U.S.Army Ranger Units Postwar

RANGERS 2 - U.S.Army Ranger Units Postwar

Korea 1950-51
1st-15th Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne)
8213 Antiaircraft Unit (Ranger)
8245 Antiaicraft Unit (Ranger)

Long Range Patrol Companies and Detachments
Co.E,20th Infantry (LRP) 1961-69
Co.F,51st Infantry (LRP) 1961-69
Co.D,151st Infantry (LRP) 1968-69
Co.E,50th Infantry (LRP) 1967-69
Co.F,50th Infantry (LRP) 1967-69
Co.E,51st Infantry (LRP) 1968-69
Co.E,52nd Infantry (LRP) 1967-69
Co.F,52nd Infantry (LRP) 1967-69
Co.E,58th Infantry (LRP) 1967-69
Co.F,58th Infantry (LRP) 1968-69
71st Infantry Detachment (LRP) 1967-69
74th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 1967-69
78th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 1968-69
79th Infantry Detachment (LRP) 1968-69

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (Provisional)
173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate) LRRP (Provisional) 1965-67
1st Brigade,101st Airborne Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1965-68
1st Infantry Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1965-67
1st Cavalry Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1965-67
4th Infantry Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1966-67
9th Infantry Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1967
25th Infantry Division,LRRP (Provisional) 1966-67
196th Infantry Brigade (Separate),LRRP (Provisional) 1967

Ranger Companies
Co.C (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-71
Co.D (Ranger),151st Infantry 1969
Co.D (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.E (Ranger,75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.F (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-71
Co.G (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-71
Co.H (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-72
Co.I (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.K (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.L (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.M (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-70
Co.N (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-71
Co.O (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969
Co.P (Ranger),75th Infantry 1969-71

Post Vietnam
1 Bn (Ranger),75th Infantry
2 Bn (Ranger),75th Infantry
1 Bn 75th Ranger Regiment
2 Bn 75th Ranger Regiment
3 Bn 75th Ranger Regiment
Roll Of Honour: 751Awards: 435Images: 1363Links: 10
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