BISCEGLIE1/1/44The Commanding Officer goes to NAPLES to arrange transfer of Unit to 10 Corps.
One Alpine Officer (Italian Army) & 5 O.Rs. joined P.P.A. as Ski Instructors, Authy: 15 Army Gr, intention: train eventually a Ski Patrol.
2/1/44Major Peniakoff admitted to No.2 G.H. CASERTA with relapse of Malaria. 142001 Dvr.Mee, H. RASC, posted this unit from 2 C.R.U.
8/1/443655833 Cfn Spencer J. REME. & T/603986 Cfn Seamer C. reported this unit this day and posted to this unit w.e.f. 21.12.43 from 312 Armd Tps W/shps.
9/1/44All the unit Inoculated for T.A.B., T.T., & Typhus and Vac.
11/1/44The Adjt (Capt.J.Caneri) goes to CASERTA to report to the CO ar 1500 hrs at 2 G.H.
The unit is transferred to 10 Corps and comes under dmd 5 Div, operations are in view, Battle HQ and 2 Patrols should be on this side by the 16th Jan.
12/1/44The Commanding Officer is discharged from No.2 G.H. at 0800 hrs. The CO and Adjt report to 10 Corps at SALIENESE and 5 Div at CASANOVA, Admin arrangements are made and location for unit found.
13/1/44Adjt back in BISCEGLIE. Capt Yunnie and Cpl.Beautyman left BISCEGLIE at 1900 hrs with W/T Truck (12 Set) with orders to report to the CO at CASANOVA by 0900 hrs on the 14th. 106758 Cpl.Moss H.(RASC) promoted A/U/CQMS to fill W.E. 3536135 Tpr Snape J. (RAC) report to the unit and t.o.s. w.e.f. 5.1.44.
14/1/44"P" & "B" Patrol under cmd Capt.Rickwood leave BISCEGLIE for CASANOVA. 7914081 A/Cpl.Sizer S (RAC) granted P/A/Rank w.e.f. 25.12.43. having held Acting Rank for 21 consecutive days.
16/1/44"S" Patrol under cmd 2/Lt. Reeve-Walker leave BISCEGLIE for CASANOVA at 0800 hrs. Capt. Caneri & Lt. Bray leave BISCEGLIE with Battle HG at 0900 hrs. SSM McDonough remains at BISCEGLIE in charge of Rear HQ.
CARANO17/1/44The fighting part of the unit is ready for action at CARANO. Capt.Caneri app L.O. with 5 Div.
The GARIGLIANO battle is to start tonight.
18/1/44The river is crossed, the landing of 17 Bde has failed.
20/1/442328234 Cpl. Beautyman J.E. (R.Sigs) promoted A/U/Sgt. 962728 Gnr O'Leary W (RA) promoted A/U/Cpl. to fill W.E. Recce fwd by Major Peniakoff, Capt.Caneri & 2/Lt.Reeve-Walker to investigate possibility of an operation, - nothing to report. 65962 Dvr.Burrows E.(RASC) admitted 2 G.H. as a V.D.patient.
22/1/44Lt.Bray back to BISCEGLIE to take cmd and bring over Rear HQ. D6 in GARIGLIANO battle - the German line is not yet broken & no jobs coming up for the unit. SHINGLE operation took place last night.
23/1/44Tpr.Snape J (RAC) admitted to Hosp. & discharged w.e.f. 23.1.44.
24/1/44Capt.Caneri is sent by the CO to HQ 5 Army, CASERTA to get information and air photographs.
26/1/44The GARIGLIANO front rather static - no prospect of an immediate job for PPA. Dvrs.Taylor & Williamson involved in a Jeep accident - are evacuated to 21 C.C.S.
28/1/44Arrival at CASANOVA of Rear HQ under cmd of Lt.Bray.
29/1/44Settling-in of Rear HQ. 201 Gds Bde to attack tonight and capture point 156 and Cemetery.
30/1/44Job crops up for P.P.A. intention: destroy a bridge on river Capo Daqua. Capt.Yunnie & 6 men from B Patrol to do the job which must take place tonight. Recces taking place everything set for the operation. 2000 hrs operation postponted for 24 hrs.
31/1/441900Capt.Yunnie, Sgt.Curtiss, Pte.Hunter, Locke, Owen, McAllister are ready to depart from Scots Gds posn east of 156. intention: go down slope between 156 & Cemetery and reach the plain of river Capo Daqua.
2045At about 1 mile from the start just at the mouth of the valley the party strikes an "S" minefield 2992997 Pte.Hunter, J (A&SH) is killed, McAllister severely wounded, Locke & Owen slightly wounded.
Capt Yunnie decides the job impossible to be done owing to the lack of men to carry the explosives, he decides that the party should come back carrying wounded - 400 yards beyond this point he realises that even this is impossible, he decides to stop on the spot with the three wounded and despatch Sgt.Curtiss with instructions to report to the C.O. just below the Scots Gds Posn. Sgt.Curtiss reported to Major Peniakoff at 2115 hrs. Capt. Caneri, Cpl. Cameron & mine detector party and protective section from Scots Gds Coy went fwd to bring back the wounded - operation completed by 0100 hrs under heavy mortar fire. Men evacuated to M.D.S. (Attached three air photographs of the bridge to be blown & copies of Op.Orders issued by TAC 5 Div.)
106758 A/U/CQMS Moss H (RASC) promoted A/P/Rank.
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