77th Indian Infantry Brigade (1st Chindit Expedition)

CHINDITS 1943 - 77th Indian Infantry Brigade (1st Chindit Expedition)

Brigade comprised of
13 Bn King's Regiment (Liverpool)
3/2nd Gurkha Rifles
142nd Commando Company
2 Bn Burma Rifles
8 RAF Sections
Brigade Signal Section (Royal Corps of Signals)
a Mule Transport Company

split into 2 groups

No 1 (Southern) Group
Commander Lt-Col. Alexander (3/2 Gurkha Rifles)
Adjutant Cap. Birtwhistle (3/2 Gurkha Rifles)
No 1 Column Maj. G.Dunlop,M.C. (Royal Scots)
No 2 Column Maj. A.Emmett (3/2 Gurkha Rifles)

No 2 (Northern) Group
Commander Lt.Col. S.A.Cooke (Lincs Reg,att King's Reg)
Adjutant Cap. D.Hastings (King's Reg)
No 3 Column Maj. J.M.Calvert (R.E.)
No 4 Column Maj. Conron (3/2 Gurkha Rifles)
later Maj. R.B.G.Bromhead (R.Berkshire Reg)
No 5 Column Maj. B.E.Fergusson (Black Watch)
No 7 Column Maj. K.D.Gilkes (King's Reg)
No 8 Column Maj. W.P.Scott (King's Reg)

2 Bn Burma Rifles
Commander Lt.Col L.G.Wheeler (Burma Rifles)
Adjutant Cap. P.C.Buchanan (Burma Rifles)

Brigade HQ
Commander Brig. O.C.Wingate,DSO (late R.A.)
Brigade Major Maj. R.B.G.Bromhead (R.Berkshire Reg)
later Maj. G.M.Anderson (Highland Light Infantry)
Staff Captain Cap. H.J.Lord (Border Regiment)
Roll Of Honour: 527Awards: 58Images: 44Links: 1
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