Source : National Archive WO 170/3962B

Note i did not include the 'Hour' or 'Reference to Appendices' column on some months as not used. Also 'Roll of Honour' and 'Awards' pages not included in the original diary. I added them as summary for year and refernce.


BISCEGLIE1/1/44The Commanding Officer goes to NAPLES to arrange transfer of Unit to 10 Corps.
One Alpine Officer (Italian Army) & 5 O.Rs. joined P.P.A. as Ski Instructors, Authy: 15 Army Gr, intention: train eventually a Ski Patrol.
2/1/44Major Peniakoff admitted to No.2 G.H. CASERTA with relapse of Malaria. 142001 Dvr.Mee, H. RASC, posted this unit from 2 C.R.U.
8/1/443655833 Cfn Spencer J. REME. & T/603986 Cfn Seamer C. reported this unit this day and posted to this unit w.e.f. 21.12.43 from 312 Armd Tps W/shps.
9/1/44All the unit Inoculated for T.A.B., T.T., & Typhus and Vac.
11/1/44The Adjt (Capt.J.Caneri) goes to CASERTA to report to the CO ar 1500 hrs at 2 G.H.
The unit is transferred to 10 Corps and comes under dmd 5 Div, operations are in view, Battle HQ and 2 Patrols should be on this side by the 16th Jan.
12/1/44The Commanding Officer is discharged from No.2 G.H. at 0800 hrs. The CO and Adjt report to 10 Corps at SALIENESE and 5 Div at CASANOVA, Admin arrangements are made and location for unit found.
13/1/44Adjt back in BISCEGLIE. Capt Yunnie and Cpl.Beautyman left BISCEGLIE at 1900 hrs with W/T Truck (12 Set) with orders to report to the CO at CASANOVA by 0900 hrs on the 14th. 106758 Cpl.Moss H.(RASC) promoted A/U/CQMS to fill W.E. 3536135 Tpr Snape J. (RAC) report to the unit and t.o.s. w.e.f. 5.1.44.
14/1/44"P" & "B" Patrol under cmd Capt.Rickwood leave BISCEGLIE for CASANOVA. 7914081 A/Cpl.Sizer S (RAC) granted P/A/Rank w.e.f. 25.12.43. having held Acting Rank for 21 consecutive days.
16/1/44"S" Patrol under cmd 2/Lt. Reeve-Walker leave BISCEGLIE for CASANOVA at 0800 hrs. Capt. Caneri & Lt. Bray leave BISCEGLIE with Battle HG at 0900 hrs. SSM McDonough remains at BISCEGLIE in charge of Rear HQ.
CARANO17/1/44The fighting part of the unit is ready for action at CARANO. Capt.Caneri app L.O. with 5 Div.
The GARIGLIANO battle is to start tonight.
18/1/44The river is crossed, the landing of 17 Bde has failed.
20/1/442328234 Cpl. Beautyman J.E. (R.Sigs) promoted A/U/Sgt. 962728 Gnr O'Leary W (RA) promoted A/U/Cpl. to fill W.E. Recce fwd by Major Peniakoff, Capt.Caneri & 2/Lt.Reeve-Walker to investigate possibility of an operation, - nothing to report. 65962 Dvr.Burrows E.(RASC) admitted 2 G.H. as a V.D.patient.
22/1/44Lt.Bray back to BISCEGLIE to take cmd and bring over Rear HQ. D6 in GARIGLIANO battle - the German line is not yet broken & no jobs coming up for the unit. SHINGLE operation took place last night.
23/1/44Tpr.Snape J (RAC) admitted to Hosp. & discharged w.e.f. 23.1.44.
24/1/44Capt.Caneri is sent by the CO to HQ 5 Army, CASERTA to get information and air photographs.
26/1/44The GARIGLIANO front rather static - no prospect of an immediate job for PPA. Dvrs.Taylor & Williamson involved in a Jeep accident - are evacuated to 21 C.C.S.
28/1/44Arrival at CASANOVA of Rear HQ under cmd of Lt.Bray.
29/1/44Settling-in of Rear HQ. 201 Gds Bde to attack tonight and capture point 156 and Cemetery.
30/1/44Job crops up for P.P.A. intention: destroy a bridge on river Capo Daqua. Capt.Yunnie & 6 men from B Patrol to do the job which must take place tonight. Recces taking place everything set for the operation. 2000 hrs operation postponted for 24 hrs.
31/1/441900Capt.Yunnie, Sgt.Curtiss, Pte.Hunter, Locke, Owen, McAllister are ready to depart from Scots Gds posn east of 156. intention: go down slope between 156 & Cemetery and reach the plain of river Capo Daqua.
2045At about 1 mile from the start just at the mouth of the valley the party strikes an "S" minefield 2992997 Pte.Hunter, J (A&SH) is killed, McAllister severely wounded, Locke & Owen slightly wounded.
Capt Yunnie decides the job impossible to be done owing to the lack of men to carry the explosives, he decides that the party should come back carrying wounded - 400 yards beyond this point he realises that even this is impossible, he decides to stop on the spot with the three wounded and despatch Sgt.Curtiss with instructions to report to the C.O. just below the Scots Gds Posn. Sgt.Curtiss reported to Major Peniakoff at 2115 hrs. Capt. Caneri, Cpl. Cameron & mine detector party and protective section from Scots Gds Coy went fwd to bring back the wounded - operation completed by 0100 hrs under heavy mortar fire. Men evacuated to M.D.S. (Attached three air photographs of the bridge to be blown & copies of Op.Orders issued by TAC 5 Div.)
106758 A/U/CQMS Moss H (RASC) promoted A/P/Rank.


CASANOVA1.2.44Rear HQ still at CASANOVA, Battle HQ still at CARANO, Patrols still standing by for an eventual job. 3536135 Tpr Snape admitted Hospital.
2.2.44'B' Patrol (Capt.Yunnie) is reformed. (Four casualty's on 31.1.44) 557258 Tpr Johnson R.T.U.
3.2.44Commanding Officer has gone to 1 C.R.U. to interview reinforcement. 65862 Dvr Burrows E discarged from Hospital and t.o.s. 10691130 Dvr Wilkinson A, 71002 Dvr Galloway B, 55447 Dvr Hewitt, 162153 Dvr Watkins 278601 Dvr Croskerry J, 71121 Dvr Saunders 841027 Dvr Parkinson 2080486 Gnr Norman R.D. 14563474
Dvr Alexander 4453593 Gnr Rutherford posted this unit from 2 (Br) CRU. 1472416 A/P/Cpl.Reynolds R (ACC) granter rank of WS/Cpl having held Acting Rank for 90 consecutive days.
4.2.44Training of new personnel starts under supervision of Lt.Reeve-Walker & SSM McDonough. 710671283 Dvr McClelland R.T.U. 3536135 Tpr Snape discharged from Hospital.
6.2.447589298 Pte Gale, 5381257 Pte White, A., 5284589 Pte. Haley, 14219927 Pte.Beck, 14324554 Pte Cale, 14216778 Pte.Hughes, 14424201 Pte Farrell 6467455 Pte.Rogers posted this unit from No.1 CRU.
7.2.44CO (Major V Peniakoff MC) is admitted to Hospital.
8.2.44405614 SSM McDonough discharged from Hospital.
9.2.442328234 A/U/Sgt Beautyman promoted A/P/Sgt having held the A/Rank 21 consecutive days. 14563474 Pte.Alexander admitted Hospital as VD patient.
12.2.44'B' patrol goes out on a Training scheme in POTENZA area to test new personnel. 4455337 Tpr Taylor discharged from Hospital.
13.2.44'P' Patrol (Capt.Rickwood) starts Training Road Watch Area MONDRAGONE, good experience of how quick you could send information about enemy traffic to Div HQ through W/T link.
14.2.4466599 Williamson Discharged Hospital
16.2.445216293 Smgn McCullough posted this unit from No.1 GRTD.
19.2.442/Lt. Reeve-Walker promoted Lt. following the recommendation of the CO, having held successfully the rank of 2/Lt. for six months. 'B' patrol is out on further training scheme, same area for four days period.
21.2.44CO discharged from Hospital.
22.2.4414563474 Dvr. Alexander discharged from Hospital regarded Class 1 Scale D.
24.2.44Capt. Caneri is sent by CO to No.2 CRU (SERRA CAPRIOLA) to interview Officers who have volunteered for PPA. Lt. Bray is sent by the CO to BARI to arrange his posting to Adv.'A' Force. 'P', 'B', & 'S' Patrols (S' Patrol under Lt.Reeve Walker) are sent out on a weeks training W/T Exercise, the object is to see how many Patrols could be Commanded through HQ Wireless Station.
27.2.44SSM McDonough in charge of Heavy Section is sent out to re-supply the Patrols in food, petrol and amn.
29.2.442184912 Pte. Barnes S admitted Hospital.
It has been decided by the CO that all cases of VD will result in personnel affected being R.T.U. to help the Anti VD scheme.


CASANOVA1.3.44Lt. A. Bray RAC admitted Hospital & S.O.S.
5.3.44PPA reverts to cmd 10 Corps from 5 Div at 1000 hrs.
12.3.44Unit revert from cmd 10 Corps to 3 District (57 Area). Moves to new location CAIVANO (Naples Area) map ref N.3062)
CAIVANO19.3.44322294 Tpr BLAKE P (RAC) R.T.U. & S.O.S. Unsuitable for Special Service.
The unit undertakes Ski Training under supervision of Italian Ski Instructors. (Lt. FALCOZ, Cpl.Maj.GERALDINI, Pte. ALLIAUD) at SANGREGORIO above PEIDEMONTE d'Alife. It is a 10 days course and the unit is split into two parties.
22.3.44Capt. R.P. Yunnie admitted to Hospital and s.o.s. same date.
25.3.44T/119614 Pte. Cahill posted this unit from 1547 LAA Pl RASC and t.o.s. w.e.f. 12.3.44. 319178 Tpr Sonley G (RAC) 403364 Tpr Griffin R (RAC), 318892 Tpr Hellier D (RAC) posted this unit from 16/5 Lancers and t.o.s. w.e.f. 2.3.44 (Authority: HQ Adv Rfts AFI 2143 dates 18.3.44. and RAC/16 dated 21.3.44.)
31.3.44825490 Dvr. Owen B.J. (RASC) promoted A/P/L/Cpl w.e.f. 25.3.44


CAIVANO5.4.44Capt. R.P. Yunnie discharged Hospital and t.o.s. same date
6.4.44318892 Tpr Hellier D & 319895 Tpr Liles A.C. admitted No.2 Gen. Hosp. sick & s.o.s. same date
9.4.44319895 Tpr Liles discharged No.2 Gen Hosp and t.o.s. same date
10.4.44Capt.Hoar (Hamps) posted this unit, and reverts to WS/Rank of Lt. on taking up appointment of Adjt
Capt. J Caneri relinquishes appointment of Adjt.
6282247 Pte. Reyneart S., (Buffs) posted and tos this unit.
11.4.44405614 A/SSM McDonough J relinquishes Acting Rank of SSM and granted 7 days leave.
14.4.44319895 Tpr Liles A. admitted No.104 Gen.Hosp. sick, and s.o.s. same date.
15.4.442428254 Sgt. Beautyman J. discharged No.2 Gen.Hosp. and s.o.s. same date.
16.4.44409102 Tpr Hubbard W. 16/5 Lancers, posted this unit and tos same date.
17.4.44318892 Tpr Hellier D discharged No.2 Gen.Hosp. and s.o.s. same date.
18.4.442366227 Cpl. Brookes (R.Sigs) admitted C.R.S. Nola (sick) and s.o.s.
19.4.44405614 SQMS McDonough R.T.U. & s.o.s. this unit. (Unsuitable for Special service with this unit)
22.4.4475073 W/Cpl. Mitchell R.H. (RASC) promoted A/U/Sgt. within W.E. w.e.f. 11.4.44
106758 SQMS Moss H (RASC) admitted 104 Gen Hosp. (sick) w.e.f. 20.4.44
23.4.44CO (Major V Peniakoff M.C.) admitted No.92 Gen.Hosp. (Sick)
25.4.447914081 Cpl. Sizer S. (RAC) granted WS/Rank having held the Acting rank for 90 days.
319895 Tpe Liles A discharged 104 Gen.Hosp. and t.o.s. same date.
26.4.443763261 Pte. Marsh H (RASC) admitted Hosp. w.e.f. 21.4.44, 3536135 L/Cpl. Snape J (RAC) admitted Hosp. w.e.f. 23.4.44., 6216293 Sgm McCulloch D (R.Sigs) admitted Hosp w.e.f. 25.4.44.
27.4.44Capt. J Caneri appointed 2 i/c of this unit and I.O. w.e.f. 9.12.43.
29.4.447904902 Tpr Hughes (RAC), 10691130 Dvr. Wilkinson A., (RASC), 14563474 Gnr. Alexander W. (RA) R.T.U. and s.o.s. same date.
30.4.44106758 SQMS Moss H (RASC) discharged No.104 Gen Hosp and t.o.s. same date.
Patrols still in PEIDEMONTE Area, having finished Ski training satisfactorily, they remain in this area on intensive training, climbing, mountaineering, and forced marches etc.


ACCERA4.5.44841027 Pte. Parkinson C., 4453593 Gnr. Rutherford C., 14424201 Pte. Farrell H, found unsuitable for special service with this unit and R.T.U.
5.5.44Major Peniakoff M.C. discharged 92 Gen Hosp and returns to duty. Lt. Hoar apptd Adjt(Paid) having held vacancies within W.E. 554447 Pte. Hewitt J (RASC) sos and despatched to 159 Transit Camp en route for U.K. having served qualifying overseas period.
9.5.4410666401 Dvr. Coomber (RASC) found unsuitable for special services with this unit and R.T.U.
14 reinforcement personnel arrived at unit from PACTD.
10.5.442/Lt. Costello (RECCE) posted to this unit and TOS w.e.f. 5.5.44 to fill appt of M.T.O.
13.5.44HQ PPA move from ACCERA to SANGREGORIO.
SANGREGORIO17.5.447894599 Tpr Hardman (RAC) admitted Hospital (Sick) & s.o.s. same date.
18.5.44142.8623 Tpr Carling (RAC) posted this unit from 1 Armd Rfts Regt
21.5.44Lt.Hoar (Hamps) relinquishes appt of Adjt w.e.f. 10.5.44
27.5.441472416 Cpl. Reynolds (ACC) admitted Hosp (sick) and s.o.s. same date.
28.5.44Lt. Hoar (Hamps) s.o.s. this unit and returned to I.R.T.D. w.e.f. same date. Auth: Rfts CMF/2143
31.5.445 R.Sigs personnel posted to unit from R Sigs Rfts Depot as reinforcements.


SAN GREGORIO1Tpr. THOMPSON, W. & Tpr. SILVERMAN P. found unsuitable for special service & R.T.U.
3Tpr. HARDING D.N. (R.A.C.) posted this unit. P/A/Sgt. CURTIS granted W/S rank.
5399 set & crew reported frm 15 H.Q. Signals. Sgt. SANDERS granted W/S rank.
9 (cont)Main party consisting of "BLITZ" "P" & "B" Patrols left for MONOPOLI (No. 1 Special Force H.Q.) consisting of 12 armed Jeeps with personnel as follows:- Major V.Peniakoff, Capt JTV Rickwood, Sgt H Curtis, Sgt RH Mitchell, Sgt E Sanders, Cpl J Cameron, Cpl D Porter, Cpl FS Riches, L/Cpl B Owen, L/Cpl A Davies, Tpr D Sonley, Tpr D Hellier, Dvr Galloway, Sgt T Sloan, Tpr D O'Neill, Dvr B Mee, Sgm D McCulloch, Dvr WB Wilson, Dvr W Wilson, Tpr S Taylor, Pte R North, Sgm Summerfield, Sgm AS Steward, Cfr J Spencer, Dvr K Williamson, Tpr R Griffin, Sgm L White, Sgm M Reece.
2200Lieut. R. COSTELLO left for 8th Army H.Q. as L.O. with W/T No. 9 set
108th Army link opened. Patrols arrived MONOPOLI took reception course advance party sailed.A.111 para 111 (a)(iv)
11Rest at MONOPOLI
12Lieut. REEVE-WALKER reported to 5 CORPS. as L.O. N.O.I.C. contactedA.11 para 111
13Patrols from MONOPOLI to MANFREDONIA (embarkation port). Cpl. PORTER returned from beach reported all satisfactory.
"A" Force operation POCKLINGTON cancelled. Completely satisfactory liasion, with 9 COMMANDO ref. 9 COMMANDO operation PIPSQUEAK. SQMS MOSS left for MONOPOLI.
W/S/Cpl. BAYS, G. posted this unit & reverts to Trooper.
Ref.(1)A.IV with air photos.
Ref.(2)B.1 & 11
(3)9 COMMANDO operation PIPSQUEAK (to be forwarded on receipt of copy)
(4)A.III (IV) (b)(I) & (c)
ref. air supply of operation ASTROLABE.
140001Wireless silence from patrols this to be until landing.
150001Patrols dailed from MANFRADONIA. On landing area around beach reported full of retreating GERMAN INFANTRY. Decision made to pull L.C.T. off & stand off until landing more favourable. L.C.T. aground & broaching too all attempts to pull off failed. With approaching dawn decision made to land foot partol consisting of Capt. R.PARK-YUNNIE, L/Cpl.OWEN, Tpr. O'NEIL, Sigmn. SLOAN, & Pte. MIFSUD, with W/T portable set. L.C.T. & all unrecoverable equipment to be destroyed. This was successfully P.P.A. & 9 Commando taken off on M.T.B. without casualties arriving MANFRADONIA 1600 hrs 16th.M.11 C.1 & C11
161030Foot patrol opened up position East of FERMO Ref. S 7797 in the TENNA valley.(Ref. patrol reports from "B" patrol 16th to 18th June.
171600Patrols arrived back at S. GREGORIO. Bombing targets were received from foot patrol & staffed by R.A.F. within a few hours. This continued until area became inside ALLIED Bombing line at 2400 hrs 17th.
18Hard work refitting fresh patrol of 10 armed jeeps.C.I
19The following party left S. GREGARIO H 3209 at 0315 :- "BLITZ" POPSKI, Cpl. W.CAMERON, Sgt. R.H. MITCHELL, Sgt. E. BEAUTYMAN, Sigmn D.J. McCULLOCH
"S" : - Lieut. A.A.E. REEVE-WALKER, L.Cpl. W. O'LEARY, Tpr S. HARDMAN, Tpr. D. STOREY, Cfn. R.C. SEAMER, Gnr. R.D. NORMAN, Sigmn L.E. WHITE
"B" Patrol :- Cpl. RICHES, F.S., Cfn. STEWART, A., Sgt. CURTIS,C.H., Dvr.MEE,H.
"P" Patrol :- Capt. J.E.W. RICKWOOD, Dvr. WILSON,W.B., Lieut. FALCOSE, Sgt. SANDERS,E., Dvr. WILLIAMSON, K., Tpr. TAYLOR, F., Cpl. PORTER,D., L/Cpl. DAVIES A.W., Sigmn. STEWARD,H.S. with supply 15 cwt. Pte. BARNES, S. & reached position 5 miles south of TURAMO ref. R 7650 having lost one JEEP (HARDMAN, STOREY & SEAMER) & 15 cwt B.L.R.
Rear party left behind at LANCIANO trying to recover two vehicles lost.
20"BLITZ" to TERANO morning. Rear party joined in evening havin abandoned two vehicle in R.E.M.E. workshops. TERANO evacuated two days previously & in hands of local PARTISANS.
Capt. J.M. CANERI Dvr. CAHILL, A.D. Dvr. GALLOWAY, D & Dvr. WILSON, W. proceed on PARACHUTE Course.
21Whole part travelled ASCOLI R. 6672 SARNANO X 4383 SAN GINESIO 4591 - these three towns evacuated by GERMANS & in hands of local partisans.
PARTISANS at S.GINESIO report TOLENTNO S 4203 evacuated & provide a guide to take us there by night.
2230Left for TOLENTINO - intention cross RIVER CHENTI by night & proceed direction GINGOLI S 3722.
2330Ambushed at PATERNO 4499 by GERMAN rearguard position - short action ENEMY withdraw and so do we. Casualties:- 1 O.R. killed, Cpl. W. CAMERON, one officer wounded, Capt. J.E.W. Rickwood, vehicle damaged brakedrum smashed.
SAN GINESIO22Capt. RICKWOOD taken to civilian hospital at SAN ARNO.
Daylight recce area TOLENTINO to ABRADIA DE FIASTRA S 5204.
Enemy rearguard positions holidng line CHENTI RIVER.
2000Capt. YUNNIE & his party join up with main party coming from FERMO.
S. GREGORIO23, 24 & 25Damaged Jeep returned with HARDMAN, STOREY & SEAMER plus BARNES.
Liet. FALCOSE returned S. GREGORIO late at night 24.
LOROPICENOMoved camp to LOROPICENO - reconnoitred CALDAROLA X 3795 to SFORZACOSTA S 5308. & made contact with POLISH 15 LANCERS at MOGLANO X 5799 & ITALIAN C.I.L. NEMBO Div. at ABBADIA DI FIASTRA - on line TOLENTINO, SFORZACOSTA PAUSULA ref S 5007 MOROVALLE S 5614 enemy & own troops too thick on the ground for useful action by PPA.
26Sent 'P' patrol to BOLOGNOLA B 3698 to recce possible Jeep route across SIRELLINI MOUNTAINS - intention move P.P.A. to area south of CAMERINO X 2495 where there were no BRITISH troops & attempt to penetrate GERMAN lines in that area. Two Jeep of "P" Patrol reach ridge of MONTESIRILLINI overlooking BOLOGNOLA B 3698 but did not take them down to BOLOGNOLA owing to the fact that the estimated that it would be impossible to take them up again.
27"BLITZ" & "P" Patrol drove to ridge & detachment walked down to BOLOGNOLA & FIASTRA X 3184. Valley of BOLOGNOLA to POLVERINA X 2990 controlled by PARTISANS (BRIGADA SPARSICO commanded by Magg. FERRI & his brother Prof. GIUSEPPE FERRI of PISA University) "B" Patrol went into CALDAROLA X 3795 & cleared it of enemy who withdrew north of RIVER CHIENTI to BARGIANO X 3696.
LOROPICENO28In transport provided by PARTISANS, POPSKI recconoitered enemy positions north of route 77 from POLVERINA to COLFIORITO W 0983. 5 miles south of COLFIORITO made contact with BRITISH 12 LANCERS.
SAN GREGORIOJeep damaged 19th June now repaired & left H.Q. P.P.A. with Tpr. G. SONLEY, Tpr. D. HELLIER & Dvr. E. BURROWS to join patrols.
29POPSKI returned to LOROPICENO having arranged with FERRI in FIASTRA For continuous watching of enemy postions around CAMERIO by PARTISAN patrols.
30"B" Patrol recconoitered a new route across MONTE SIBILLINI & took their vehicles from SANANONTO to ACQUACANIA X 3383 & back. Supplies drawn from POLISH CORPS with captured enemy vehicle.
Pte. BECK, C.B. found unsuitable for special service & R.T.U.
During the month four A/m entrants for PARA. course passed successfully.
Supply & maintenance of operating patrols INTELLIGENCE co-operation Signal maintenance etc.


1"BLITZ" & "B" Patrols crossed to FIASTRA W 3184 over SIBILLINI MOUNTAINS. Intention take CAMERINO with co-operation of PARTISANS. Chased enemy from all positions overlooking route 77 engaged GARMAN positions in CAPA LA PIAGGIA ref. X 2896 & in CAMERINO from position 1 mile north of SAN MARCELLO X 2591 & 1 mile north of CINIANO X 2492 - enemy mortar fire - no casualties.
Tpr. CARLING,G.D. found unsuitable for service with this unit and R.T.U.
2First light - attacked CAMERINO in co-operation with PARTISAN INFANTRY from direction CAPOLA PIAGGIA & MUCCIA X 2388 ENEMY left CAMERINO losing 20 killed.
1700Sent message to 12 LANCERS to come up to CAMERINO which they did by mid-day - POPSKI took patrol P.P.A. & 12 LANCERS to CASTELRAINMONDO S 2303. Engaged & beat off enemy rearguard with help of local PARTISANS, built ford across river POTENZA - "S" Patrol & "P" Patrol joined "BLITZ" & "B" in CAMERINO having repaired Jeep damaged on 21st & bringing supplies ferried from SARANO over MONTESIBILLINI.
3"B" Patrol send direction MATELICA S 1908 - "BLITZ" "S" & "P" Patrols to COLCERASA S 3515 on road SAN SEVERINO to CINGOLIO S 3722 - engaged enemy rearguard & withdrew to SAN SEVERINO having completed recce of enemy positions.
4Recced enemy positions between COLCERASA & TREIA S 4514 "B" Patrol having by-passed MATELICA & chased enemy from ESANATOGLIA S 1507.
5"BLITZ" "S" & "P" engaged enemy at CASTEL SAN ANGELO S 3316. Enemy arty fire no casualties.
6"S" Patrol recce to CASEL SAN PIETRO S 2914 - "B" Patrol recce north of ESANATOGLIA.
7"B" Patrol in conjunction with "A" Squadron 12 LANCERS at MATELICA forward recce to COLAMATO S 1512 & ATIGIO S 1314 coming under heavy mortar fire casualty one O.R. wounded Tpr. D.O'NEIL through Jeep accident (rolling down mountain side) & one Jeep damaged but recovered.
Both W/T sets damaged & out of action.
8"S" Patrol on foot, "BLITZ" & "P" in Jeeps attacked CASTEL SAN PIETRO killing two & bringing back one prisoner. CASTEL SAN PIETRO evacuated by enemy at night. New wireless set sent to "B" Patrol collected & eventually repaired two damaged sets.
P/A/C.Q.M.S. MOSS granted W/S rank.
9"BLITZ" "S" & "P" crossed the APPENINES via FOLIGNO & moved up to PIETRALUNGA R 7430 which had been reported by 8 ARMY as free of enemy & affording an easy route to enemy rear near FIOBBICO R 7946. The situation at PIETRALUNGA had altered since message gad been originated & the town was found to be held by a platoon of 4 INDIAN DIV. who were trying unsuccessfully to beat off a fierce counter attack by the GERMANS - "B" Patrol moved SERVADICA S 9519 via FIUMINATO S 1301 & engaged enemy south of CANCELLI S 0614.
10"BLITZ" "S" & "P" Patrol moved back to ASSISI & drew supplies - "B" Patrol crossed to GUALDO TADINO over MONTE MAGGIO across country, engaged enemy positions north of CUALDO TADINO causing several casualties & withdrawal of enemy.
11"BLITZ" "S" & "P" Patrols moved to GUALDO TADINO where they met "B" Patrol
13"B" Patrol engaged enemy at SCHIFFANOIA R 9205 in co-operation with 12 LANCERS - "S" Patrol crossed mountain range south of MONTE PENNA S 0504 to SERRADICA S 0619 CANCELLI & occupied FABRIANO S 1117. This town had been evacuated early that morning. Toward 1200 hrs "S" Patrol in FABRIANO came under fire from HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY ARTY. who had reached COLLAMATO S 1412. HOUSEHOLD CAVALRY were eventually brought into FABRIANO.
Tpr. MACKMAN,W.H. found unsuitable for service with this unit & R.T.U. Lieut. HALLET,V. KRR. T.O.S.
14REST for "S" "P" & "BLITZ". "B" Patrol engaged enemy at point 1 mile north of COLLICANANI. Machined gunned enemy foot parties two GERMAN wounded.
15"S" Patrol in PONTEBOVESECCA S 1234 surprised GERMAN GARRISON set barracks on fired killed 22 GERMANS & blew up an ammo. dump.
17"B" Patrol entered GUBBIO R 8419 - "S" Patrol to recce north of CINGOLI.
Sigmn. RADCLIFFE,P.J. posted this unit.
18All Patrols concentrated at GUALDO TADINO ordered to pull out by 8 Army.
21Rest & maintenance.
929259 Gnr. WALKER,A. A.W.O.L.(& still so absent 31.7.44.)
221500Left for SAN GREGORIO H 3209.
241800Patrols arrive independently at S. GREGORIO.
24 to 31REST - MAINTENANCE - Handing in - Replacement - Checking - of clothing & equipment.
28POPSKI returns from conference with A.A.I. & 8 ARMY about future plans leaves again 30th.
Dvr. WATKINS,E. appointed A/U/L/Cpl. Sgt, R.H. MITCHELL & Sgt. G. McDONALD despatched to transit camp en route for U.K. having completed qualifying period overseas.
During month, Lieut. J.D. Campbell (Adjt) visited 8 Army & A.A.I. to arrange for re-equipping of P.P.A. Maintenance, Jeep modifications, etc. was carried out successfully in preparation for operation "ASTROLABE" (see Intelligence Summary)


1-10Commanding Officer Major V.Peniakoff admitted to hospital in Rome, 2nd in Command is on leave in Egypt. The Unit is at Selfagnano (Perugia Area)
5Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
12Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
19Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
26Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
10-22P.P.A. prepares to go into action a a new role which is forward recce, ahead of a calvary Regiment.
23Capt J.CANERI in Command of PPA during illness of Major V. Peniakoff. His instructions from Main Army are to report to Brigadier RODNEY at 9 Armd. Bde HQ at San Lorenzo MR 4339. It is decided that PPA HQ will be at Fighili MR R4739 and that one patrol ('B' patrol Capt YUNNIE) will operate under 'A' Sqdn. 12th Lancers in area San Giustino MR R5352. Also that 'S' patrol (Lieut REEVE-WALKER) will operate with 'B' Sqdn. 12 Lancers in area Badia MR R4546. 'P' patrol (Lieut COSTELLO) is in reserve at Solfagnano MR R7304 at two hrs notice.
Night 23-24'S' patrol engaged the enemy in area S.GIUSTINO Lieut REEVE-WALKER slightly wounded. One jeep overturned and two men slightly wounded.
Liuet REEVE-WALKER was placed on a Court Martial charge for disobedience of orders and was relieved of his Command. Lieut CAMPBELL took over Command of 'S' patrol.
24-26Both patrols have long-distance "shoot ups at the enemy". Nothing special to report. Evening 26 for a few hours PPA pass under command K.D.G's.
27PPA passes under command 27 Lancers (Lt-Col HORSBRUGH PORTER. DSO) and is switched over on the axis CITA DI CASTELLO 5832 APECCHIO 7243 PIOBBICO 7946. 'B' patrol goes forward with 'C' Sqdn and collaborates with it in the liberation of PIOBBICO. HQ and 'S' patrol based at BELVEDERE 6034.
29'P' patrol comes up to relieve 'B' & 'S' patrols. HQ at PIANO 7748. 'S' patrol entered S.ANGELO IN VADO 7354 1400 hrs.
30'S' patrol and 'B' patrol in reserve and rest at APECCHIO. 'P' patrol operates based at PIANO area S.ANGEL IN VADO. Very difficult and close country, very little scope for a Unit like PPA operating in open jeeps.
31Capt CANERI has gone down to ROME to see the Commanding Officer Major V.PENIAKOFF.


1Capt CANERI still in ROME. 'P' patrol sitting tight round S.ANGELO. Capt YUNNIE sick with malaria. Capt RICKWOOD back from hospital and takes over administrative functions owing to his health.
2Cap CANERI back at PPA HQ now at APECCIO. AF W3008 & 3009 rendered.
3Rain. Nothing to report except that area S.ANGELO is hardly suitable for PPA. It is decided with Col PORTER that PPA will be based at URBANIA 8255 operating from APECCHIO and recce the enemy flank of the GOTHIC LINE between LUNANO 7562 and MERCATALE 7868 and the river FOGLIA.
4PPA HQ and patrol move into URBANIA contact the battalion S.MARCO who are supposed to pull out the next day. Short recce shows that the country is very difficult but much more suitable for PPA than the previous one: the area is too limited to use more than one patrol at a time.
5'S' patrol to S.MARIA IN PAULA 7867. Farm attracted enemy fire from area SASSOCORVARO.
6'S' patrol entered SASSO CORVANO on foot and found the place heavily mined and empty. No Partisans in the area.
7Nothing to report.
8Serjeant CURTIS and Pte. COKES blown up on a schumine on road URBANIA - PIOBBICO directing civilians who were reading diversion. Sjt. CURTIS very seriously wounded.
9'S' patrol bogged by rain and mud in no mans land between PEGLIO and SASSO CORVARO. AF W3008 & 3009 rendered.
10'S' patrol entered MERCATALE on foot and attracted very heavy enemy MG fire which obliged them to withdraw having crossed for the first time the river FOGLIA. 'B' patrol gets into LUNANO across R FOGLIA and goes up almost to LUPAIOLO without seeing the enemy or attracting fire. Half an hour later a foot patrol of the 27th LANCERS got ambushed and taken prisoners in the same area. Sjt. CURTIS died of wounds at 9 CCS URBINO.
11'S' patrol goes back for a rest at APECCHIO.
12.13.14Major PENIAKOFF back from hospital, resumes command. 'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol forward. 'B' patrol occupies the village of PEGLIO to protect the town of URBANIA. It seem that the Unit is going to pull out from that area and be employed in the battle for RIMINI.
15'S' and 'P' patrols sent back to SOLFAGNANO for a complete rest.
Lessons about this phase of the campaign: It appears that PPA is very suitable for this kind of forward recce because of its mobility and ability to go on wheels where the enemy would never expect to see vehicles with a heavy fire-power. Weakness : Lack of good WT contact because Unit was so far operation on WT and not RT. Lack of good liaison with neighbouring Units, especially artillery. If PPA continues to operating in that role an RT set and a better liaison with neighbouring troops are indispensable.
16-19'B' patrol reports to 5 Corps 46 Div. 128 Bde HQ. at TRARIVE R8384 expecting to break through in SAN MARINO area. 'P' patrol, 'S' patrol and HQ concentrated at CATTOLICA waiting the big break-through.
Lieut COSTELLO resumes his functions of LO at Main EIGHTH ARMY pending his home posting. Lieut GEORGE LEE assumes Command of 'P' patrol. Lieut HALLETT hands over his LO duties to Lieut COSTELLO and reports to PPA HQ to assume functions of IO.
20Nothing to report.
21Nothing to report. 'B' patrol has roving commisson on 5 Corps front but no opportunities. The battle is not going according to plan.
22Nothing to report.
23The C.O. decides to send Capt CANERI with 'P' patrol complete all along the front line to investigate the chance of breaking through into the plain. Arrives at BORGO SAN LORENZO Q9089 and contacted at 1300 hrs. It appears that the best chances are on the AMERICAN sector.
24AF W3008 & 3009 rendered. Capt CANERI goes to FIFTH ARMY HQ in FLORENCE and meets GENERAL HOWARD and BRANN, result : of the conference is that line is much too thickly held by the enemy to have a chance to break through with armed-jeep patrols.
25New attempt on 13 CORPS front at CRISPINO M1003 (8th INDIAN DIV. 17 INDIAN BDE.) Intentions : try to break through MODIGLIANA. Enemy quite fluid on the ground but country absolutely impassable for jeeps.
26'B' patrol returns to CATTOLICA Capt CANERI and 'P' patrol returns to area SAN ANGELO IN VADO with intentions to investigate possibilities around CARPEGNA R6667.
27Capt CANERI and 'P' patrol to CARPEGNA
28Rain. Liberated VILLA GRANDE
29Capt CANERI leaves 'P' patrol under Command Lieut LEE and returns to PPA HQ at CATTOLICA.


1'P' patrol liberates SAN AGATA R5676. 'S' patrol reaches PERTICARA R5880 in jeeps from SECCHIANA R6482. On foot to 580829 and 590384.
2'P' patrol to PERTICARA from SAN AGATA.
3'S' patrol recce TORNANO R6482. Partisans good in this area.
4'S' patrol recce MASANO R5480.
5Supply path to 'P' patrol with Capt YUNNIE and four jeeps arrived SAN AGATA.
6'S' patrol based at MERCATINO; 'P' patrol at SAN AGATA.
7'S' patrol engaged enemy while mine lifting at SAVIGNANO R5783.
8'P' patrol returns to PPA HQ at CATTOLICA. 'B' patrol sent to SARSINA to liaize with WHEELER and LYNN FORCE. Reaches CITTA DI CASTELLO were held up by weather.
9'S' patrol contacts LYNN FORCE and engages enemy MONTE PETRA R5585.
10'B' patrol still immobilized by weather at CITTA DI CASTELLO. 'S' patrol has withdrawn to MERCATINO to rest.
11'S' patrol at MERCATINO visited by the C.O. Major PENIAKOFF and supplies reach it in the GMC truck.
12'B' patrol reccies R3482 and contacts WHEELER FORCE.
13'B' patrol reccies area SAN SOFIA R3286. 'S' patrol is withdrawn to CATTLOICA and instructed to stand down.
14Nothing to Report.
15'B' patrol lay an ambush at R310850 for enemy Armoured patrol, but enemy do not arrive.
16Seaborne operation under consideration.
17'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol.
18'P' patrol arrives CATTOLICA at PPA HQ.
19Experiment in ANCONA in liaison with NOIC. Succeed in loading armed jeeps on to DUKW's and DUKW's on to LCT's in good weather. The DUKW's can even return to the LCT's at conclusion of the operation.
20'P' patrol recce SAN MARIA R2688 and SAN AGHTA R2589.
20-24Major PENIAKOFF attempts recce for landing North of REVENNA with armed jeeps. On three successive nights he attempts to contact the PARTISANS but fails through bad weather. The operation is cancelled. Lieut REEVE-WALKER is Court Martialled.
25'P' patrol located FANTICELA R2794.
26-31Northing to Report.


2The C.O with his patrol Commanders reccies PPA's future operational area with the RCD. 3 patrols under Command RCD PORTERFORCE. Area from Route 16 to Sea Coast South of REVENNA.
3Area is flooded. 'S' patrol spend night in a wood at M6329. Light skirmish with enemy who sustains one probable casualty. 'B' patrol out on foot.
4'B' and 'S' patrol report to PPA HQ at SAVIO there they are ordered into the woods 6329.
5'B' and 'S' patrols send foot reccies over FOSSO GHIAIA at M6231 and M6331. Enemy encounted. One enemy killed two wounded. One of the PARTISANS attached PPA is wounded. 'P' patrol start training with jeeps and DUKW's.
6'B' patrol engage enemy over FOSSO GHIAIA. Heavy MG fire.
8'B' and 'S' patrols are maintaining standing patrols and mortar positions SOUTH of FOSSO GHIAIA. PPA base moves from SOLFAGNANO (Nr PERUGIA) to VISERBA a MARE near RIMINI. 'P' patrol finished DUKW training and arrived at PPA HQ at SAVIO. 'P' patrol set out on amphibious operation.
9'P' patrol landed on beach at M2767 at 0013hrs NOV 9. Patrols along FOSSO CHIAIA. No contact.
10'P' patrol is evacuated. Three GERMAN prisoners were taken, one of them an Officer. We sustained two casualties killed - Sjt DAVE PORTER and Tpr GROGHAN.
11'B' and 'S' patrols advance to BORGO FOSSO GHIAIA in conjunction with 27 LANCERS. Capture 14 prisoners.
12CASE DELLE BASSE set on fire with 50cal MG8s.
13Attack by 'B' patrol and PPA PARTISANS on CASA DELLE BASSE. CASA DELLE BASSE is occupied.
14'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol. 'P' patrol is heavily shelled and mortared.
'S' patrol attack LA FAVORITA. They capture 6 prisoners, 5 of whom they find in bed. M10 gun shells CASA DI BEVANO where 8 enemy have been reported.
15ZUCCENFICO 596337 and CASA CASTONIERA are heavily shelled. 'P' patrol badly shelled at NORTH end of wood. Cpl DAVIES is wounded. One PARTISAN is wounded. LA GUAIADORA 633328 is shelled by 88 mm gun. The enemy blows the bank of the FIUMI UNITI and floods a large area between the wood and the FIUMI UNITI.
16GERMANS send a string patrol to LA TORRAZZA 620340 leave 1 NCO and 5 men there and withdraw.
17'S' patrol located M638311 with outpost at 633328. 'P' patrol located 636282 with PARTISANS HQ at same location.
18Two wounded on day patrol. Lieut LEE ('P' Patrol) relieved by Capt RICKWOOD.
19'S' patrol relieved by 'B' patrol 1800hrs. 'P' patrol now at 614327 CASA GUARDIANO by night. ZUCCHENFICO is captured as a result of information given by PPA PARTISANS. 'P' patrol give covering fire with 10 50MG's.
20'P' patrol firmly ensconced at CASA DEL GUARDIANO.
21'B' patrol firm at LA GUAIDORH with outpost at LA TORRAZZA.
22PPA's relief discussed.
23PPA awaiting relief.
24PPA's relief is cancelled indefinitely. 'P' patrol is relieved by RAF Regt at CASA DEL GUARDIANO 1500hrs.
25Nothing to Report.
26'S' patrol relieves 'B' patrol 1800hrs. PPA HQ moved to 616309.
27Nothing to Report.
28Nothing to Report.
29Big push by CANADIANS for LUGO and RUSSI is timed for to-night but postponed 24 hrs. Offered 6 SHERMAN Tanks (4 with 75 mm guns and 2 with 17 pds) of the 5 CDN. ARMD REGT. But this cancelled by PORTERFORCE. 'P' patrol to be renamed 'R' patrol.
30'R' patrol to relieve 'S' patrol on 3rd DEC. 5CDN ARMD BDE put 12 SHERMANS Tanks at AIE DE CLASSE 617312.


1Nothing to Report.
2'S' patrol collects 12 prisoners at the CASERMA FIUMI UNITI M661344 at 0800 hrs 1600 hrs they capture four. Evening PARTISANS kill two at CASERMA FIUMI UNITI where they are holding an outpost.
3'R' patrol establisted 1400 hrs at BOCCA BEVANO 662315 with an outpost 1 Officer and 35 men of 27 LANCERS (COT FORCE) and 10 PPA PARTISANS at CASERMA FIUMI UNITI 661345. 'S' patrol relieved at 1600 hrs at LA GUIADORA 632328 and LA TORRAZZA 629339 by PARTISANS. PARTISAN HQ now at 632328.
'R' patrol jeeps now at BOCCA BEVANO.
4'R' patrol walked from CASERMA FIUMI UNITI to REVENNA which they reached in the evening. 27 LANCERS foot patrol reached REVENNA by midday. First two PPA HQ jeeps entered REVENNA at 1400 hrs. 'B' patrol arrived at PPA HQ from PPA base at VISEREA at 2300 hrs.
5'B' patrol enter REVENNA 0800 hrs and push to far side of the city. PPA HQ established REVENNA.
6'B' patrol in jeeps towards PORTO CORSINI 6346 and 'R' patrol towards S.ALBERTO 5325.
7Nothing to report. 'R' patrol established 593501.
8'R' patrol forced by strong GERMAN patrol wearing white armbands to withdraw from 593501 to 566480. 'B' patrol reccies towards PORTO CORSINI once more.
9The Commanding Officer Major V. PENIAKOFF went on a forward recce at 588480 at 1130 hrs was wounded in the left hand, right hand and ear. One ITALIAN Officer also wounded. Both were evacuated under fire by Dvr BURRORRS the C.O's Driver in a jeep. The same day 'B' patrol gives covering fire over same bridge with 6 jeeps, each jeep firing seperately until its ammunition ran out and then withdrawing to be replaced by another jeep. This action against the enemy who were taking cover on the far side of the canal 30 yards away successfully enabled two dismounted troops of 27 LANCERS to withdraw. Cpl GALLOWAY wounded. Major PENIAKOFFS left hand is amputated. Capt CANERI takes over.
10Enemy had withdrawn from 588480. Thirty dead were counted as a result of yesterdays action. 'R' patrol at 576420 in reverse. 'B' patrol are withdrawn completely.
11'R' patrol relieved by 'S' patrol 0900 hrs. 'S' patrol is in reverse at 576420.
12Lieut CAMPBELL starts recce PORO CORSINI area.
13Lieut CAMPBELL ends recce, considers PORTO CORSINI a very tough job requiring many men on the ground.
14'B' patrol leaves REVENNA for base.
15'S' patrol established post with Capt CAMPBELL in charge in marshes NW of PORTO CORSINI.
16Number of PARTISANS join 'S' patrol in the marshes.
17'S' patrol hands over to the 27 LANCERS in the marshes.
18PPA passes from Command 27 LANCERS back to that of Main EIGHTH ARMY. PPA HQ and 'S' patrol return to PPA base at VISERBA.
19-20PPA reorganizing at VISERBA.
21-2840 members of PPA go on leave to ROME and FLORENCE. All PPA jeeps being overhauled.
30Major CANERI returns from ROME. New received that Major PENIAKOFF been awarded the DSO.

Roll of Honour


  • 12th June
Military Cross - Yunnie, Robert Park
On 12 Jun 44 at the mouth of Riv. TENNA Italy, then in enemy hands, Capt Yunnie was landed from the sea to make arrangements for the subsequent landing of a raiding force of armed vehicles. On the night 15/16 Jun. the L.C.T. carrying this force was successfully signalled in from the shore by Capt Yunnie. The landing craft broached to, the vehicles could not be landed and the ship had to be abandoned. Capt Yunnie declined to be taken off by the escorting vehicle and having volunteered to remain on shore with a foot party, he operated for several days in the immediate rear of the retreating enemy, causing considerable confusion. In the course of a well timed action he overpowered the German guard and the Demolition party responsible for blowing up of a main road bridge which was thus preserved for the use of our own pursuing forces.
  • 21st June
Military Medal - Beautyman, John Edward
On 21 Jun. 44 near TOLENTINO, Italy, at night, behind enemy lines, the patrol in which he was travelling in the second vehicle fell into an ambush and came under MG fire at very close range. With the utmost coolness he returned the enemy fire and covered the party recovering the leading vehicle which had left the road. Though his vehicle was hit several times he kept up his fire for more than 15 minutes until the patrol proceeded on its way. Owing to his steadiness and to his disregard of danger only one casualty was suffered by the patrol in this encounter.
  • 29th June
Distinguished Conduct Medal - Porter, David
On 29 Jun44 at Castel San Pietro, Italy, Sgt Porter, in charge of a patrol of three, was ordered to reconnoitre a track leading to the village of Castel San Pietro. Finding the village apparently deserted, he entered it and in one of the houses he surprised a German Post. Two of the enemy were killed and a third one captured. When they came back into the street Sgt Porter's patrol came under heavy fire from three Spandaus concealed in the hillside above the village and also from a patrol of eight men armed with automatic rifles. With great gallantry and considerable skill Sgt Porter beat off the enemy who were attempting to cut off his retreat, and after two hours rejoined his own positions without suffering any casualties and brought back with him a prisoner and a German wireless set.
  • 17th July
Military Medal - Riches, Frederick Stanley
On 17 Jul 44 at Scheggia, Italy, on his own initiative, with great gallantry and complete disregard to his own safety, stayed with his Jeep under heavy mortar and shell fire, in a completely exposed position, so as to give covering MG fire to a foot patrol operating ahead of him. He withdrew only after the patrol had returned to safety.
  • 22nd August
Military Cross - Caneri, Jean Max Charles
On 24 Aug 44 near FICHILLE Italy, while in command of HQ Patrol P.P.A. reconnoitered an extensive area held by the enemy in the mountains.

He took his Jeeps across country over difficult mountainous going, and penetrated several miles within the enemy positions. In spite of heavy machine gun and mortar fire to which he was repeatedly subjected in the course of the day he successfully completed his reconnaissance with great daring determination and skill.
  • 25th/26th October
Military Medal - Higgins, John (Note he wasn't with PPA at time of award)
On the night of 25/26 October two companies of HABHA AKAL State Force Infantry crossed the RIVER RONCO near MEDOLA. Just after the infantry had crossed very heavy rain began and continued for almost thirty-six hours. By the night 27/28 October the river had risen in flood and as all bridges had been blown the only method of establishing communication for the evacuation of wounded across the river seemed to be by aerial rope-way. The officer in charge of the ADS 21 Indian Field Ambulance was ordered to construct this ropeway. During the night 27/28 this officer made his way to the site selected accompanied by a work party which included as a volunteer a temporarily attached British other rank Mo.T/2981417 Dvr. HIGGINS J. RASC. At first light on the morning of the 28th it was found that the RONGO was in spate: at the site selected for the original ropeway the river was about twenty-five yards wide; well over eight feet deep, with a very strong current. This area was also under shell and mortar fire. In spite of the hazardous nature of the undertaking Pte HIGGINS volunteered to swim the river carrying a wire attached to the cable of the ropeway.

He succeeded in crossing, but when he attempted to pull the cable across the wire broke under the strain of the current. Pte HIGGINS got into touch with the infantry across the river, and then swam back to the East bank with a message from them. Although he was by then exhausted Pte HIGGINS volunteered to make a second attempt to swim the river with a wire and try to pull the cable across. He again succeeded in crossing but again the wire broke under the strain. Further attempts were then found unnecessary by the discovery of a boat crossing some distance up river.

In my opinion this soldier's performance of swimming across a river in spate three times in an area under enemy fire shows courage and determination of a very high order.
  • November
Distinguished Service Order - Peniakoff, Vladimir
The area between Route 16 and Adriatic, from the SAVIO to the UNITI canal presented a problem to Porterforce. The area was intersected by canals, in some places densely wooded, and for the rest a flooded marsh. Major Peniakoff during the first fortnight in November with three patrols has liquidated all enemy opposition in this area. Every operation was planned by him, and in the majority of cases he actually led the patrols which have resulted in 31 PW and many enemy cas, and a retreat by the enemy from the SAVIO to the UNITI.

His own personal courage and drive have been the dominant factors in a notable achievement. When the floods made operations seemingly impossible Major Peniakoff personally led a Duck assault patrol, and supervised the building of a most unorthodox bridge over the GHIAIA canal in face of enemy Spandau fire. This bridge enabled a joint 27 L and PPA raid to surprise and capture 14 enemy in the village of GHIAIA.

This officer's consummate coolness and gallantry has not only made it possible to clean up a wide area of country which should easily have been held by the enemy, but his own personality has so impressed itself upon the Partisans in the coastal sector that their activities under his guidance have proved quite exceptional.
  • 13th November
Military Medal - O'Leary, William Joseph
On 13th Nov. 1944 an order was given to attack and capture a German outpost in a farmhouse (Ravenna area), which was holding up our advance towards the FIUME UNITI. A condition was laid down that the operation had to take place without firing of weapons, in view of denying to the enemy the knowledge, for several hours or even days, that he had lost that important strong point. At approx. 0930hrs the PPA party commanded by an officer rushed into the farm and captured four surprised enemy who were on the bottom floor. Cpl O'Leary without hesitation or orders ran upstairs and meeting an enemy soldier with an automatic weapon in his hand, who has obviously heard the noise of our entrance below, charged him and knocked the weapon from his grasp. Then completely regardless of his own personal safety rushed into a room in which the other enemy were, three of the remaining four were in bed, but the fourth was caught reaching for an automatic weapon by Cpl O'Leary who knocked him on his back, and called on the four enemy to surrender, which they did. There is no doubt that the prompt action and the high standard of courage shown by this NCO withholding his fire when he was one against four, to obey orders received, ensured the success of the attack.
  • 1st December
Military Cross - Campbell, John Davis
On the 1st December 1944, Capt. JD Campbell was ordered to take the last enemy stronghold south of FIUME UNITI, a fortified house named CASERMA DEI FIUME UNITI. During the night he moved forward commanding a party of six men across marshy country, walking in water breast deep for about six miles. At dawn, cold and tired, he was hidden in a wooden shack approx 25 yds of completely open ground away from the enemy strong point, here a German dog came in - but a tin of bully was just enough to keep him quiet.

After an hour of waiting for a suitable opportunity Capt. Campbell decided to rush the house, which was built on a concrete and high base. In full view of the enemy he led his men up to the barbed wire fence at the double, took the only passage to the house, broke the door in, and before the enemy could take any action captured, practically single-handed, 11 enemy soldiers and all their equipment, inclusing 3 LMGs. Then keeping cool after his success he managed to evacuate his 11 prisoners without attracting the attention of the enemy in another house 350 yds away - he then occupied the house and took defensive measures.

During the evening of the same day, still with the same little force, very tired by now, he ambushed two unaware enemy relieve parties, captured four more prisoners, and killed six more of the enemy including two officers.

This feat of arms is one of the best example of courage and leadership and self control of an officer. For his brother officers and his men such an action is and always will be a daring and difficult aim to reach.
  • 9th December
Military Medal - Burrows, Eric
On 9 Dec North of RAVENNA in the area M 5847 Dvr. BURROWS found himself in a wood with his armd Jeep 50 yds South of a bridge where enemy infantry supported by arty and mortars were attacking. His Commanding Officer was away at the time on a recce. He held his fire until the enemy started to cross the bridge. He then opened up and held the posn for ten mins, preventing the enemy from crossing the bridge. All this time he was under direct fire from the enemy who were less than 60 yds away.

His CO returned from his recce severely wounded, and with perfect coolness Dvr. BURROWS drove him back to safety, together with another casualty.
Military Medal - Galloway, Donald
On the afternoon of 9 Dec 44 'B' patrol, PPA, were ordered to go to the relief of a dismounted posn of 'D' Sqn 27L in the area M 5847 who were being strongly attacked by the enemy. When about 50 yds from this fwd enemy posn, and under hy mortar and MG fire, Cpl. GALLOWAY left his jeep and ran fwd to help a wounded Lancer who was in danger of drowning in the marshes. He succeeded in rescuing the wounded man and carried him to his Jeep. While he was doing this he was wounded in the leg.

Nevertheless, although bleeding profusely he continued to engage the enemy with his gun for at least ten mins before driving his Jeep to safety, where he fainted from loss of blood.
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