ACCERA4.5.44841027 Pte. Parkinson C., 4453593 Gnr. Rutherford C., 14424201 Pte. Farrell H, found unsuitable for special service with this unit and R.T.U.
5.5.44Major Peniakoff M.C. discharged 92 Gen Hosp and returns to duty. Lt. Hoar apptd Adjt(Paid) having held vacancies within W.E. 554447 Pte. Hewitt J (RASC) sos and despatched to 159 Transit Camp en route for U.K. having served qualifying overseas period.
9.5.4410666401 Dvr. Coomber (RASC) found unsuitable for special services with this unit and R.T.U.
14 reinforcement personnel arrived at unit from PACTD.
10.5.442/Lt. Costello (RECCE) posted to this unit and TOS w.e.f. 5.5.44 to fill appt of M.T.O.
13.5.44HQ PPA move from ACCERA to SANGREGORIO.
SANGREGORIO17.5.447894599 Tpr Hardman (RAC) admitted Hospital (Sick) & s.o.s. same date.
18.5.44142.8623 Tpr Carling (RAC) posted this unit from 1 Armd Rfts Regt
21.5.44Lt.Hoar (Hamps) relinquishes appt of Adjt w.e.f. 10.5.44
27.5.441472416 Cpl. Reynolds (ACC) admitted Hosp (sick) and s.o.s. same date.
28.5.44Lt. Hoar (Hamps) s.o.s. this unit and returned to I.R.T.D. w.e.f. same date. Auth: Rfts CMF/2143
31.5.445 R.Sigs personnel posted to unit from R Sigs Rfts Depot as reinforcements.
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