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GREEN BERETS - U.S.Army Special Forces

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Web Links:
1st Special Forces Group - Website of 1st Special Forces Group. Section on KIA/MIA 1956-1974
5th SF Group - Website of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Vietnam.
Anthony Yost - Memorial website to MSG Anthony Ray Charles Yost.
Arlington National Cemetery - Website of Arlington National Cemetery. Lists service personnel who died in Iraq and Afghanistan who are buried there.
CNN Special reports - CNN Memorial to all coalition forces losses in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click on "Remembering the Troops"
MACV/SOG - Website of Military Assistance Command Vietnam/Studies and Observation Group (Special Forces)
Military Times Media Group - Features section Honor the Fallen
Nationwide Grave Locator - US Department of Veterans Affairs website
SF Detachment A-502 - Website of 5th Special Forces Group Det. A-502
Special Forces Det. B-52 - Website of Detachment B-52,5th Special Forces Group Vietnam 1964-1970
Special Forces Memorial - Information on Special Forces killed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Special Forces News - U.S. Army Special Operations Command News Service. Includes Memorial Wall Section.
Special Forces Personnel Killed in SEA - Chronological list of 875 Special Forces killed in South East Asia
Special Forces Search Engine - Search Engine for all Special Forces
U.S. Army Special Forces Groups (Airborne) - Lists all Special Forces Groups with articles,etc
Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Website of Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington,D.C. Search Engine for all U.S. personnel killed in South East Asia
Virtual Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial Remembrances,poems,photos,letters and citations.
Blackjack 34
By James Donahue
No Guts, No Glory
By Jim Bolen
On The Ground: The Secret War in Vietnam
By John Stryker Meyer, John E. Peters
SOG Chronicles: Volume One
By John Stryker Meyer
The Giant Killer
By David A. Yuzuk
War Stories of the Green Berets
By Hans Halberstadt
Whispers in the Tall Grass
By Nick Brokhausen
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