SAN GREGORIO1Tpr. THOMPSON, W. & Tpr. SILVERMAN P. found unsuitable for special service & R.T.U.
3Tpr. HARDING D.N. (R.A.C.) posted this unit. P/A/Sgt. CURTIS granted W/S rank.
5399 set & crew reported frm 15 H.Q. Signals. Sgt. SANDERS granted W/S rank.
9 (cont)Main party consisting of "BLITZ" "P" & "B" Patrols left for MONOPOLI (No. 1 Special Force H.Q.) consisting of 12 armed Jeeps with personnel as follows:- Major V.Peniakoff, Capt JTV Rickwood, Sgt H Curtis, Sgt RH Mitchell, Sgt E Sanders, Cpl J Cameron, Cpl D Porter, Cpl FS Riches, L/Cpl B Owen, L/Cpl A Davies, Tpr D Sonley, Tpr D Hellier, Dvr Galloway, Sgt T Sloan, Tpr D O'Neill, Dvr B Mee, Sgm D McCulloch, Dvr WB Wilson, Dvr W Wilson, Tpr S Taylor, Pte R North, Sgm Summerfield, Sgm AS Steward, Cfr J Spencer, Dvr K Williamson, Tpr R Griffin, Sgm L White, Sgm M Reece.
2200Lieut. R. COSTELLO left for 8th Army H.Q. as L.O. with W/T No. 9 set
108th Army link opened. Patrols arrived MONOPOLI took reception course advance party sailed.A.111 para 111 (a)(iv)
11Rest at MONOPOLI
12Lieut. REEVE-WALKER reported to 5 CORPS. as L.O. N.O.I.C. contactedA.11 para 111
13Patrols from MONOPOLI to MANFREDONIA (embarkation port). Cpl. PORTER returned from beach reported all satisfactory.
"A" Force operation POCKLINGTON cancelled. Completely satisfactory liasion, with 9 COMMANDO ref. 9 COMMANDO operation PIPSQUEAK. SQMS MOSS left for MONOPOLI.
W/S/Cpl. BAYS, G. posted this unit & reverts to Trooper.
Ref.(1)A.IV with air photos.
Ref.(2)B.1 & 11
(3)9 COMMANDO operation PIPSQUEAK (to be forwarded on receipt of copy)
(4)A.III (IV) (b)(I) & (c)
ref. air supply of operation ASTROLABE.
140001Wireless silence from patrols this to be until landing.
150001Patrols dailed from MANFRADONIA. On landing area around beach reported full of retreating GERMAN INFANTRY. Decision made to pull L.C.T. off & stand off until landing more favourable. L.C.T. aground & broaching too all attempts to pull off failed. With approaching dawn decision made to land foot partol consisting of Capt. R.PARK-YUNNIE, L/Cpl.OWEN, Tpr. O'NEIL, Sigmn. SLOAN, & Pte. MIFSUD, with W/T portable set. L.C.T. & all unrecoverable equipment to be destroyed. This was successfully P.P.A. & 9 Commando taken off on M.T.B. without casualties arriving MANFRADONIA 1600 hrs 16th.M.11 C.1 & C11
161030Foot patrol opened up position East of FERMO Ref. S 7797 in the TENNA valley.(Ref. patrol reports from "B" patrol 16th to 18th June.
171600Patrols arrived back at S. GREGORIO. Bombing targets were received from foot patrol & staffed by R.A.F. within a few hours. This continued until area became inside ALLIED Bombing line at 2400 hrs 17th.
18Hard work refitting fresh patrol of 10 armed jeeps.C.I
19The following party left S. GREGARIO H 3209 at 0315 :- "BLITZ" POPSKI, Cpl. W.CAMERON, Sgt. R.H. MITCHELL, Sgt. E. BEAUTYMAN, Sigmn D.J. McCULLOCH
"S" : - Lieut. A.A.E. REEVE-WALKER, L.Cpl. W. O'LEARY, Tpr S. HARDMAN, Tpr. D. STOREY, Cfn. R.C. SEAMER, Gnr. R.D. NORMAN, Sigmn L.E. WHITE
"B" Patrol :- Cpl. RICHES, F.S., Cfn. STEWART, A., Sgt. CURTIS,C.H., Dvr.MEE,H.
"P" Patrol :- Capt. J.E.W. RICKWOOD, Dvr. WILSON,W.B., Lieut. FALCOSE, Sgt. SANDERS,E., Dvr. WILLIAMSON, K., Tpr. TAYLOR, F., Cpl. PORTER,D., L/Cpl. DAVIES A.W., Sigmn. STEWARD,H.S. with supply 15 cwt. Pte. BARNES, S. & reached position 5 miles south of TURAMO ref. R 7650 having lost one JEEP (HARDMAN, STOREY & SEAMER) & 15 cwt B.L.R.
Rear party left behind at LANCIANO trying to recover two vehicles lost.
20"BLITZ" to TERANO morning. Rear party joined in evening havin abandoned two vehicle in R.E.M.E. workshops. TERANO evacuated two days previously & in hands of local PARTISANS.
Capt. J.M. CANERI Dvr. CAHILL, A.D. Dvr. GALLOWAY, D & Dvr. WILSON, W. proceed on PARACHUTE Course.
21Whole part travelled ASCOLI R. 6672 SARNANO X 4383 SAN GINESIO 4591 - these three towns evacuated by GERMANS & in hands of local partisans.
PARTISANS at S.GINESIO report TOLENTNO S 4203 evacuated & provide a guide to take us there by night.
2230Left for TOLENTINO - intention cross RIVER CHENTI by night & proceed direction GINGOLI S 3722.
2330Ambushed at PATERNO 4499 by GERMAN rearguard position - short action ENEMY withdraw and so do we. Casualties:- 1 O.R. killed, Cpl. W. CAMERON, one officer wounded, Capt. J.E.W. Rickwood, vehicle damaged brakedrum smashed.
SAN GINESIO22Capt. RICKWOOD taken to civilian hospital at SAN ARNO.
Daylight recce area TOLENTINO to ABRADIA DE FIASTRA S 5204.
Enemy rearguard positions holidng line CHENTI RIVER.
2000Capt. YUNNIE & his party join up with main party coming from FERMO.
S. GREGORIO23, 24 & 25Damaged Jeep returned with HARDMAN, STOREY & SEAMER plus BARNES.
Liet. FALCOSE returned S. GREGORIO late at night 24.
LOROPICENOMoved camp to LOROPICENO - reconnoitred CALDAROLA X 3795 to SFORZACOSTA S 5308. & made contact with POLISH 15 LANCERS at MOGLANO X 5799 & ITALIAN C.I.L. NEMBO Div. at ABBADIA DI FIASTRA - on line TOLENTINO, SFORZACOSTA PAUSULA ref S 5007 MOROVALLE S 5614 enemy & own troops too thick on the ground for useful action by PPA.
26Sent 'P' patrol to BOLOGNOLA B 3698 to recce possible Jeep route across SIRELLINI MOUNTAINS - intention move P.P.A. to area south of CAMERINO X 2495 where there were no BRITISH troops & attempt to penetrate GERMAN lines in that area. Two Jeep of "P" Patrol reach ridge of MONTESIRILLINI overlooking BOLOGNOLA B 3698 but did not take them down to BOLOGNOLA owing to the fact that the estimated that it would be impossible to take them up again.
27"BLITZ" & "P" Patrol drove to ridge & detachment walked down to BOLOGNOLA & FIASTRA X 3184. Valley of BOLOGNOLA to POLVERINA X 2990 controlled by PARTISANS (BRIGADA SPARSICO commanded by Magg. FERRI & his brother Prof. GIUSEPPE FERRI of PISA University) "B" Patrol went into CALDAROLA X 3795 & cleared it of enemy who withdrew north of RIVER CHIENTI to BARGIANO X 3696.
LOROPICENO28In transport provided by PARTISANS, POPSKI recconoitered enemy positions north of route 77 from POLVERINA to COLFIORITO W 0983. 5 miles south of COLFIORITO made contact with BRITISH 12 LANCERS.
SAN GREGORIOJeep damaged 19th June now repaired & left H.Q. P.P.A. with Tpr. G. SONLEY, Tpr. D. HELLIER & Dvr. E. BURROWS to join patrols.
29POPSKI returned to LOROPICENO having arranged with FERRI in FIASTRA For continuous watching of enemy postions around CAMERIO by PARTISAN patrols.
30"B" Patrol recconoitered a new route across MONTE SIBILLINI & took their vehicles from SANANONTO to ACQUACANIA X 3383 & back. Supplies drawn from POLISH CORPS with captured enemy vehicle.
Pte. BECK, C.B. found unsuitable for special service & R.T.U.
During the month four A/m entrants for PARA. course passed successfully.
Supply & maintenance of operating patrols INTELLIGENCE co-operation Signal maintenance etc.
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