Special Operations Executive

SOE - Special Operations Executive

formed 22.7.1940
disbanded 15.1.1946
Roll Of Honour: 437Awards: 929Images: 1692Links: 7
Web Links:
The Special Operations Executive in Burma 1941-1945
Burma Star - Website of Burma Star Association. Contains sections on Force 136 and Chindits.
F Section - F Section personnel
Georges Begue - Canadian website by Richard Brisson dedicated to Georges Begue,F Section,S.O.E.
Jack Wong Sue - Website of Jack Wong Sue,DCM of SRD (Australia)
SOE - Website created 1995 to commemorate the women of SOE. Contains obituaries of SOE men and women.
SOE Camp X - Official Website for Camp X - the top sectret WW2 spy training school in Canada
The Peerage - Website with details of members of the peerage who served in Military. Only some SOE - also other Special Forces

A Life Well-Lived: Memoirs of a Fany in the SOE
By Fan Craig, Malcolm Greenwood
Agent Michael Trotobas and SOE in Northern France
By Stewart Kent, Nick Nicholas
Albanian Assignment
By David Smiley
Carve Her Name with Pride
By Rubeigh James Minney
Eastern Approaches
By Fitzroy MaClean
Gubbins SOE
By Peter Wilkinson, Joan Bright Astley
Heroines of SOE
By Beryl E. Escott
Ill Met by Moonlight
By W. Stanley Moss
Moondrop to Gascony
By Anne Marie Walters
Nancy Wake
By Russell Braddon
Now I Grow Oranges
By Steve King
By Jerrard Tickell
Secret War in Italy
By William Fowler
Set Europe Ablaze
By Edward Henry Cookridge
Soe in the Low Countries
By M.R.D. Foot
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