1'P' patrol liberates SAN AGATA R5676. 'S' patrol reaches PERTICARA R5880 in jeeps from SECCHIANA R6482. On foot to 580829 and 590384.
2'P' patrol to PERTICARA from SAN AGATA.
3'S' patrol recce TORNANO R6482. Partisans good in this area.
4'S' patrol recce MASANO R5480.
5Supply path to 'P' patrol with Capt YUNNIE and four jeeps arrived SAN AGATA.
6'S' patrol based at MERCATINO; 'P' patrol at SAN AGATA.
7'S' patrol engaged enemy while mine lifting at SAVIGNANO R5783.
8'P' patrol returns to PPA HQ at CATTOLICA. 'B' patrol sent to SARSINA to liaize with WHEELER and LYNN FORCE. Reaches CITTA DI CASTELLO were held up by weather.
9'S' patrol contacts LYNN FORCE and engages enemy MONTE PETRA R5585.
10'B' patrol still immobilized by weather at CITTA DI CASTELLO. 'S' patrol has withdrawn to MERCATINO to rest.
11'S' patrol at MERCATINO visited by the C.O. Major PENIAKOFF and supplies reach it in the GMC truck.
12'B' patrol reccies R3482 and contacts WHEELER FORCE.
13'B' patrol reccies area SAN SOFIA R3286. 'S' patrol is withdrawn to CATTLOICA and instructed to stand down.
14Nothing to Report.
15'B' patrol lay an ambush at R310850 for enemy Armoured patrol, but enemy do not arrive.
16Seaborne operation under consideration.
17'P' patrol relieves 'B' patrol.
18'P' patrol arrives CATTOLICA at PPA HQ.
19Experiment in ANCONA in liaison with NOIC. Succeed in loading armed jeeps on to DUKW's and DUKW's on to LCT's in good weather. The DUKW's can even return to the LCT's at conclusion of the operation.
20'P' patrol recce SAN MARIA R2688 and SAN AGHTA R2589.
20-24Major PENIAKOFF attempts recce for landing North of REVENNA with armed jeeps. On three successive nights he attempts to contact the PARTISANS but fails through bad weather. The operation is cancelled. Lieut REEVE-WALKER is Court Martialled.
25'P' patrol located FANTICELA R2794.
26-31Northing to Report.
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