2The C.O with his patrol Commanders reccies PPA's future operational area with the RCD. 3 patrols under Command RCD PORTERFORCE. Area from Route 16 to Sea Coast South of REVENNA.
3Area is flooded. 'S' patrol spend night in a wood at M6329. Light skirmish with enemy who sustains one probable casualty. 'B' patrol out on foot.
4'B' and 'S' patrol report to PPA HQ at SAVIO there they are ordered into the woods 6329.
5'B' and 'S' patrols send foot reccies over FOSSO GHIAIA at M6231 and M6331. Enemy encounted. One enemy killed two wounded. One of the PARTISANS attached PPA is wounded. 'P' patrol start training with jeeps and DUKW's.
6'B' patrol engage enemy over FOSSO GHIAIA. Heavy MG fire.
8'B' and 'S' patrols are maintaining standing patrols and mortar positions SOUTH of FOSSO GHIAIA. PPA base moves from SOLFAGNANO (Nr PERUGIA) to VISERBA a MARE near RIMINI. 'P' patrol finished DUKW training and arrived at PPA HQ at SAVIO. 'P' patrol set out on amphibious operation.
9'P' patrol landed on beach at M2767 at 0013hrs NOV 9. Patrols along FOSSO CHIAIA. No contact.
10'P' patrol is evacuated. Three GERMAN prisoners were taken, one of them an Officer. We sustained two casualties killed - Sjt DAVE PORTER and Tpr GROGHAN.
11'B' and 'S' patrols advance to BORGO FOSSO GHIAIA in conjunction with 27 LANCERS. Capture 14 prisoners.
12CASE DELLE BASSE set on fire with 50cal MG8s.
13Attack by 'B' patrol and PPA PARTISANS on CASA DELLE BASSE. CASA DELLE BASSE is occupied.
14'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol. 'P' patrol is heavily shelled and mortared.
'S' patrol attack LA FAVORITA. They capture 6 prisoners, 5 of whom they find in bed. M10 gun shells CASA DI BEVANO where 8 enemy have been reported.
15ZUCCENFICO 596337 and CASA CASTONIERA are heavily shelled. 'P' patrol badly shelled at NORTH end of wood. Cpl DAVIES is wounded. One PARTISAN is wounded. LA GUAIADORA 633328 is shelled by 88 mm gun. The enemy blows the bank of the FIUMI UNITI and floods a large area between the wood and the FIUMI UNITI.
16GERMANS send a string patrol to LA TORRAZZA 620340 leave 1 NCO and 5 men there and withdraw.
17'S' patrol located M638311 with outpost at 633328. 'P' patrol located 636282 with PARTISANS HQ at same location.
18Two wounded on day patrol. Lieut LEE ('P' Patrol) relieved by Capt RICKWOOD.
19'S' patrol relieved by 'B' patrol 1800hrs. 'P' patrol now at 614327 CASA GUARDIANO by night. ZUCCHENFICO is captured as a result of information given by PPA PARTISANS. 'P' patrol give covering fire with 10 50MG's.
20'P' patrol firmly ensconced at CASA DEL GUARDIANO.
21'B' patrol firm at LA GUAIDORH with outpost at LA TORRAZZA.
22PPA's relief discussed.
23PPA awaiting relief.
24PPA's relief is cancelled indefinitely. 'P' patrol is relieved by RAF Regt at CASA DEL GUARDIANO 1500hrs.
25Nothing to Report.
26'S' patrol relieves 'B' patrol 1800hrs. PPA HQ moved to 616309.
27Nothing to Report.
28Nothing to Report.
29Big push by CANADIANS for LUGO and RUSSI is timed for to-night but postponed 24 hrs. Offered 6 SHERMAN Tanks (4 with 75 mm guns and 2 with 17 pds) of the 5 CDN. ARMD REGT. But this cancelled by PORTERFORCE. 'P' patrol to be renamed 'R' patrol.
30'R' patrol to relieve 'S' patrol on 3rd DEC. 5CDN ARMD BDE put 12 SHERMANS Tanks at AIE DE CLASSE 617312.
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