W.24 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.
I.O.W.25 Nov 421800
Night Exercise by X tp & I. Sec as enemy 41 Cdo.
I.O.W.26 Nov 421800CloudyNight Ex."Kangol" finishes 0830.
Unit Trg.
I.O.W.27 Nov 421800CloudyUnit Trg and P.T.Lecture by Adjt to young officers that joined on 23/11/42.
I.O.W.28 Nov 421800DullUnit Trg.Lecture by Lt. Manning M.I.9 on Security.
I.O.W.29 Nov 421800DullSunday Routine.
I.O.W.30 Nov 421800FairUnit Trg.Major. Leahy arrives from S.S. Bde Sigs.
Lecture by Capt Barclay to all subalterns on "R" boat trg.
Commanding Officer Lieut. Colonel. J.C.Manners. R.M.
Capt. D.L.Barclay commanded from 7th to 9th Nov 1942.
Lieut. E.W.Ecrepont commanded from 10th to 18th Nov 1942.
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