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This site is dedicated to the memory of Special Forces from World War 2 to the present who served and died in places and under circumstances most of us can only imagine in our worst nightmares.

My research has taken nearly 40 years and is sadly still ongoing as wars and conflicts show no sign of abating worldwide.

I sincerely hope that no information,errors or omissions cause any offence to families or Associations.

I hope this site serves as an everlasting memorial to past,present and future Special Forces.

Please feel free to contact me re errors or additional material.

In memory of my late father-in-law Adam Anderson,PPA 1944-45.

John Robertson, Ayr, Scotland

Please note all dates given numerically are in the British format. i.e. 5.3.2008 is 5th March 2008 and not 3rd May 2008

John RobertsonRIP John Robertson
It is with great sadness that i have to report the passing of my dad, John Robertson. Today June 9th he passed away after a long, hard battle with cancer. He began this site 15 years ago after many years of passion for military history. The site has grown and grown due to his love of helping people find out more about lost relatives.
CategoryDescriptionRoll Of HonourAwardsImagesLinks
14th INTELL14th Intelligence Company,Intelligence Corps (now Special Reconnaissance Regiment)97192
200 FLIGHT RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force 200 (Special Duties ) Flight320101
22 SAS22nd Special Air Service Regiment1562495170
3 CDO BDE3rd Commando Brigade,Royal Marines 1946 -10384973953
AATTVAustralian Army Training Team Vietnam34122833
AIR AMERICACivil Air Transport (CAT) and Air America (CIA owned and operated)2431373
AIR COMMANDOU.S.A.A.F. Air Commando Groups 1944-1945132371420
AIR COMMANDO 2U.S.A.F. Air Commando units postwar118551616839
ALAMO SCOUTSU.S. 6th Army Special Reconnaissance Unit1328321
ARMY CDOSBritish Army Commandos and Special Service Troops 1940-4511386166005
AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOSIndependent Companies and Commando Squadrons AIF32140660
AUSTRALIAN COMMANDOS 2Australian Commando units postwar2513370
BEACH JUMPERSU.S. Navy Beach Jumper Units (Special Warfare)5291
BELGIUMBelgian Secret Agents21217571
CANADIAN PARA1st Canadian Parachute Bn 1942-4514614640
CANADIAN SPECIAL OPSCanadian Special Ops and Airborne Forces postwar8018573
CARPETBAGGERSU.S.A.A.F.-O.S.S. Special Operations Units 1943-45231141222
CHINDITS 194377th Indian Infantry Brigade (1st Chindit Expedition)52758371
CHINDITS 19443rd Indian Infantry Division (Special Force) (2nd Chindit Expedition)17903271225
CIAU.S. Central Intelligence Agency117392771
COASTWATCHERSAllied Coast Watch Organisation (Allied Intelligence Bureau) 1941-452239280
CODE TALKERSU.S. Marine Corps Navajo Code Talkers140193
COPPCombined Operations Pilotage Parties1263712
CZECHOSLOVAKIACzech Secret Agents201160
DAMBUSTERS617 (Special Duties) Squadron,R.A.F. 1943-452041552983
DETACHMENT 385Royal Marine Detachment 385 (Small Operations Group)6020
EODBritish Explosive Ordnance Disposal units 1940-152345940
FIJI GUERILLASNo 1 Commando Fiji Guerillas141180
FORCE RECONU.S. Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance5653377071
FRANCEFrench Secret Agents3640932
FRESHMANOperation Freshman410152
FSSFFirst Special Service Force (The Devil's Brigade or the North Americans)50120647343
GREEN BERETSU.S.Army Special Forces12501357289617
HOLLANDDutch Secret Agents838711
INDIAN PARA50th and 77th Indian Parachute Brigades 1941-462745100
JEDBURGHJedburgh Teams (BCRA,OSS,SOE)361621892
LRDGLong Range Desert Group (formerly Long Range Patrol Unit)571291803
MARS TASK FORCEU.S. Army 5332nd Brigade (Provisional)6471340
MARSOCU.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command4139880
MERRILL'S MARAUDERSU.S.Army 5307 Composite Unit (Provisional) (Task Force Galahad)356403910411
NCDUsU.S. Navy Naval Combat Demolition Units4030201
NIGHTSTALKERSU.S.Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)104911292
NORWAYNorwegian Secret Agents393655043
OSSU.S. Office of Strategic Services15620245856
PALESTINEPalestinian Secret Agents230281
PARAMARINES1st Marine Parachute Regiment,U.S.M.C. 1940-449223260
PARASParachute Regiment 1941 - 4523586674144
PARAS 2Parachute Regiment postwar4683562663
PHANTOMPhantom Signals42631370
POLANDPolish Secret Agents61142
POLISH PARAPolish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade 1941-47982461100
PPAPopski's Private Army (No 1 Demolition Squadron)15265133
RAF SPECIAL DUTIESRoyal Air Force Special Duties Squadrons WW28083882175
RAIDERSU.S.Marine Corps Raider Battalions90158381
RAN BEACH COMMANDOSRoyal Australian Navy Beach Commandos 1942-4554810
RANCDTRoyal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Teams246511
RANGERSU.S.Army Ranger Battalions 1942-19455653031443
RANGERS 2U.S.Army Ranger Units Postwar75141176910
RHODESIARhodesian Special Forces98151636
RM CDOSRoyal Marine Commandos 1942-458702031050
RMBPDRoyal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment (Cockleshell Heroes)97170
RN CDOSRoyal Navy Commandos20146351
RSRRaiding Support Regiment2018132
SASSpecial Air Service Regiment (1941-1945)51160117145
SAS (TA)Special Air Service Regiment (Territorial and Volunteer Units)2553241
SASNZSpecial Air Service (New Zealand)1346370
SASRSpecial Air Service Regiment (Australia)68811790
SBSSpecial Boat Sections (Army Commando)1355690
SCOUTS AND RAIDERSU.S. Navy Scouts and Raiders WW2720120
SCUSR.A.F. Servicing Commando Units172491
SEALSU.S. Navy Seal Teams2491589588
SISSecret Intelligence Service (MI6) plus MI5,MI9,etc891864384
SOESpecial Operations Executive43792916737
UDTsU.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Teams871511180
US PARASU.S. Parachute Infantry Regiments (WW2)5671253413311
US PARAS 2U.S. Parachute and Airborne Infantry Regiments (postwar)5855220957270
USACAPOCU.S.Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command112771402
V FORCEBritish V Force,Burma 1942-452570
VIPER FORCEViper Force,Royal Marines6310
X CRAFT AND CHARIOTSRoyal Navy Midget Submarines and Human Torpedoes3969581
ZSUZ Special Unit5585750

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