CASANOVA1.2.44Rear HQ still at CASANOVA, Battle HQ still at CARANO, Patrols still standing by for an eventual job. 3536135 Tpr Snape admitted Hospital.
2.2.44'B' Patrol (Capt.Yunnie) is reformed. (Four casualty's on 31.1.44) 557258 Tpr Johnson R.T.U.
3.2.44Commanding Officer has gone to 1 C.R.U. to interview reinforcement. 65862 Dvr Burrows E discarged from Hospital and t.o.s. 10691130 Dvr Wilkinson A, 71002 Dvr Galloway B, 55447 Dvr Hewitt, 162153 Dvr Watkins 278601 Dvr Croskerry J, 71121 Dvr Saunders 841027 Dvr Parkinson 2080486 Gnr Norman R.D. 14563474
Dvr Alexander 4453593 Gnr Rutherford posted this unit from 2 (Br) CRU. 1472416 A/P/Cpl.Reynolds R (ACC) granter rank of WS/Cpl having held Acting Rank for 90 consecutive days.
4.2.44Training of new personnel starts under supervision of Lt.Reeve-Walker & SSM McDonough. 710671283 Dvr McClelland R.T.U. 3536135 Tpr Snape discharged from Hospital.
6.2.447589298 Pte Gale, 5381257 Pte White, A., 5284589 Pte. Haley, 14219927 Pte.Beck, 14324554 Pte Cale, 14216778 Pte.Hughes, 14424201 Pte Farrell 6467455 Pte.Rogers posted this unit from No.1 CRU.
7.2.44CO (Major V Peniakoff MC) is admitted to Hospital.
8.2.44405614 SSM McDonough discharged from Hospital.
9.2.442328234 A/U/Sgt Beautyman promoted A/P/Sgt having held the A/Rank 21 consecutive days. 14563474 Pte.Alexander admitted Hospital as VD patient.
12.2.44'B' patrol goes out on a Training scheme in POTENZA area to test new personnel. 4455337 Tpr Taylor discharged from Hospital.
13.2.44'P' Patrol (Capt.Rickwood) starts Training Road Watch Area MONDRAGONE, good experience of how quick you could send information about enemy traffic to Div HQ through W/T link.
14.2.4466599 Williamson Discharged Hospital
16.2.445216293 Smgn McCullough posted this unit from No.1 GRTD.
19.2.442/Lt. Reeve-Walker promoted Lt. following the recommendation of the CO, having held successfully the rank of 2/Lt. for six months. 'B' patrol is out on further training scheme, same area for four days period.
21.2.44CO discharged from Hospital.
22.2.4414563474 Dvr. Alexander discharged from Hospital regarded Class 1 Scale D.
24.2.44Capt. Caneri is sent by CO to No.2 CRU (SERRA CAPRIOLA) to interview Officers who have volunteered for PPA. Lt. Bray is sent by the CO to BARI to arrange his posting to Adv.'A' Force. 'P', 'B', & 'S' Patrols (S' Patrol under Lt.Reeve Walker) are sent out on a weeks training W/T Exercise, the object is to see how many Patrols could be Commanded through HQ Wireless Station.
27.2.44SSM McDonough in charge of Heavy Section is sent out to re-supply the Patrols in food, petrol and amn.
29.2.442184912 Pte. Barnes S admitted Hospital.
It has been decided by the CO that all cases of VD will result in personnel affected being R.T.U. to help the Anti VD scheme.
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