CAIVANO5.4.44Capt. R.P. Yunnie discharged Hospital and t.o.s. same date
6.4.44318892 Tpr Hellier D & 319895 Tpr Liles A.C. admitted No.2 Gen. Hosp. sick & s.o.s. same date
9.4.44319895 Tpr Liles discharged No.2 Gen Hosp and t.o.s. same date
10.4.44Capt.Hoar (Hamps) posted this unit, and reverts to WS/Rank of Lt. on taking up appointment of Adjt
Capt. J Caneri relinquishes appointment of Adjt.
6282247 Pte. Reyneart S., (Buffs) posted and tos this unit.
11.4.44405614 A/SSM McDonough J relinquishes Acting Rank of SSM and granted 7 days leave.
14.4.44319895 Tpr Liles A. admitted No.104 Gen.Hosp. sick, and s.o.s. same date.
15.4.442428254 Sgt. Beautyman J. discharged No.2 Gen.Hosp. and s.o.s. same date.
16.4.44409102 Tpr Hubbard W. 16/5 Lancers, posted this unit and tos same date.
17.4.44318892 Tpr Hellier D discharged No.2 Gen.Hosp. and s.o.s. same date.
18.4.442366227 Cpl. Brookes (R.Sigs) admitted C.R.S. Nola (sick) and s.o.s.
19.4.44405614 SQMS McDonough R.T.U. & s.o.s. this unit. (Unsuitable for Special service with this unit)
22.4.4475073 W/Cpl. Mitchell R.H. (RASC) promoted A/U/Sgt. within W.E. w.e.f. 11.4.44
106758 SQMS Moss H (RASC) admitted 104 Gen Hosp. (sick) w.e.f. 20.4.44
23.4.44CO (Major V Peniakoff M.C.) admitted No.92 Gen.Hosp. (Sick)
25.4.447914081 Cpl. Sizer S. (RAC) granted WS/Rank having held the Acting rank for 90 days.
319895 Tpe Liles A discharged 104 Gen.Hosp. and t.o.s. same date.
26.4.443763261 Pte. Marsh H (RASC) admitted Hosp. w.e.f. 21.4.44, 3536135 L/Cpl. Snape J (RAC) admitted Hosp. w.e.f. 23.4.44., 6216293 Sgm McCulloch D (R.Sigs) admitted Hosp w.e.f. 25.4.44.
27.4.44Capt. J Caneri appointed 2 i/c of this unit and I.O. w.e.f. 9.12.43.
29.4.447904902 Tpr Hughes (RAC), 10691130 Dvr. Wilkinson A., (RASC), 14563474 Gnr. Alexander W. (RA) R.T.U. and s.o.s. same date.
30.4.44106758 SQMS Moss H (RASC) discharged No.104 Gen Hosp and t.o.s. same date.
Patrols still in PEIDEMONTE Area, having finished Ski training satisfactorily, they remain in this area on intensive training, climbing, mountaineering, and forced marches etc.
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