1Nothing to Report.
2'S' patrol collects 12 prisoners at the CASERMA FIUMI UNITI M661344 at 0800 hrs 1600 hrs they capture four. Evening PARTISANS kill two at CASERMA FIUMI UNITI where they are holding an outpost.
3'R' patrol establisted 1400 hrs at BOCCA BEVANO 662315 with an outpost 1 Officer and 35 men of 27 LANCERS (COT FORCE) and 10 PPA PARTISANS at CASERMA FIUMI UNITI 661345. 'S' patrol relieved at 1600 hrs at LA GUIADORA 632328 and LA TORRAZZA 629339 by PARTISANS. PARTISAN HQ now at 632328.
'R' patrol jeeps now at BOCCA BEVANO.
4'R' patrol walked from CASERMA FIUMI UNITI to REVENNA which they reached in the evening. 27 LANCERS foot patrol reached REVENNA by midday. First two PPA HQ jeeps entered REVENNA at 1400 hrs. 'B' patrol arrived at PPA HQ from PPA base at VISEREA at 2300 hrs.
5'B' patrol enter REVENNA 0800 hrs and push to far side of the city. PPA HQ established REVENNA.
6'B' patrol in jeeps towards PORTO CORSINI 6346 and 'R' patrol towards S.ALBERTO 5325.
7Nothing to report. 'R' patrol established 593501.
8'R' patrol forced by strong GERMAN patrol wearing white armbands to withdraw from 593501 to 566480. 'B' patrol reccies towards PORTO CORSINI once more.
9The Commanding Officer Major V. PENIAKOFF went on a forward recce at 588480 at 1130 hrs was wounded in the left hand, right hand and ear. One ITALIAN Officer also wounded. Both were evacuated under fire by Dvr BURRORRS the C.O's Driver in a jeep. The same day 'B' patrol gives covering fire over same bridge with 6 jeeps, each jeep firing seperately until its ammunition ran out and then withdrawing to be replaced by another jeep. This action against the enemy who were taking cover on the far side of the canal 30 yards away successfully enabled two dismounted troops of 27 LANCERS to withdraw. Cpl GALLOWAY wounded. Major PENIAKOFFS left hand is amputated. Capt CANERI takes over.
10Enemy had withdrawn from 588480. Thirty dead were counted as a result of yesterdays action. 'R' patrol at 576420 in reverse. 'B' patrol are withdrawn completely.
11'R' patrol relieved by 'S' patrol 0900 hrs. 'S' patrol is in reverse at 576420.
12Lieut CAMPBELL starts recce PORO CORSINI area.
13Lieut CAMPBELL ends recce, considers PORTO CORSINI a very tough job requiring many men on the ground.
14'B' patrol leaves REVENNA for base.
15'S' patrol established post with Capt CAMPBELL in charge in marshes NW of PORTO CORSINI.
16Number of PARTISANS join 'S' patrol in the marshes.
17'S' patrol hands over to the 27 LANCERS in the marshes.
18PPA passes from Command 27 LANCERS back to that of Main EIGHTH ARMY. PPA HQ and 'S' patrol return to PPA base at VISERBA.
19-20PPA reorganizing at VISERBA.
21-2840 members of PPA go on leave to ROME and FLORENCE. All PPA jeeps being overhauled.
30Major CANERI returns from ROME. New received that Major PENIAKOFF been awarded the DSO.
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