22 SAS

22nd Special Air Service Regiment

22 SAS - 22nd Special Air Service Regiment

1950 Z Squadron 21 SAS (TA) mobilsed as Malayan Scouts
1952 22 SAS formed by absorption of Malaya Scouts into Regular Army

A Squadron formed Malaya 1950
1 (Boat)Troop 2 (Air)Troop 3 (Mobility)Troop 4 (Mountain)Troop

B Squadron formed Malaya 1950
6 (Boat)Troop 7 (Air)Troop 8 (Mobility)Troop 9 (Mountain)Troop

C Squadron formed Malaya 1950 (from Rhodesian soldiers)
disbanded 1953

D Squadron formed Malaya 1951
16 (Air)Troop 17 (Boat)Troop 18 (Mobility)Troop 19 (Mountain)Troop

G Squadron formed January 1967(from Guards Independent Parachute Company)
21 (Mobility)Troop 22 (Mountain)Troop 23 (Boat)Troop 24 (Air)Troop

R Squadron,SAS(V) formed 1.4.1967 consists of selected members of 21 and 23 SAS to act as Reserve Squadron of 22 SAS
redesignated later as L Detachment
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