1-10Commanding Officer Major V.Peniakoff admitted to hospital in Rome, 2nd in Command is on leave in Egypt. The Unit is at Selfagnano (Perugia Area)
5Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
12Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
19Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
26Army Form W3008 & 3009 rendered.
10-22P.P.A. prepares to go into action a a new role which is forward recce, ahead of a calvary Regiment.
23Capt J.CANERI in Command of PPA during illness of Major V. Peniakoff. His instructions from Main Army are to report to Brigadier RODNEY at 9 Armd. Bde HQ at San Lorenzo MR 4339. It is decided that PPA HQ will be at Fighili MR R4739 and that one patrol ('B' patrol Capt YUNNIE) will operate under 'A' Sqdn. 12th Lancers in area San Giustino MR R5352. Also that 'S' patrol (Lieut REEVE-WALKER) will operate with 'B' Sqdn. 12 Lancers in area Badia MR R4546. 'P' patrol (Lieut COSTELLO) is in reserve at Solfagnano MR R7304 at two hrs notice.
Night 23-24'S' patrol engaged the enemy in area S.GIUSTINO Lieut REEVE-WALKER slightly wounded. One jeep overturned and two men slightly wounded.
Liuet REEVE-WALKER was placed on a Court Martial charge for disobedience of orders and was relieved of his Command. Lieut CAMPBELL took over Command of 'S' patrol.
24-26Both patrols have long-distance "shoot ups at the enemy". Nothing special to report. Evening 26 for a few hours PPA pass under command K.D.G's.
27PPA passes under command 27 Lancers (Lt-Col HORSBRUGH PORTER. DSO) and is switched over on the axis CITA DI CASTELLO 5832 APECCHIO 7243 PIOBBICO 7946. 'B' patrol goes forward with 'C' Sqdn and collaborates with it in the liberation of PIOBBICO. HQ and 'S' patrol based at BELVEDERE 6034.
29'P' patrol comes up to relieve 'B' & 'S' patrols. HQ at PIANO 7748. 'S' patrol entered S.ANGELO IN VADO 7354 1400 hrs.
30'S' patrol and 'B' patrol in reserve and rest at APECCHIO. 'P' patrol operates based at PIANO area S.ANGEL IN VADO. Very difficult and close country, very little scope for a Unit like PPA operating in open jeeps.
31Capt CANERI has gone down to ROME to see the Commanding Officer Major V.PENIAKOFF.
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