Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) plus MI5,MI9,etc

SIS - Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) plus MI5,MI9,etc

MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service)
MI5 (Security Service)

Secret Service Bureau formed 1909
Home Section (Cap.Mansfield Cumming "C")
Foreign Section (Cap. Vernon Kell "K")
during WW1 Foreign Section became MI1(C) and SIS (MI6) 1921
Mansfield Cumming was first Head of MI6 1921-23 ("C")
Home Section became Security Service (MI5) 1931

MI6 took charge of Government Code and Cypher School (GC and CS) 1919
became Government Communications HQ (GCHQ) 1946 (Bletchley Park)

The following are now defunct (all Directorate of Military Intelligence)
MI 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,19

MI9 assisted escapees and evaders during WW2
created December 1940 under Colonel Norman Crockatt

A Force created Cairo 1941 for subterfuge and counterintelligence under Colonel (later Brigadier) Dudley Clarke
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Web Links:
BLETCHLEY PARK - Website of Bletchley Park (Government Code and Cypher Service) History section contains a Roll of Honour of all known people who served during WW2.
Hitra - SIS "Hitra" operations out of Peterhead equivalent of SOE "Shetland Bus" operation
MI5 - Website of the Security Service (MI5)
MI6 - Website of Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
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Agent TATE: The Wartime Story of Harry Williamson
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Bletchley Park: The Secret Archives
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