Rhodesian Special Forces

RHODESIA - Rhodesian Special Forces

Special Air Service
Selous Scouts
Greys Scouts
Rhodesian Light Infantry (Commando) - to be added
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Web Links:
Rhodesian Light Infantry - Website of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association
Rhodesian Militaria - Website created by Peter Garratt.
Rhodesian SAS - Website of C (Rhodesian) Squadron, 22 S.A.S. Regiment and 1st Rhodesian SAS Regiment. Contains Roll of Honour,etc
Rhodesian War Memorial - Memorial to servicemen,etc killed in Rhodesia
Selous Scouts - Website of Selous Scouts. Contains Roll of Honour and awards.
Selous Scouts - Website by Mario Gollino and Craig Fourie. Contains everything you need to know about the Selous Scouts
Demand a Brave Heart
By Barry Stranack
We Dared To Win: The SAS In Rhodesia
By Hannes Wessels, Andre Scheepers
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    Jun 14, 2020
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