1Capt CANERI still in ROME. 'P' patrol sitting tight round S.ANGELO. Capt YUNNIE sick with malaria. Capt RICKWOOD back from hospital and takes over administrative functions owing to his health.
2Cap CANERI back at PPA HQ now at APECCIO. AF W3008 & 3009 rendered.
3Rain. Nothing to report except that area S.ANGELO is hardly suitable for PPA. It is decided with Col PORTER that PPA will be based at URBANIA 8255 operating from APECCHIO and recce the enemy flank of the GOTHIC LINE between LUNANO 7562 and MERCATALE 7868 and the river FOGLIA.
4PPA HQ and patrol move into URBANIA contact the battalion S.MARCO who are supposed to pull out the next day. Short recce shows that the country is very difficult but much more suitable for PPA than the previous one: the area is too limited to use more than one patrol at a time.
5'S' patrol to S.MARIA IN PAULA 7867. Farm attracted enemy fire from area SASSOCORVARO.
6'S' patrol entered SASSO CORVANO on foot and found the place heavily mined and empty. No Partisans in the area.
7Nothing to report.
8Serjeant CURTIS and Pte. COKES blown up on a schumine on road URBANIA - PIOBBICO directing civilians who were reading diversion. Sjt. CURTIS very seriously wounded.
9'S' patrol bogged by rain and mud in no mans land between PEGLIO and SASSO CORVARO. AF W3008 & 3009 rendered.
10'S' patrol entered MERCATALE on foot and attracted very heavy enemy MG fire which obliged them to withdraw having crossed for the first time the river FOGLIA. 'B' patrol gets into LUNANO across R FOGLIA and goes up almost to LUPAIOLO without seeing the enemy or attracting fire. Half an hour later a foot patrol of the 27th LANCERS got ambushed and taken prisoners in the same area. Sjt. CURTIS died of wounds at 9 CCS URBINO.
11'S' patrol goes back for a rest at APECCHIO.
12.13.14Major PENIAKOFF back from hospital, resumes command. 'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol forward. 'B' patrol occupies the village of PEGLIO to protect the town of URBANIA. It seem that the Unit is going to pull out from that area and be employed in the battle for RIMINI.
15'S' and 'P' patrols sent back to SOLFAGNANO for a complete rest.
Lessons about this phase of the campaign: It appears that PPA is very suitable for this kind of forward recce because of its mobility and ability to go on wheels where the enemy would never expect to see vehicles with a heavy fire-power. Weakness : Lack of good WT contact because Unit was so far operation on WT and not RT. Lack of good liaison with neighbouring Units, especially artillery. If PPA continues to operating in that role an RT set and a better liaison with neighbouring troops are indispensable.
16-19'B' patrol reports to 5 Corps 46 Div. 128 Bde HQ. at TRARIVE R8384 expecting to break through in SAN MARINO area. 'P' patrol, 'S' patrol and HQ concentrated at CATTOLICA waiting the big break-through.
Lieut COSTELLO resumes his functions of LO at Main EIGHTH ARMY pending his home posting. Lieut GEORGE LEE assumes Command of 'P' patrol. Lieut HALLETT hands over his LO duties to Lieut COSTELLO and reports to PPA HQ to assume functions of IO.
20Nothing to report.
21Nothing to report. 'B' patrol has roving commisson on 5 Corps front but no opportunities. The battle is not going according to plan.
22Nothing to report.
23The C.O. decides to send Capt CANERI with 'P' patrol complete all along the front line to investigate the chance of breaking through into the plain. Arrives at BORGO SAN LORENZO Q9089 and contacted at 1300 hrs. It appears that the best chances are on the AMERICAN sector.
24AF W3008 & 3009 rendered. Capt CANERI goes to FIFTH ARMY HQ in FLORENCE and meets GENERAL HOWARD and BRANN, result : of the conference is that line is much too thickly held by the enemy to have a chance to break through with armed-jeep patrols.
25New attempt on 13 CORPS front at CRISPINO M1003 (8th INDIAN DIV. 17 INDIAN BDE.) Intentions : try to break through MODIGLIANA. Enemy quite fluid on the ground but country absolutely impassable for jeeps.
26'B' patrol returns to CATTOLICA Capt CANERI and 'P' patrol returns to area SAN ANGELO IN VADO with intentions to investigate possibilities around CARPEGNA R6667.
27Capt CANERI and 'P' patrol to CARPEGNA
28Rain. Liberated VILLA GRANDE
29Capt CANERI leaves 'P' patrol under Command Lieut LEE and returns to PPA HQ at CATTOLICA.
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