Special Air Service Regiment (1941-1945)

SAS - Special Air Service Regiment (1941-1945)

L Detachment SAS July 1941-28 September 1942
1 SAS 28 September 1942-1943 (A,B,C and D Sqdns)
2 SAS 1943-1945
Special Raiding Squadron (from 1 SAS) 1943
Special Boat Squadron (from D Sqdn 1 SAS) 1943-1945
S.A.S. Brigade 1944-1945 consisting of
3 SAS (French)
4 SAS (French)
5 SAS (Belgian)
6 SAS (US - never materialised)
F Squadron GHQ Liaison Regiment (Phantom),R.A.C.
20 Liaison HQ (12 men) (Major O.Carey-Elwes)
R.A.S.C. Air Despatch Group (3 officers and 154 other ranks including 15 men from R.A.O.C.)
Pioneer Corps (1 officer and 23 other ranks)
SAS Brigade Liaison Officer with 1 Airborne Corps HQ (Lt-Col.Collins)
SAS Liaison duties with Special Forces HQ (4 officers)(Mission Etoile)
5 French and 2 Belgian parachutists killed before formation of SAS units are included here as the French are commemorated on the SAS Memorial
Roll Of Honour: 511Awards: 601Images: 1870Links: 5
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