Norwegian Secret Agents
Chindit Column
By Charles Carfrae

NORWAY - Norwegian Secret Agents

SN Section SOE
Kompani Linge had 530 personnel serving in WW2
57 lost their lives
The name Kompani Linge only came about in 1947 during war was Norwegian Independent Company number 1

Shetland Bus
Roll of Honour is complete.

Kompani Linge
Roll of Honour is complete

under construction

under construction

Most of the images and information in this section comes courtesy of my good friend Stig Olav Johansen.

Other images and information on OSS Sepals courtesy of Roger Albrigtsen.
Roll Of Honour: 393Awards: 65Images: 504Links: 3
Web Links:
OSS Sepals Operation - Website of Roger Albrigtsen of Finnmark,Norway. OSS Sepals Operation,Sweden 1944-45. Information on OSS and Kompani Linge agents.
Shetland Bus - Photos of Shetland Bus Memorial,Scalloway. Full list of names,year and boat on memorial.
War Sailors - Family website dealing with Norwegian Merchant Fleet in WW2 including section on Shetland Bus.
The Shetland 'Bus'
By Stephen Wynn
The Shetland Bus
By David J. Howarth
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    Jun 14, 2020
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